DC Comics November 2022 Solicitations

DC Comics November 2022 Solicitations Analysis

Dark Crisis continues to be the thing that is dominating the DC Universe as we see that even more tie-in comic books being released in November. Along with more plans for Dark Crisis we see that DC Comics is not slowing down in publishing more Batman comic books in November. As Batman heavy as DC Comics November publishing schedule is there are other notable comic books fans have to look forward to. Let’s take a look at what DC Comics has planned for November 2022.


Batman & Joker: The Deadly Duo 1 Kyle Hotz
Batman & Joker: The Deadly Duo 1 cover by Kyle Hotz. Credit: DC Comics

DC Comics favorite thing are Batman and Joker stories. We already know how reliant DC Comics currently is on the Batman Franchise, with Batman comic books making up at least 75% of their publishing output. That means we have not been missing out on as many stories with Batman and Joker in them.

Now DC Comics is taking all that to the next level by pairing up there greatest rivals together in a new series titled Batman & Joker: The Deadly Duo. That’s right, Batman and Joker are teaming up for a story against a villain that forces them to work together in order to save Harley Quinn. Based on the solicitation, Batman & Joke: The Deadly Duo is taking place in its own Elseworld continuity with what we learn about how Harley Quinn and Jim Gordon factor into the story.

Normally Marc Silvestri working on a comic book is a selling point but not this time. I’ve long been over reading anymore Batman and Joker stories. DC Comics has driven that particular rivalry into the ground with how reliant on Joker the Batman comics have been the last decade. The solicitation for Batman & Joker: The Deadly Duo #1 just further drove home how exhausted I am that DC continues to go to the well with this rivalry even though Batman arguably has the best Rogues Gallery in all of comics.


Nubia And The Justice League Special #1 Travis Moore
Nubia And The Justice League Special #1 cover by Travis Moore. Credit: DC Comics

We already know that at some point the current publishing line of DC Comics will catch up with the events of Dark Crisis where the Justice League are believed to be dead. But before getting to however far into the DC Universe future that is the Justice League as a team have their hands full. For one, we learn that they will be helping out Batman with dealing with Failsafe in Chip Zdarsky’s run. Based on what Batman #129 and Batman #130 tell us they won’t have a great time there. We already knew that Failsafe is a robot on the level of Amazo. Batman #129 appears to confirm that as its teased that Failsafe defeats the Justice League like it did the Batman Family in Batman #126.

Then they will also be part of the Nubia & The Justice League Special one-shot. Advertised as a celebration for Nubia’s 50th anniversary, this should be a good opportunity to further establish Nubia as a key character in the DC Universe as the Queen of the Amazons. Though what is keeping me from being excited about this comic book is that Becky Cloonan and Michael Conrad are involved in this series. I have largely been unimpressed with their work on Wonder Woman thus far. I just hope Stephanie Williams working with them on this story will help a lot with tightening up the script of the Nubia & The Justice League Special.

The other big appearance of the Justice League is with the Trinity in the current Wonder Woman series. Another comic book written by Cloonan and Conrad that is keeping my excitement low for it. That said, it is interesting to see DC Comics continuing to try to act like the Justice League are in danger in the present even 7 months after we’ve already seen their future in Death Of The Justice League. Dark Crisis as a whole has robbed any sort of concern in stories involved any of the members of the Justice League that fell to Pariah.

That is all on top of the predictable Justice League return during the latter half of Dark Crisis. This is the least surprising development in all of Dark Crisis. Joshua Williamson and DC Comics are well aware that fans expected the Justice League’s return. What’ll be important is that they make the return meaningful to the Dark Crisis story itself.


Justice Society Of America #1 Mikel Janin
Justice Society Of America #1 cover by Mikel Janin. Credit: DC Comics

DC Comics has been integrating Geoff Johns back into the fold after he spent the last decade working in Hollywood. We’ve seen this with his work on Doomsday Clock, Batman: Three Jokers, and, most recently, Flashpoint Beyond. Now Johns full return to the main DC Universe is happening as he will be in charge of bringing back the Justice Society Of America and the entire Golden Age Universe of DC Comics back to its former glory.

This is definitely a big announcement from DC Comics for multiple reasons. On the purely creative end, there is no doubt that Johns best work was from his run on JSA. Out of all the creative runs Geoff Johns has had his work on JSA is what stands up best. Sure, he is more well known to general readers and fans for his work on Teen Titans and Green Lantern. But having gone back recently to read these runs after Titans Of Tomorrow in Teen Titans and Blackest Night in Green Lantern Johns tops out creatively. The same can’t be said for JSA as he consistently deliver during that run he had.

But while it should be exciting that Johns is returning to the franchise he is best at delivering high quality stories my excitement is almost zero. One reason for that is because I have just not liked Johns creative output with his comic books the last decade. His runs on Justice League took forever to get going with Darkseid War being the quality he is known for. Then there is his work on Flashpoint, Doomsday Clock, Batman: Three Jokers, Batman: Earth One, Flashpoint Beyond, and Shazam that all have been disappointing for different reasons. So from a creative standpoint I am just not as confident in what Johns can do given his recent comic book history. Then you add in all the things everything around his time as one of the leads for DC Entertainment I just have no interest in a new Geoff Johns comic book.


Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #1 Adrian Gutierrez
Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #1 cover by Adrian Gutierrez. Credit: DC Comics

One of the many characters that got lost during the New 52 and DC Rebirth era was Jaime Reyes’ Blue Beetle. Its always been crazy how DC Comics has an inability to explore and build on their legacy characters. It’s always been an all or nothing approach as they haven’t been able to figure out the success the Batman Family have with other similar legacies like Jaime Reyes and Ted Kord existing at the same time. It has also been quite some time since Jaime Reyes has appeared in a prominent way, with even his inclusion in the Dark Crisis Justice League has him just being a background character at best.

Now that may change with Jaime Reyes getting a new mini-series Blue Beetle: Graduation Day. I won’t trick myself into thinking this will lead into something bigger for Jaime Reyes. But it is at least something that is different from DC Comics.

What I’m particularly excited about with Blue Beetle: Graduation Day is that it will explore the cosmic side of the DC Universe. The cosmic side of the DC Universe has been dominated by the Green Lantern franchise for a long time. Giving us more of perspective of the cosmic setting from other characters perspective is extremely valuable for DC Comics as a whole. Having Starfire also involved with what is going on with Blue Beetle and the Reach is a great addition that makes this new mini-series something I will at least try out the first issue of.


John Stewart: The Emerald Knight #1 Caanan White
John Stewart: The Emerald Knight #1 cover by Caanan White. Credit: DC Comics

Out of all the characters in the Death Of The Justice League that had it most rough it could be argued John Stewart got the worst treatment. That is because he didn’t just get shown dying once but twice. Even in a strong showing in his new Emerald Knight form he was killed off twice by Pariah. If that wasn’t enough the current Green Lantern series ended with its twelfth issue, the same issue that John fully assumed his Emerald Knight role. If that wasn’t enough, Pariah was able to easily defeat the Green Lantern Corps when they confronted him in the latest issue of Dark Crisis.

Now since the Green Lantern franchise is basically MIA from the publishing calendar for DC Comics they’ve been easily forgotten. I guess DC Comics finally realized they have treated John Stewart poorly as they are giving him a one-shot to build up his pre-Dark Crisis history as the Emerald Knight.

While I’m certainly glad that John Stewart, my favorite Green Lantern, is getting a chance at the spotlight this one-shot is at least 6 months to late. John Stewart: The Emerald Knight #1 is literally coming out a month before the final issue of Dark Crisis. Why DC Comics didn’t have this one-shot planned and ready before Dark Crisis officially started is baffling and disrespectful to John Stewart.


Batgirls 2022 Annual Robbi Rodriguez
Batgirls 2022 Annual cover by Robbi Rodriguez. Credit: DC Comics

Some of my favorite comic book stories are one-shots. There is an art to creating a one-shot. The best tell a complete story that feels like it was six parts. Which is why I’m excited for the latest batch of Batman Family annuals for Nightwing, Batgirls, and Detective Comics. This is a chance for the creative teams of these respective comic books to show how they can tell complete stories in one comic book that adds to their current creative runs.

With Nightwing we are going to get a full look at how Heartless is factoring into Tom Taylor’s run. Heartless has still only been a bit player in Nightwing thus far but with Blockbuster likely taken care of by the end of the current story arc it will be a chance for Nightwing to get new villains.

Then there is Batgirls with their Freaky Friday one-shot. The series is at its best when telling focus storytelling. As long as Cloonan and Conrad can stay out of their own way by not inserting themselves as the narrators this could be a fun comic book.

Finally, with the Detective Comics Annual what is really selling me on it is Ram V taking the setting back to Gotham City during the 1700s, known as the Renaissance Gotham. Going on a completely different direction by diving into the history of Gotham City is a cool hook. It also could add a lot to how Ram V is currently exploring the history of the city as we could get more clues into how present day characters factor into what is going on in Detective Comics.


Nightwing #98 Bruno Redondo
Nightwing #98 cover by Bruno Redondo. Credit: DC Comics

When all is said and done the comic book in November that DC Comics will be known for is Nightwing #98. Or as most will come to know it: The start of the Nite-Mite Era in DC Comics. That’s right Nightwing is getting his on Nite-Mite from the fifth dimension to give Dick Grayson some much needed fun in his life.

Joking aside, I am absolutely pumped for Nightwing #98 and the debut of Nite-Mite. Comics are supposed to be fun. When you see Nite-Mite on the cover Nightwing #98 how can you not help but smile? I don’t care I this adds nothing to bigger storyline that’s been going on in the current Nightwing series. This comic book should be an absolute blast and I can’t wait to read it.