DC Comics March 2020 Solicitations Analysis

DC Comics March 2020 Solicitations Analysis

DC Comics March 2020 Solicitations Analysis

One of the things that has been a growing trend in DC Comics solicitations for the first quarter of 2020 has been how they are taking steps to set the stage for bigger storylines. That trend does not change much in March 2020 as a lot of the choices made for the DC Universe in 2019 are continuing to be felt. That includes more developments in the lives of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and other characters based on their recent decisions. Along with that one of DC Comics most iconic characters in Robin celebrates their 80th anniversary starting in March. What else does DC Comics has in store for us in March 2020? Let’s find out with DC Comics March 2020 solicitations.


Robin 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1 Cover
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With Batman celebrating his 80th anniversary in 2019 it was only a matter of time before the character of Robin, and by extension Dick Grayson, reached the same big milestone. That will take place in March 2020. To mark the occasion DC Comics will be releasing a new one-shot comic titled Robin 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1. This comic will assemble some of the biggest creates who have told a Robin story at some point in the character’s long history. That includes the likes of Marv Wolfman, Chuck Dixon, Devin Grayson, Scott McDaniel and Freddie E. Williams II just to name a few.

Seeing the list of creators is enough to make Robin 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1 must have comic. What’ll be interesting to see is which version of Robin each creator writes a story for. There are so many possibilities to tell great stories involving Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Carrie Kelley, Damian Wayne and Stephanie Brown during their time as Robin. It can serve as a reminder how the mantle of Robin has evolved over time while still maintaining the core of character as a beacon for the next generation of DC Universe heroes.


Strange Adventures #1 Cover
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Something that has been lacking from DC Comics publishing line is the lack of cosmic titles. Other than Grant Morrison’s Green Lantern and N.K. Jemisin’s Far Sector we aren’t getting much in terms of exploring the DC Universe. Sure Justice League has touched on the greater DCU but that is not the same as when titles like Green Lantern are dedicated to this part of the publishing line. Now that is going to change with Tom King, Mitch Gerads and Evan “Doc” Shaner launching Strange Adventures. From everything that is being said about this 12-issue maxi-series it looks like Strange Adventures will act as a spiritual sequel to the recent Mister Miracle series.

What will make Strange Adventures from Mister Miracle is that King, Gerads and Shaner can dive more into the adventure aspect of Adam Strange’s character. We don’t see much from the adventure genre from DC Comics as they are heavily invested in the superhero genre. Because of that Adam Strange’s comic book can quickly stand out amongst its contemporaries. And with Gerads and Shaner working on the artwork together Strange Adventures is sure to be a beautiful comic book. 


Batman #90 Cover
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In the post-City of Bane world one thing we have been left in the dark about is the state of Batman and Catwoman’s relationship. Tom King reestablished Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle’s relationship in the middle of City of Bane. While we still have the Batman/Catwoman series to come from King and Clay Mann none of the other Batman comics in January or February have teased the status of their relationship. Being left in the dark on the state of their relationship has been a noticeable thing that has been missing.

That is where Batman #90 and Batman #91 seem to come in to fill those holes in March. Both comics tease a heavy involvement from Catwoman in Batman’s latest case. This could answer the status quo of Bruce and Selina’s relationship at the timeline James Tynion picks up his run from. It could also set the stage for the future of Catwoman since in her main series the character is still dealing with events in Villa Hermosa that seem to take place before City of Bane. That is still not clear.

In addition to this Jorge Jimenez will join the Batman art team beginning with Batman #90. Jimenez name has grown with his fantastic work on Justice League alongside Scott Snyder. Moving over to Batman is another high profile series for Jimenez to further grow his name in the hearts and minds of DC Comics fans. I would not be surprised if Jimenez is being groomed to be the artist for whatever the next big event from DC Comics is.


Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #4 Cover
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Part of the set-up for the first quarter from DC Comics is the Hell Arisen event. After the Year of Villain direction dominated 2019 DC Comics is moving to the next phase of the current direction. That next phase will likely begin with the Hell Arisen event coming to an end in March. The war between Apex Lex Luthor and Batman Who Laughs feels like it has been going on for a long time now.

With Hell Arisen coming to end it’ll be interesting to see what the status quo will be for the Infected characters Batman Who Laughs has been leading for most of the Year of the Villain direction. Specifically, characters like Supergirl and Commissioner Gordon could be shaken up big time since they have ongoing comic books going on right. What happens to these characters along with Shazam, Donna Troy and Blue Beetle and where they end post-Hell Arisen will be interesting to discover.


Gotham High TP Cover
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A while back there was a lot of artwork that came out for a possible Gotham High School series featuring teenage versions of Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle and other iconic Batman characters going to school together. There has been a lot of fan artwork for this since then. Now it looks like DC Comics is finally pulling the trigger on seeing how Bruce, Selina, Joker and other Batman characters work in a high school setting.

It would be a good change of pace for the normal Batman comic book since slice-of-life Batman-style is an interesting concept. There is a lot of potential in how Melissa De La Cruz morphs the character traits for Batman, Catwoman and Joker into high school character. The designs featured on the cover look to keep the spirit of the characters. How the actual trade paperback turns out is anyone’s guess.


Lois Lane #9 Cover
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Ever since Superman revealed to the world he was Clark Kent it has put Lois Lane in the line of danger. Well, even more than Lois usually is. That does not look like it will change as Lois tries to do her job she is pushing her husband away as things get even darker. The darkness is not scaring Lois at all as we see how she is going in deeper into whatever political plot the Kiss of Death are involved in.

Renee Montoya’s role in the story provides further interest. As she has returned to being The Question, there are still a lot to discover about what she is up to. Now that she is returning to Gotham City in Lois Lane #9 she will get further into the case she is involved in. How what Renee Montaya’s case ties back into Lois Lane’s current investigation can lead to even more intrigue for Greg Rucka’s greater storyline. 


Nightwing #70 Cover
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While the Robin character celebrates 80 years of being around it seems as though we are still some time away from getting the return of Dick Grayson. Nightwing #70 makes it clear that Ric Grayson is still around after the events involving the Court of Owls and becoming a Talon for a short time. Though that does not mean that Dick Grayson won’t be returning. As Nightwing #70 points out the events with the Court of Owls seems to have triggered the Dick Grayson memories to begin their return into Ric Grayson’s mind. How the real and implanted memories end up affecting Ric Grayson continues the interest built from the recent Nightwing Annual.

Joker showing up in Bludhaven should only add to the problems facing Ric Grayson and Dick Grayson. There is a chance that Joker could unknowlingly act as another trigger for Dick Grayson’s eventual return. Though that would mean that Ric Grayson needs to survive this new encounter with the Joker. With how bad the Nightwings Corp track record has been since becoming a team things will be very difficult for Ric Grayson.


Wonder Woman #754 Cover
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The Maxima character is someone that has not been seen in quite some time. Her rare usage in storylines means that she is in line for a fresh introduction. That is what Wonder Woman #754 looks to be giving the character as she will be reintroduced as Princess Maxima. Going back to highlighting the characters royal heritage would be a good way to present her to readers not familiar with Maxima’s character.

This could provide an intriguing dichotomy to how Wonder Woman is normally presented. Both warriors princess’ could clash and play off each other well. It will also be another chance to have Wonder Woman get involved in more of the cosmic side of DC. Especially with how the solicitation for Wonder Woman #754 highlights Maxima as the princess of Almerac.


Young Justice #14 Cover
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One of the coolest aspects of the Young Justice franchise is that it has been a large group of young heroes who have rotated rosters. That is something that the cartoon, especially in the later seasons, has emphasized for Young Justice. That is not something that Brian Bendis has done very much with outside of bringing in Naomi into the team’s ranks recently.

Now Bendis will actually dive into this part of the Young Justice franchise as he will be bringing Aqualad, Arrowette, Spoiler and Age of Heroes survivor Sideways. Arrowette is a character that shares a deep history with the Young Justice team. So her reintroduction as a member of the team is a welcome sight.

Aqualad, Spoiler and Sideways, on the other hand are new to the ranks of Young Justice. Spoiler has been established to be having a connection with the team through her relationship with Tim Drake. Her addition could mean that Bendis will be exploring her storyline that involving her father, Cluemaster, at some point in Young Justice. 

Aqualad and Sideways seem to be wildcards who don’t have the same connections to Young Justice. What their directions are as potential Young Justice members is unknown. But that sense of unknown brings its own excitement for how the team dynamic will be shaken up with all these new additions to Young Justice.

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