DC Comics June 2024 Solicitations

DC Comics June 2024 Solicits: Superman, Green Arrow, & More March To Absolute Power

DC Comics June 2024 solicitations show the company is looking to wrap up all major storylines by the month that follows. All that is being done in order to set up July’s Absolute Power event. With that major event coming soon many of DC Comics June 2024 titles will be setting the stage for what is to come. We see that with the heavy presence of Amanda Waller throughout many of the major DC Comics titles.

For a breakdown of the Batman Family titles coming in June click here. This article covers the rest of the key DC Comics titles releasing in June 2024.


Green Arrow #13 Tirso Cons Cover
Tirso Cons cover for Green Arrow #13. Credit: DC Comics

The solicitations for Green Arrow have been vague about whether Oliver Queen would be working with Amanda Waller or not. That has been a good thing as the Green Arrow solicitations have teased us with a layered storyline. That was until Green Arrow #13 where we get the confirmation that Oliver does indeed accept Amanda Waller’s offer.

This development does create a lot of questions for upcoming Green Arrow issues. We’ve seen in recent and upcoming Green Arrow issues Arsenal, Red Arrow, Red Canary, Arrowette, and Speedy appear to be working for Waller. With the solicitation for Green Arrow #13 mentioning the Green Arrow Family are looking to understand why Oliver betrayed them now we don’t know what is going on.

Given all of Green Arrow’s solicitations up to June there are many different options. Oliver could work out an agreement with Waller so only he has to work for her. Another option is that Oliver sees how the Absolute Power event is about to take place. Taking that into consideration Oliver may believe working from within the organization Waller creates is the best way to ultimately take her down. These and other options makes the spoiler of Green Arrow #13 work because we have plenty of questions of how we get there and what comes next.


Action Comics #1066 Paolo Rivera Cover
Paolo Rivera cover for Action Comics #1066. Credit: DC Comics

Spoiled by the announcement of Absolute Power we know that Amanda Waller is assembling her own Dark Trinity. Alongside Waller is Batman of Zur-En-Arrh and Brainiac Queen. Batman of Zur-En-Arrh has been developed for over a year now. On the other hand, Brainiac Queen is a new creation spinning out of the House of Brainiac event going on in the Superman titles.

Like with Batman of Zur-En-Arrh, the presence of Brainiac Quen in Absolute Power does spoil the general ending of House of Brainiac. That is certainly felt with the lack of impact the solicitations for Action Comics #1066 and Superman #15 have.

What can be taken away from both solicitations is that Brainiac will likely not be around after this Superman event. Based on the solicitation for Superman #15 we could see Brainiac sacrifice themselves to save Brainiac Queen. That or Lex Luthor could follow in the footsteps of his DCAU counterpart with how to deal with Brainiac.

Whatever the case is it is tough to be fully on board with House of Brainiac when we already know the endgame. That endgame is a set-up for another DC Comics event starting the week after the final chapter of House of Brainiac.


Wonder Woman #10 Daniel Sampere Cover
Daniel Sampere cover for Wonder Woman #10. Credit: DC Comics

Wonder Woman #5 set up how Diana Prince tried but ultimately failed to keep Donna Troy, Cassie Sandsmark, and Yara Flor from helping her against Sovereign. Based on the solicitations for all of Wonder Woman’s future issues we still have months to wait for the payoff. In fact the payoff will be happening five issues later in June’s Wonder Woman #10.

It is certainly disappointing that we aren’t seeing the Wonder Girls better integrated into this story with Sovereign. It does put into question what the three Wonder Girls have been up to between where we saw them at the end of Wonder Woman #5 to Wonder Woman #10. They already let Wonder Woman take on the majority of her rogues gallery alone. It has to be questioned what about Wonder Woman #10 that makes it even more serious than God-level villains ganging up on Diana for Donna, Cassie, and Yara to finally act.

Though we do have the appearance of Cheetah to look forward to. Cheetah was noticeably absent in the rogues gallery group that Sovereign assembled. Given Cheetah’s power upgrades over the years, there is the question of why she was left out until now. The answer being a good one isn’t something to hold out hope for as Sovereign development has gone from meandering too bad since his debut.


Green Lantern #12 Xermanico Cover
Xermanico cover for Green Lantern #12. Credit: DC Comics

After a year of build-up, we will be finally learning the truth about the United Planets in Green Lantern #12. It’s been clear that the United Planets have been gathering the power of all the Lantern Power Batteries to use for their own purposes. Those purposes have not been to be benevolent leaders guiding the DC Universe to a positive future.

The truth is could very well have a big impact on the upcoming Absolute Power event. Especially considering the reason Earth was quarantined by the United Planets was due to all the Crisis events. The developments and result from Absolute Power could impact Earth’s standing in the greater DC Universe.

This all makes things more complicated for Hal Jordan and the other Earth Green Lanterns. Thankfully they are getting some back-up in the form of Carrol Ferris. Not only is Carol arriving to help but she is doing so as a Star Sapphire. That is at least what is teased by the cover of Green Lantern #12. This is big given that Carol has shown she is happy to get back to her normal life of running a successful business. Going back to helping the greater DC Universe is a major decision that hopefully makes Carol a major character moving forward.


Zatanna: Bring Down The House #1 Jorge Jimenez Cover
Jorge Jimenez cover for Zatanna: Bring Down The House #1. Credit: DC Comics

Zatanna is one of DC Comics best characters. In recent years we have seen her leading the Justice League Dark rather than having her solo adventures. We did get the excellent Zatana & the Ripper series, though that was done in partnership with Webtoons rather than DC Comics direct publishing. That is now changing as we are getting a new comic book series titled Zatanna: Bring Down The House.

This Zatanna series being under the Black Label brand means it will be able to deal with more adult concepts. Mariko Tamaki and Javier Rodriguez are a great creative team to handle this type of direction. There is definitely a lot of room to explore Las Vegas if it is the permanent setting of the series.

There is potential to dive deeper into the magic realm of the DC Universe. This is a corner of the DCU that the company has not tapped into its full potential. Being a Black Label series, we can see more horror aspects to magic being utilized as Zatanna’s story goes on. Hopefully this is a series that shines a light of why Zatanna should always have a new comic book always in publication.


The Flash #10 Otto Schmidt Cover
Otto Schmidt cover for The Flash #10. Credit: DC Comics

Batman, Green Arrow, and the Titans aren’t the only ones on Amanda Waller’s radar. With Absolute Power around the corner Waller is now also targeting the Flash. This is not all that surprising since Flash is part of the Titans. Given all of her planning Waller likely sees Flash as a major threat. His powers along with his Titans membership makes Wally West’s Flash someone to target.

With Flash #10 also bringing up the Rogues as part of the story this can play further into Waller’s plan. We’ve seen that Waller has only gotten lower-tier villains to work with her to defeat the heroes. Getting Flash’s Rogues to buy into her plan can be a major boost in what Waller is building leading into Absolute Power.

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