The Flash Spoiler Review: ‘Borrowing Problems From The Future’

Barry dreaming about the future would’ve been more effective if we didn’t see Iris’ death twice already with the two recaps preceding the opening scene.

Glad that they are bringing in Wally’s admiration for Barry has been brought over to the show. It’s a unique mentor-sidekick dynamic compared to Batman and Robin’s.

Matt Parkman sure has been getting himself around to all the superhero universes.

HR turning Star Labs into a Flash museum is fantastic. Cisco’s reaction to his tour guide hologram is priceless.

The teases for Caitlin still not being able to control her ‘Killer Frost’ powers is still the strongest element of the show. Still hoping she turns out to be an end boss somehow.

Iris not buying into Barry’s happy go lucky attitude as a cover is a good way to keep her character from not playing the damsel in distress. Barry needs people to call him out on his BS. Also shows that he still hasn’t learned to be a good liar when it comes to hiding what he knows about different timelines like Oliver.

Tom Cavanagh just seems to be having fun getting to play Harrison Wells in different ways each season. HR may be the best version of the character, which I didn’t think would be the case when HR showed up.

Maybe it is because of Tom Felton previously playing Malfoy, but I’m still not convinced, even with these scenes with Caitlin, that he is one of the good guys and is still actually working with Savitar.

Finally we have a cool, non-speedster villain. Plunder’s future heat-seeking bullets are extremely cool. We need to see more of these types of villains forcing Flash and Kid Flash to use their speedster abilities in different ways.

Wally is definitely acting more like Barry did when he started his Flash career. This does well to highlight how Barry keeps hesitating to act as fast as he should because of his flashes of the future.

The writers are juggling a lot of dramatic story beats at the same time. From Cisco calling out HR on how much of a distraction he is to Caitlin admitting her fear of her powers this is all pretty heavy stuff. Now we get Barry showing Iris the future newspaper and revealing that he ran into the future. This is a lot to take in for the first thirty minutes. What is left for the rest of the episode?

So the Music Meister is part of the Arrow-Flash universe not Supergirl’s?

Flash’s Scooby Gang doesn’t seem to have learned what happens when trying to change the future from Barry’s time in Flashpoint. HR’s prediction that you can’t stop the final outcome will probably be true in this case. At least we have a Gorilla Grodd and Planet of the Apes-type invasion to look forward to.

Either the show’s budget increased or the producers used two episodes worth with that chase sequence of Flash and Kid Flash chasing down Plunder. Even the special effects for Plunder’s future weapons looked very good in slow motion.

Looks like there is a lot more to HR’s past then he is letting the team know. At least we won’t have to wait to learn what that is for much longer.

Final Thoughts

The Flash returned with a very strong episode that established the tone for the rest of the season moving forward. Wally’s first full adventure as Kid Flash was well executed and how Barry grew to trust him over the course of the episode was well handle. Similarly, Barry revealing to his team, including Iris, about what he learned from his brief time in the future set-up a lot of potentially strong stories. I’m still not sold on Savitar as a villain but all the threats he is bringing to the forefront are incredibly interesting.