Fall of the House of X #4 Review

Fall Of The House of X #4 Review – “The Turn”

Fall of the House of X #4 continues begins the back-half of the latest X-Men event. Last we left things the war between the mutants and Orchis has concluded. The war has now shifted to a war against the A.I. Sentinels that have gained God-like powers. All that appears standing between the universe surviving the war against the machines are the X-Men. Given how things have gone thus far the war appears to just be starting. Let’s find out how things go next with Fall of the House of X #4.


Writer: Gerry Duggan

Artists: Lucas Werneck and Jethro Morales

Colorist: Bryan Valenza

Letterer: Travis Lanham


“MY ALLY, MY ENEMY! They say a wounded animal can be the most dangerous kind of animal to face. As the fight between the mutants and Orchis reaches a deadly pitch, a startling revelation rocks the X-Men to their core. The two series that are one come together in one horrible betrayal as the Krakoan Age nears its conclusion!” – Marvel Comics


If nothing else these last two issues of this X-Men crossover have proven that no matter how things end up that Charles Xavier cannot be part of what’s next for the franchise. The Krakoa Era started and ended with him it has to end with him not having influence in the mutants future. If Rise of the Powers of X #3 didn’t prove that then Fall of the House of X #4 certainly does.

Opening with Apocalypse doing everything he can to make sure Krakoa did not die immediately set the stakes in this issue. The mutants have been pushed to do whatever they can in order to survive. For this era of mutants Krakoa represents their survival and evolution. Of course the one that would get over would go to the greatest extreme to ensure Krakoa’s survival would be Apocalypse.

Going literal with Krakoa being nourished by mutants is a great call back the idea of the Cruible to get over giving Krakoa mutants blood. Apocalypse going to the extreme of how mutant sacrifices have to be made pushed this idea forward. Seeing that ultimately it was Wrongslide life that had to be the final sacrifice was the most emotional moment of this entire crossover. Wrongslide has such a tragic story that is connected to the Krakoa Era. While it would’ve been great if Wrongslide had more development over the years it did not take away from their sacrifice.

Fall of the House of X #4
Apocalypse words speak to where things are at for mutants in Fall of the House of X #4. Credit: Marvel Comics

This race to save Krakoa added to the sense of urgency with the X-Men now having to shift to having to stop Sentinel City. Lucas Werneck and Jethro Morales did a great job at showcasing the danger Sentinel City possess. The explosions that can be seen from space got over what the threat is for these final issues.

It made the moment where it was revealed that Charles Xavier is cutting a deal with Omega Sentinel hit on the feeling of betrayal. This carried over to the betrayal Xavier previously committed by shooting Rachel Summers in the back at the end of Rise of the Powers of X #3. Cyclops anger over Xavier’s decision is understandable. And that is without Scott Summers not knowing about what Xavier did to his daughter.

All this does paint Xavier in an antagonist light even knowing he is doing this to save mutants. It pushes the idea that Xavier can’t be involved of what’s next for the X-Men and mutants. Acting like the King of Mutants by founding Krakoa is what led to this. Every decision and secret ultimately created the current situation the endgame scenario the universe is in.

Cyclops making the decision to have Emma Frost stay back if the rest of the X-Men failed to take down Sentinel City does set up an intriguing ending. Emma has been built up since Inferno to be the one to face off against Xavier. Emma is the one that forced Xavier hand to stop with all his secret keeping back in Inferno. Hopefully we do get this payoff between Emma Frost and Charles Xavier.

Though the ending does set-up Storm to be a major wildcard. Duggan, Werneck, and Morales certainly made sure that Storm’s entrance was as impactful as it can be. Just as every X-Men fell it was Storm who showed up. This was a great call for how to create a strong hook ending leading into the finale fir Fall of the House of X.


Fall of the House of X #4 is a strong penultimate issue to this mini-series. There were plenty of moments of payoff, especially with Apocalypse actions. The surprise turn by Charles Xavier elevates the stakes even more as we are at the endgame of the Krakoa Era.

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 7.5 Night Girls out of 10

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