DC Comics November 2018 Solicitations Analysis

DC Comics November 2018 Solicitations Analysis

DC Comics November 2018 Solicitations Analysis

DC Comics looks to continue their strong 2018 with a slew of new stories that will be beginning in November. That includes giving Aquaman some time in the spotlight ahead of his big solo movie with a new event centered around the King of Atlantis. Along with that we are going to see things get more intense for the Batman Family, Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman and more. Let’s take a look at all of DC’s plans from their November 2018 solicitations.


Justice League/Aquaman: Drowned Earth Cover
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With the Aquaman live-action movie coming out the following month it is smart for DC Comics to create a story that emphasizes the character’s importance. That is exactly what DC is doing with the the “Drowned Earth” crossover event between the Justice League and Aquaman ongoing series’. This looks like it may also be one of Dan Abnett’s final Aquaman stories as his run will soon come to a close as Kelly Sue DeConnick takes over the series.

What makes this event even more interesting is that this event will not only center around Aquaman but also Wonder Woman. We haven’t seen the Aquaman and Wonder Woman pairing since the Grant Morrison and Mark Waid era of the Justice League. With how Wonder Woman is being emphasized in this story it does make you wonder what plans DC has for her and Aquaman, who both happen to be the next ones with live-action movies coming out.


Batman: Damned #2 Cover
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Though it is not something that was mentioned in the solicitation for Batman: Damned #2 we look to be getting Joker version of Harley Quinn in this series. We’ve seen this be emphasized more as different writers have recently explored a different Joker in various series over the last few years. Given that Brian Azzarello is centering his Batman: Damned story around a more mystical could provide this Joker/Harley Quinn hybrid with a new type of setting to terrorize. How it reflects the demons Batman is battling alongside Etrigan, Deadman, Spectre and Enchantress.


DC Nuclear Winter Special Cover
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Getting holiday specials is an annual tradition from DC Comics. So it was not surprising that we are getting a new special in time for the holidays. What is surprising is that they are setting their new holiday special in a post-apocalyptic setting. Titled DC Nuclear Winter Special #1 Paul Dini, Steve Orlando, Phil Hester and more have the opportunity to create stories that fans aren’t accustomed to seeing from the Justice League members around the holidays.


Doomsday Clock #8 Cover
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After more than a several years of teasing Dr. Manhattan fighting Superman we may finally see that happen in November’s Doomsday Clock #8. With Ozymandias seemingly behind this upcoming main event fight there is no telling what this encounter will mean for the DC Universe. And even if Superman is able to go toe to toe with Dr. Manhattan we still don’t know if this could be the end of everything or beginning of the next phase of the DCU. It will at least be memorable knowing that Geoff Johns and Gary Frank are the ones presenting this to us.


The Green Lantern #1 Cover
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Grant Morrison taking over the Green Lantern series was something that we learned back during San Diego Comic-Con. Now we know that Morrison’s run will officially begin in November as Green Lantern is relaunched with a fresh #1 and Liam Sharp on artwork duties. Seeing as Morrison has had incredible runs on Batman, Superman and Justice League there is no doubt that Green Lantern will be a must have title. He has already shown he knows how to write stories around the cosmic side of the DCU with how his work at DC has focused around the Multiverse concept.

Now with Morrison taking over Green Lantern it’ll be interesting to see if this is the only series within the franchise. We’ve been so used to having at least two Green Lantern comics running at the same time. But as of now we only know about Morrison’s Green Lantern comic starting in November. Though since Morrison’s run will center around Hal Jordan it won’t be surprising if in December or January we get a Green Lantern Corps style comic around the other GLC members or possibly the Sinestro Corps.


Heroes In Crisis #3 Cover
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Superman is going to be having an incredibly busy November. Not only is he facing off against Dr. Manhattan in Doomsday Clock, he now has to contend against Booster Gold of all heroes in the pages of Heroes In Crisis. Though the fight with Booster Gold may be a bit easier since Booster isn’t in the best place right now. At the same time that may make Booster Gold a tougher fight as he may use his future knowledge in ways he wouldn’t normally.

At the same time the World’s Greatest Detectives duo will be teaming up once again as Batman and Flash investigate what is going on behind the scenes in Sanctuary. This may not be the safest spot for Flash to be in since there is always at least once Flash that “dies” in DC’s Crisis events.


Shazam #1 Cover
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Shazam getting his own ongoing series is something that has been a long time coming. The fact that Geoff Johns and Dale Eaglesham are working on a Shazam comic together shows that DC sees this as a big title. Johns and Eaglesham have been a great team in the past with their work on JSA, which included Shazam in the series. Having this series come out before Shazam’s live-action movie debut is a smart play. DC knows that Johns and Eaglesham will be able to deliver several stories that can attract the audience that will watch the Shazam movie. And putting this series out in November gives John and Eaglesham time to put a strong number of issues out for new readers to pick up around that time.


Wonder Woman #58 Cover
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Continuing the trend of new creative team runs beginning in November G. Willow Wilson and Cary Nord will be taking over Wonder Woman starting this coming month. While I’m not familiar with Cary Nord’s past work, G. Willow Wilson has created a name for herself in the comic book world through her work on Ms. Marvel. Wilson has shown she knows how to write a fun and strong female lead with her work on Ms. Marvel.

Now with her tackling Wonder Woman it’ll be interesting to see how Wilson tackles the Greek mythology of the character. At least from the Wonder Woman #58 & #59 solicitations that is something Wilson will not be ignoring.


Batman #58 Cover
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The timing is perfect as we are seeing Batman question his own methods of operation. With so many question marks running around in Batman’s head Penguin rising up to take the war to the Dark Knight could make things even more complicated. With how much stronger King has made other villains in Batman’s Rogues Gallery come off it is exciting to possibly have Penguin get a similar treatment.


Detective Comics #992 Cover
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Batman’s life is not going to be getting any easier in November. That seems to be best shown with how Batman will attempt to team-up with Two-Face and form a new Dynamic Duo of sorts in Detective Comics. With everything that is going on this does not seem to be the best time for Batman to try to team with Two-Face. It is particularly odd given that the last time they met Batman and Two-Face weren’t on the best terms after the events in All-Star Batman.

What makes this story even more intriguing is that Detective Comics #992 teases the fact that Batman is doing this to keep Two-Face from joining the Legion of Doom. This puts greater importance to this new Detective Comics story as the Legion of Doom are becoming a bigger threat over in the pages of Justice League.


The Flash #58 Cover
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With the Source Wall revealing that the Strength, Sage and Still Forces exist alongside the Speed Force a whole new world has open up for the DC Universe. This new development is particularly important for the Flash who has the most to gain and lose. Barry Allen understands this as he will be going a world tour to figure out what is going on with all these new Forces that have been revealed. Not only should “Force Quest” help clarify more details on all of these different Forces that have appeared but also gives a new angle to explore the secrets behind the Speed Force that all of DC’s speedsters have used for a long time.


Nightwing #52 Cover
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Nightwing’s time helping his mentor as Batman and also a sidekick will have some serious ramifications on his life. This is refreshing as it adds more weight to what is going across the board with all the comics in the Batman Family line are more closely connected with one another. Nightwing dealing with the injury suffered at the hands of the KGBeast provides Benjamin Percy the chance to explore how physically and emotionally strong Dick Grayson is when he is at his weakest point. Having Scarecrow as the villain that will test Nightwing adds to the potential of this new storyline.


Teen Titans #24 Cover
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Damian Wayne has seemingly gone back to his old ways in the recent issues of Teen Titans as he has created a secret underground prison for villains. That does go against what Batman and Nightwing have taught Damian to be as Robin. Now it looks like we are going to get more insight as to why Damian has made such a shift in his character as we learn he has been mentored by someone else in secret. There are a lot of possibilities on who this secret mentor can be. And given the way the solicitation for Teen Titans #24 was phrased this secret mentor is not a good influence on the young Robin.