DC Comics March 2017 Solicitations Analysis

It’s that time of the month as DC Comics releases their new comic book solicitations. This time around we get to see what DC has in store for us in March 2017. Just from a glance there are several big events that look to be starting to ending in March. That includes Superman, who has been revitalized by DC Rebirth, will be getting a new origin and the Justice League and Titans clash for the first time. Now let’s take a closer look at the notable things coming to us from DC Comics in March.


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DC Rebirth has revitalized the Superman franchise in ways that has brought back new and old fans alike. One of the reasons for that revitalization is the return of the Superman and Lois Lane that we all once knew and the death of their New 52 counterparts. Now that looks to all change starting in March with the “Superman Reborn” crossover between Superman and Action Comics.

It’s hard to see DC bring the New 52 version of Superman back into continuity permanently. What looks to be happening though is Mr. Oz will clue our Superman more into the anomalies he has been imprisoning, like he did Tim Drake. Though we have a good idea of who Mr. Oz is there are still a lot of question behind his motivations for keeping an eye on Superman and others so closely. Maybe we will finally find that out with this crossover.


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Kathy Kane has long been one of the best heroes among DC’s staple. During the course of DC Rebirth we have seen her take on a new role as leader of the team Batman has assembled over in Detective Comics. Thanks to that role we have seen Kathy further develop as Batwoman, especially after having to face off against her now villainous father. That new element has made Batwoman an even more interesting character.

Now DC is taking that momentum from Detective Comics to give Kathy her own series with James Tynion, Marguerite Bennett and Steve Epting as the creative team behind Batwoman. Learning that Steve Epting is going to be the artist for this series alone makes it a comic that I want to read. His work on Captain America was absolutely stellar and Batwoman is right up his specialty with grounded superheroes. James Tynion and Marguerite Bennett are both writers I’ve enjoyed in the past, especially Tynion with his work on the Batman books, so I’m sure they’ll use Eptings talents to the limit.


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It’s an odd realization with how long both characters have been around that Oliver Queen and Roy Harper have rarely teamed up. Even before the New 52 started it was a rare thig to see both characters interacting with one another much less teaming up as Green Arrow and Arsenal. It has been even worse post-Flashpoint as there has been a clear divide between the two that has made it so Oliver and Roy have barely had any communication during the New 52-era.

But hey, we are still in the DC Rebirth-era which has seen the revitalization of old characters and teams. So why not use this to repair this damaged mentor-protégé relationship. It would definitely add to the strong cast Benjamin Percy has established on Green Arrow. It could also do wonders for Roy Harper who could use some development outside of Titans.


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With Action Comics taking part of the “Superman Reborn” crossover Lex Luthor needed to find his own way to get attention during the month of March. It looks like Lex found just that as he is going to playing the antagonist in Super Sons, New Super-Man and Trinity. With the character trying to put himself in a heroic light since Forever Evil it has been a while since he has been able to play the main villain of a story, much less two.

As much as I’ve enjoyed how DC has handled the more heroic Lex Luthor the DCU is a much better place when he is able to be the villain. With DC doing such a great job establishing Superman back into their universe now may be the time for Lex to make his return to being the #1 villain. It would up plenty of opportunities for storytelling for not just the Superman books but other DC comics like Batman and Flash.


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As much as Saint Walker has been the heart of the Blue Lantern Corps having Kyle Rayner possibly wearing the blue ring increases their stock. If Kyle is to stop wielding the power of the White Lantern it would be a great character move for him to join another Lantern Corps that is not the GLC. It’s been a long time criticism that the Green Lantern Corps prominently feature four members from Earth.

So now we can start to get around that by having Kyle become a Blue Lantern and be the one that leads to their growth since they have never been able to expand. It would also leave enough room for Guy and John to still get character development within the Green Lantern Corps since they already have to contend with Hal for screen time.


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Though Geoff Johns and DC tried to introduce the Young Justice cartoon version of Aqualad into the DCU during Birthright it was not successful. While Aqualad, given the name Jackson Hyde, was introduced we were never really given the chance to get behind this version of the character. A lot of that had to do to the character never getting a chance to be Aquaman’s partner or obtain membership into the Teen Titans.

Now with Young Justice Season 3 being announced it is a chance for Jackson Hyde to find a second life in DC Rebirth. This time around DC is doing it right by having Aqualad join the Teen Titans as soon as he appears. It’s a move that instantly gives us a reason to get behind him and having a design that closely resembles his cartoon counterpart only helps his case.

Aqualad’s presence should also add an interesting dynamic to the team if Benjamin Percy integrates his leadership ability into this character. It would definitely provide a fun sub-plot given how Damian is new to the whole leading a team of superheroes thing.


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With Dick Grayson, Wally West, Donna Troy and Garth returning to their original roles and becoming the Titans again it was only a matter of time before they faced off against the Justice League. While this is probably not going to go beyond the Titans Annual it will be fun to see Donna and Garth interact with Wonder Woman and Aquaman, respectively. Though we have seen plenty of team-ups and interactions between Bruce and Dick, and Barry and Wally, we haven’t actually seen where Donna and Garth stand with their mentors. Hopefully we get an idea of where they are with this annual and possibly get a tease for an even bigger story involving both the Justice League and Titans crossing paths in the future.

These were just some of the things that stood out for me from what we saw in DC Comics March 2017 solicitations. What stood out to you? Are you hyped for the DC Universe-Hanna Barbera crossover? Let us know in the comments below.