Far Sector #6

Far Sector #6 Review

Far Sector #6

Far Sector has been one of the more enjoyable new comic books that DC Comics has put out in recent years. NK Jemisin and Jamal Campbell have created such a fascinating world around the newest Green Lantern to join the DC Universe in Jo Mullein. It helps this series a ton that it is completely separate from the rest of the DC Universe. Not having to worry about what other titles that include the Green Lantern Corps have benefitted this series a ton. Now as the mystery that has pulled Jo into the sector of planets she is investigate deepens what will her next move be? Let’s find out with Far Sector #6

Writer: N.K. Jemisin

Artist: Jamal Campbell

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: Somewhere Jo Mullein and Marth of the Sea are on a date and talk about the changes going on and how the Council of the planet is losing control. Marth states that there will be a referendum that is coming. Jo wonders what will happen when the emotions ten billion people in Far Sector are unleashed all at once. Jo and Marth then kiss.

Ten days after CEPD turned on the Emotion Exploit the planet is now a week from its referendum. Jo reflects on all the funerals and people dying from riots. She then reminds herself that she was brought to the planet to use her skills to figure out what is going on.

Later that night Jo talks with Tillij about what is going on with the Council. Seeing that Jo is distressed Tillij offers to come over to help calm down. Jo turns down the offer and wishes Tillij goodnight.

Suddenly Marth appears outside Jo’s place. Jo yells at Marth for placing the order to the CEPD that caused all that is going on. Marth reveals that he is stepping down as Nah Cuncilor the day after the referendum. He then asks to talk with Jo more.

In the kitchen, Jo questions Marth if he is using Switchoff. Marth admits he uses Switchoff to reflect on his decisions as the Emotion Exploit actually alters his consciousness. Jo then asks how Marth is feeling. Marth says he just feels regretful.

Jo then wonders if Marth expected there would be blowback for his decisions. Marth reveals there have been no consequences to his actions, but his feelings come from not being able to uphold tradition the Council is expected to do.

Marth asks if Jo has ever made a decision she should or shouldn’t have done. Jo remembers her time as a cop when she reported her partner for committing police brutality, which led to her being fired. Jo then says she understands where Marth is coming from.

Marth wonders why Jo did not accept the Emotion Exploit when offered because as he has learned from his ancestors, emotions are hard to control. Jo asks what the Emotion Exploit is like. Marth says it is comforting as everything is viewed as a piece on a game board. He then tells Jo that she does not need to be alone.

Far Sector #6
Jo Mullein contemplates what using the Emotion Exploit means in Far Sector #6. Click for full page view.

Marth reaches out to Jo. Hesitating at first Jo grabs Marth’s hand and they begin making out.

The next morning Jo and Marth are woken up by Marth’s communicator. While thinking of what happened CanHaz surprises Jo and reveals she knows what happened last night. CanHaz then mentions that everyone is talking about Marth’s resignation and how Jo caused it. Jo says the Council should do a better job keeping information secret.

Jo then gets a call from Councilor Thorn, who mentions possibly figuring out what happened to Meile and could use some help. Jo changes into her Green Lantern costume and heads out.

Green Lantern Mullein shows up at Platform Ever Forward that Councilor Thorn told her about. As she investigates the building Green Lantern Mullein comes across mechs from the Cloud Kratocracy.

The Cloud Kratocracy mechs attack Green Lantern Mullein while still trying to talk to Councilor Thorn. Green Lantern Mullein is shocked when she gets a visual of Councilor Thorn knocked out. This pisses Green Lantern Mullein off, and she powers up ready to fight at full power. End of issue.

The Good: Adding on to what the previous issues built Far Sector #6 creates greater complexity with what Green Lantern Jo Mullein has been dealing with on the planet she is investigating. Things become even more complicated as her interaction with her love interest, Marth of the Sea, plays a big role in the developments of this issue. It all leads to a story that continues to hit home in more ways than one in our current climate.

One of the things that I continue to be impressed by N.K. Jemisin’s writing is how she has been developing Green Lantern Mullein. The more issues of Far Sector that we get we see Jemisin peeling back the layers of Green Lantern Mullein to show her complexity as a character. Being thrown into the Green Lantern Corps was already difficult enough but she is still out of her element as she is an outsider in what is going on. Even if she can relate how things are working in Far Sector to how things were on Earth it is tough to escape the feeling of being an outsider.

Which makes how Jemisin integrates Green Lantern Mullein’s backstory, specifically her history as a cop, even more intriguing. We see how much her experiences have shaped Green Lantern Mullein’s outlook, including how she analyzes things during her investigation. That made how she reacted to Marth’s words and how they have more things in common than Green Lantern Mullein initially admits a great character beat.

Using all of that, Far Sector #6 is able to give Green Lantern Mullein time to think about the impact she is having on the world around her. Whether she is in control of the situation or not Green Lantern Mullein shows that she is taking all of this extremely seriously. We see her go through a range of emotions as she thinks about what using the Emotion Exploit really means. This further spotlights how being an outsider on this planet is a major strength as Green Lantern Mullein is bringing a different perspective on everything going on.

Which all makes the portrayal of Marth of the Sea just as fascinating. Jemisin properly uses the plot device of Switchoff to give Marth a chance to show what happens when the Emotion Exploit is halted. Marth shows that dealing with one’s emotions is not a common thing for his people. The Emotion Exploit has allowed him to make the cold, calculated decisions without remorse. This has caused the regret of his actions, like firing on protestors, will have on a person even if they bury that emotion.

At the same time, throughout Green Lantern Mullein and Marth’s interaction, you couldn’t help but feel that there was a greater purpose than just courtship with Marth’s visit. Whether through his dialogue or his look, you get the feeling that Marth is still hiding something from both Green Lantern Mullein and the reader. Things are falling into place too neatly when it comes to Marth coming across as a character you feel bad for in Far Sector #6.

This all plays into how things ended with a big cliffhanger in Far Sector #6. Green Lantern Mullein finding and being forced to fight some Cloud Kratocracy mechs all came across too convenient. It feeds into the fact that we still don’t know everything that is going on. This helps how we as the reader are discovering all the intricacies of this planet alongside Green Lantern Mullein. That is all a refreshing change of pace with how continuity heavy other comic books from DC Comics feel at the moment.

Far Sector #6
Green Lantern Jo Mullein is ready to unleash her full power in Far Sector #6. Click for full page view.

With all that goes on Jamal Campbell continues to knock it out of the part with his artwork on Far Sector #6. This series has been one of the more beautiful comic books DC Comics is putting out right now and it is because of Campbell’s distinct style. Even with characters like Marth of the Sea having an Earthling design you still feel like Jo Mullein is the only human on the planet. It adds to how she is an outsider as she stands out in every scene she is in. Campbell also does a great job with how he integrates Jo Mullein’s background as a cop into her Green Lantern creations. This adds an extra layer to her character as we see how her background influences what kind of things she creates, like Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, and John Stewart before her.

The Bad: Nothing.

Overall: With every issue, Far Sector becomes a more fascinating comic book to be following. N.K. Jemisin and Jamal Campbell’s work on Far Sector #6 continues that trend. By slowing things down a bit Jemisin and Campbell give Green Lantern Jo Mullein the chance to take in everything she has experienced in this story thus far. It sets the stage for even bigger things to take place in future issues as we uncover what is really going on in Far Sector along with Green Lantern Jo Mullein.

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