DC Comics October 2020 Solicitations Analysis

As unpredictable as 2020 has been DC Comics still has big plans for what they will be looking to do the remainder of the year. That includes the reach that both Dark Nights: Death Metal and DCeased: Dead Planet will have as both major events will continue to explore the DC Universe and Multiverse in new ways. In addition to that, there will be some notable comics that will be coming to an end in October as well. We take a look at all this and more by diving into DC Comics October 2020 solicitations


Click for full cover view of Batgirl #50.

One of the most notable things that have come out of DC Comics October 2020 solicitations is the ending of several series. Going into October’s solicitations we already knew that Red Hood: Outlaw was ending. Now we have learned that Batgirl, Justice League Odyssey, and Batman and the Outsiders have joined in having their final issues in October. That’s three different Batman Family titles and a Justice League comic that are all coming to an end at the same time. Those are major brands that are getting the axe.

It won’t be surprising if this is just the first of many cancelations we will see the closer we get to the end of the year. Some of that may likely be due to sales numbers but it could also be part of DC Comics larger plans as they set up their 2021 plans. Because when you look at the major event in Dark Nights: Death Metal, that series is set to end in January if 2020 publishing is able to keep going. When all is said and done with Dark Nights: Death Metal we could see a whole new Earth-Prime for the DC Universe. That would likely lead to DC Comics relaunching most of their comic books except for Action Comics, Detective Comics, Batman, Wonder Woman and Flash, who all are on those high numbers that DC likes to promote. Everything else can be relaunched, either with their legacy numbers or new #1s.

Making this even more likely is the fact that around the time Dark Nights: Death Metal ends there will also be several major mini-series like Grant Morrison’s Green Lantern ending. Those mini-series could set the stage for what else is planned for different DC Comics franchises as they enter a new era. So even as Batgirl and other titles are ending it could all lead into bigger plans down the line.


Click for full cover view of Rorschach #1.

DC Comics is going to keep the Watchmen train going as now they have tapped Tom King and Jorge Fornes to explore what happens in that universe post-Watchmen. King and Fornes are going to do so with a new Rorschach maxi-series. Based on the solicitations it looks like in the post-Watchmen world that Rorschach has become an icon due to not only his heroics but the confessional journal he left behind to be published before his death.

We saw what this post-Watchmen world would look like in Doomsday Clock. It’ll be interesting to see if King and Fornes follow the events of Doomsday Clock in some way for this new Rorschach series or they do their own thing similar to the Watchmen HBO series. Whatever the case may be this Rorschach series is the best comic for King and Fornes to team-up to work on. It fits with the strength of their writing and artwork, respectively.


Click for full cover view of Justice League #54.

The further we get into Dark Nights: Death Metal it is clear that this event, while largely self-contained outside the Justice League comics, is going to be a big deal for DC Comics. Snyder and Capullo are going all in with exploring the Multiverse as they set the stage for Batman Who Laughs to create his own New 52 using the Dark Multiverse. We already know that Batman Who Laughs now has the power of Dr. Manhattan to get the job done. The question is if Wonder Woman and the other heroes can even hope to stop him.

While normally I would not put much stock into variant covers it did stick out that both Superboy-Prime and Darkseid are advertised for Dark Nights: Death Metal #4’s variants. Darkseid could come into play given how often he is involved in these type of Multiverse events and Justice League Odyssey ending means he is free to appear in other comics. Superboy-Prime is a bigger stand out because he has been MIA for a long time now. But given how he has been used in the past in Multiverse events since Infinite Crisis it would not be surprising if he plays some role in Dark Nights: Death Metal. What roles Darkseid and Superboy-Prime will play if they do indeed appear is anyone’s guess.


Click for full cover view of Batman #100

Batman #100 is already a major milestone for the series as James Tynion is going to be using the oversized page count to conclude “The Joker War” event. Not only is Batman #100 getting a special double page spread main cover but also another character cover. The character spotlight covers have been used by DC Comics to give us an idea of specs for new or old characters modern day looks. Which makes the fact that Batman is featured in the latest character cover in bright blue armor even more intriguing.

This look is completely different from any other Batman design in the past. Even when Batman has used armor or heavy tech for his costumes they still follow his normal black or grey look. Going with a bright blue armor design is something new we would only see in the toy lines. Though it looks like this new armor may only be used to wrap up “The Joker War” since Batman #101 nor any other book featuring Batman have this new armor look on the cover.


Click for full cover view of DCeased: Dead Planet #4.

As bad as things got during DCeased we only saw the Anti-Life Equation Virus impact on Earth. The rest of the universe was able to largely avoid the Anti-Life Equation Virus, as we see with DCeased: Dead Planet with how our heroes found a new Earth-2 to live on. But now with DCeased: Dead Planet #4 we are going to see the new Justice League try to recruit the New Gods to help. Based on the cover that will be easier said than done. And since it won’t be easier we will be seeing how Jon Kent’s Superman will differ from his father as he will use some Batman tactics to get Orion to help. Little things like this show how different the DCeased Universe is different from the DC Universe.


Click for full cover view of Detective Comics #1029.

One of the things that is not getting much attention is the current status quo of Damian Wayne. Having been Robin for over a decade now it looks like Damian’s time as the Boy Wonder may be coming to an end. At least that is what recent solicitations of Teen Titans have implied. Now we are going to see that reflected in the current Batman comics starting with Detective Comics #1027 as it directly points to Damian possibly turning to the dark side.

This new direction for Damian is something that the character has needed. Because ever since Rebirth started Damian’s position as a Teen Titan and Batman Family member has been all over the place. He hasn’t had much direction, which can be attributed to how DC Comics has been resistant to having one of the ongoing Batman comics feature Batman and Robin working together. Maybe this new direction will address the fact that Bruce has been ignoring his son and not working together as Batman and Robin in order to properly raise Damian. That is hopefully the case because there does feel like there is untapped potential with Bruce and Damian working together as Batman and Robin together in an ongoing basis.

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