DC Comics October 2017 Solicitations Analysis

Though the official Dark Nights: Metal series looks to be taking a break in October the ramifications of the DC event still haunts the universe. Several comics looks to further explore what Dark Nights: Metal is about. But as Batman deals with the Dark Multiverse other characters are staying busy with their own business. This includes Green Arrow going back to Star City, two possible big deaths, Sinestro returns and Joker becomes a hero. See what else is to coming with our analysis of DC’s October solicitations.


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Though the main Dark Nights: Metal series looks to be taking a break in October it does not mean that the event is going anywhere. From the looks of it something happens to Batman specifically that forces him to go on a tour of the Dark Multiverse. Interestingly enough it seems that Batman Lost #1, Batman: The Devastator #1 and The Batman Who Laughs #1 all talk about how Bruce Wayne is the World’s Greatest Detective. This seems to indicate that Batman’s journey through the Dark Multiverse will be more of a mental test rather than physical.

Meanwhile, it looks like The Flash, Green Arrow and Teen Titans will each be involved in the events of Dark Nights: Metal in someway. For The Flash and Green Arrow titles they will be getting their own respective tie-ins that show us what they are doing during Dark Nights: Metal. At the same time the Teen Titans series will be our first look at a post-Dark Nights: Metal DCU as the team deals with the ramification of the event. Though only three tie-ins from ongoing comics this seems to be a precursor for more ongoings to get involved in Dark Nights: Metal as it heads into its second half.


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When it comes to comics I never expected we would get it Gotham City Garage is high on the list. Putting the DC Universe in a Mad Max-like setting isn’t something that hearing out loud sounds made up. But upon seeing the cover of Gotham City Garage #1 featuring a biker version of Wonder Woman all I could think is “Why didn’t we get this sooner?” The style for the series that we see teased in the cover is more than enough for me to purchase the first issue when it comes out. It’s also great to see that Gotham City Garage will be released with a similar digital-first strategy that comics like Injustice 2 and Batman ‘66. DC has really nailed what comics to go with the digital-first strategy and Gotham City Garage looks to be an excellent addition to what they are doing on the platform.


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Just in time for the premier of the Arrow TV show we will see Oliver Queen return to Star City in the comic books. After spending his time in Seattle since the beginning of DC Rebirth we are finally seeing how Star City looks without Green Arrow around. There has been a good amount of time since Green Arrow stepped into the city he swore to once protect. During that time there was plenty of time for others to take up the large hole Green Arrow left in the city. The question will be is who filled the hole a good or bad thing now that Oliver is returning to Star City.


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With how much is going on in Gotham City it could’ve been easy to miss the teaser of Commissioner Gordon possibly dying. Though this seems to be too big of a change not to make a big deal of there is still time between now and October to make the “Manslaughter” arc starting in Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #15 into a big story. This teaser should provide plenty of drama for Batgirl specifically as we know how close she is to her father. Will that bond cause her to do things she wouldn’t normally? That is an exciting question to ask if this plot thread is something that continues throughout Batgirl and the Birds of Prey’s new arc.


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The War of Riddles and Jokes looks to have taken such a toll on Batman that it is going to affect his relationship and proposal to Catwoman. What does that mean for Batman outside of Dark Nights: Metal? Time to take a road trip of course. What else would a man dressed in a bat suit do. Though this isn’t any normal road trip as it seems that Batman is about to fight the Batman Family during that time. That seems to be an odd thing to do after telling Catwoman a deep and personal story but hey Batman isn’t the man he is by being normal.


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Tim Drake’s mission to get home looks to be taking a big snag as the cover for Detective Comics #966 teases us that he will be confronted by some version of Batman. With the Flashpoint Universe recently disappearing it wouldn’t be surprising to see this Batman being Thomas Wayne. Given the fact that the Batman-like figure is holding a gun at Tim that wouldn’t be all that surprising. What can be surprising is who else Tim may come across in Mr. Oz’s secret purgatory prison. I’m still hoping that it is Cassandra Sandmark and Bart Allen.


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With all the drama currently going on after John Stewart told all the members of the Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps about Tomar-Tu killing Romat-Ru it is the perfect time for Sinestro to make use of the chaos it caused to make his big return. Making things even more chaotic for Hal Jordan is the fact that Sinestro looks to try and turn one of Hal’s greatest allies against him by turning Superman into the latest Sinestro Corps member.

Superman is the last Justice League member I would expect would join the Sinestro Corps. How Sinestro pulls that off will be just as interesting to learn as seeing the battle between Hal and Superman play out.


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Life for Nightwing will not be getting any easier as the past comes back to haunt him hard in October. First in his ongoing series Nightwing will have to face the wrath of Raptor. The last time these two met Nightwing turned Raptor’s offer of being his protege down and defeated him in combat. Knowing Raptor that defeat will sure to be fuel to fire his hatred for Nightwing. And that fire is exactly what Blockbuster needs to further take advantage of Bludhaven’s hero and increase his power in the city.

At the same time Nightwing: The New Order #3 looks to also deliver a blast from the past as something forces Dick Grayson to ally himself with his former friends. Given the premise of Nightwing: The New Order, those old friends could be anyone from the DC Universe. Interestingly enough we see Tim Drake, in his pre-New 52 Red Robin costume, and Batwoman on the cover for Nightwing: The New Order #3. That could either mean they are the old friends Nightwing looks to get help from or they are actually part of his regime.


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Dan Abnett and DC Comics must sure have something out for the original Wally West. If not they sure have an odd way of showing it as they continue to create more problems for Wally to deal with. This time around Titans #16 is returning to a favorite of the series by once again teasing Wally going away again, this time by dying due to his weak heart.

I’ve mentioned this in recent reviews of Titans but Abnett needs to start moving focus away from Wally at least for one arc. It’s become too big of a trend to beat up on Wally in Titans. There are 6 other members on the Titans that also could use some spotlight. The sooner the series can stop making Wally the center of the series the better it’ll be for everyone. It’ll also allow Wally to have more natural character development rather than constantly being dumped on with horrible events in his life.


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Grail was one of those characters that I did not like when she was first introduced. Over the course of “Darkseid War” Geoff Johns was able to turn my opinion on the character as he made her into a multi-layered villain. Now Grail is finally returning to wreck havoc on Wonder Woman’s life. This will be a welcome return as Grail has the potential to be Wonder Woman’s greatest villain and could be the first stage of an even bigger story for both characters.


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In Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’ it was said that “You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain.” That is something we are going to see in the newest mini-series Batman: White Knight as Joker becomes the hero of the story while Batman is the villain. The flip in roles for Batman and Joker is a fascinating concept that is surprising to think is something we haven’t seen before. From the solicitation of Batman: White Knight #1 it looks like there will be more to Joker being a hero than meets the eye. From what the solicitation says the story may be something that is completely from Joker’s point-of-view, which could mean that the roles are only flipped in Joker’s head and not in real life.