DC Comics June 2024 - Batman Family Plans

DC Comics June 2024 Solicits: Batman Family Dangerous Summer Start

With DC Comics June 2024 solicitations showing a big build towards Absolute Power I’m changing things up for the normal breakdown for solicits. Rather than one big article I’m splitting them up into a couple different ones focused on particular franchises or directions. The Batman Family have always been their own world given their popularity so they are first up. Absolute Power is certainly hinted for the Batman Family direction though they all have rough individual paths to get there. Let’s take a look at the Batman Family plans from DC Comics June 2024 solicitations.

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Batman #148 Skylar Patridge Pride Cover
Skylar Patridge cover for Batman #148. Credit: DC Comics

DC Comics has already announced their big event for the summer, titled Absolute Power. As expected, the event will revolve around the next steps in Amanda Waller’s DCU plans. While that does create excitement for the future DC Comics spoiled a lot of current storylines. Specifically with Batman of Zur-En-Arrh being part of Waller’s new evil Trinity we know how Chip Zdarsky’s Dark Prisons and Ram V’s Orghams storylines end.

It certainly takes away the impact of what Dark Prisons is going for since we know Bruce Wayne vs Batman of Zur-En-Arrh will continue in Absolute Power. The solicitations for Batman #148, Batman #149, and Detective Comics #1086 try to save the mystery but are unsuccessful.

It is really a double edge sword scenario that DC Comics has created for themselves. We have two major Batman stories going on right now but one is majorly spoiled by DC Comics next big event. It does put into question how long the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh story will go on. With how it is pacing Batman of Zur-En-Arrh brings back memories the length of Bane’s rise during Tom King’s run.


Batman and Robin #10 Sergio Acuna Cover
Sergio Acuna cover for Batman and Robin #10. Credit: DC Comics

One of the big teasers for Batman: Dark Prisons finale is the fate of Damian Wayne. Batman of Zur-En-Arrh is going to be using Damian to beat Bruce. That is not a bad plan since now Bruce is closest to Damian. He is the only Batman Family member that Bruce is working on a full-time basis.

That said, Damian is probably the worst pick for Batman Family members to give this important sub-plot to. This simply comes down to the fact that Damian is not only a lead in the Batman and Robin series but his own solo series. There is no concern about Batman of Zur-En-Arrh killing or seriously hurting Damian.

If there needed to be this type of tension for Batman: Dark Prisons finale to be as high as possible another Batman Family member should’ve been used for this prominent spot. Ghost-Maker would’ve been an interesting choice since Zdarsky has been diving in Bruce’s training to become Batman. Having the Batman solo titles at least give a supporting role to these characters would be good to see. Though the whole sidekick in danger plot does feel played out so maybe it is a good thing its Damian since we know his life isn’t really in danger.


Nightwing #115 Bruka Jones Cover
Bruka Jones cover for Nightwing #115. Credit: DC Comics

The Heartless Saga will be taking a left turn for Nightwing as he must help his nemesis. This is not what would be expected from the culmination of everything Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo’s Heartless Saga. But Nightwing saving Heartless’ butler does continue the showcase of what makes him a great hero. He will save those in need of help.

That said, we don’t know what this will mean for the story around Heartless. Heartless has shown that he treats everyone on his side as a temporary ally. Nightwing saving his butler is likely not to change his direction of defeating the hero and gaining more power.

Unfortunately for Nightwing that won’t be the only problem he will be dealing with. Over in Titans Nightwing and his team are going to be busy dealing with both Trigon and Amanda Waller. Trigon is the obvious immediate threat as the Dark Raven continues to help Trigon. Whatever the results of the Trigon storyline will most certainly define the Titans place in the upcoming Absolute Power event.


Birds Of Prey #10 Leonardo Romero Cover
Leonardo Romero cover for Birds Of Prey #10. Credit: DC Comics

The mystery of who is trying to kill Barbara Gordon is not going to be going anywhere. The Birds of Prey now seem to be entering the Multiverse to figure out whoever the threat is. Barda in particular is highlighted as taking the lead in Birds of Prey #10.

Barda has been a great addition to the team. Her chemistry with Cassandra Cain and Dinah Lance has been a fun surprise. Though it is not clear how Kelly Thompson plans on having Barda be more front and center for Birds of Prey #10.

There is also the mystery of who the person is that the Birds of Prey are searching for. Thus far, that is answer that has not been given away in any of the solicitations. Though this story has seemingly taken Barbara Gordon off the table for the rest of the Batman Family titles. Which is a big deal given how important Barbara has been for titles like Batman and Nightwing.


Batman '89: Echoes #4 Joe Quinones Cover
Joe Quinones cover for Batman ’89: Echoes #4. Credit: DC Comics

The world of Batman ’89 has grown into being its own universe before Elseworld returned. Now it appears the latest addition to this corner of the Multiverse is digging deeper into the Batman mythos. The cover for Batman ’89: Echoes #4 shows Drake Winston, the Robin of this universe, adopting a new costume. Not just any costume, but one that combines both elements from Nightwing and Batman Beyond suits.

Right away the red sticks out as being a Batman Beyond inspired suit. A closer look does show the emblem Drake appears to be adopting is Nightwing’s from the New 52 design. The Batman Beyond and Nightwing designs incorporated into Drake’s Robin ’89 suit is all a nice touch.

This does put into question if we will be seeing the Batman ’89 universe digging deeper into future aspects of Gotham City. There is plenty of material to utilize since DC Comics has scrapped every live-action attempt to return to Batman ’89.


Batman: Gotham By Gaslight - The Kryptonian Age #1 Fracesco Mattina Cover
Fracesco Mattina cover for Batman: Gotham By Gaslight – The Kryptonian Age #1. Credit: DC Comics

June will mark the beginning of DC Comics new Elseworld era. They never went away from it as we’ve see various Elseworld titles released every year. Though all the titles we’ve gotten in recent years haven’t officially used the Elseworld branding. Fully returning to the Elseworld branding is a smart call by DC Comics. This is ultimately their answer to the Ultimate Universe since they’ll likely not attempt another New 52-type reboot.

To kick off this new era for the Elseworld imprint DC Comics is going to be relying on Batman. That’s not surprising since Batman continues to be their strongest brand. The first title will be a sequel to Batman: Gotham By Gaslight, sub-titled The Kryptonian Age.

Going back to Batman: Gotham By Gaslight is not a bad call. DC Comics has pushed the original series as one of the comics that represents the Elseworld imprint potential. This time around Andy Diggle and Leandro Fernandez will be adding to the world Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola created. It certainly will not be an easy job but at least Diggle and Fernandez have a guarantee of twelve issues to tell their Batman: Gotham By Gaslight story.

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