DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Spoiler Review: ‘Raiders of the Lost Art’

Bringing Professor Stein into Mick’s hallucination sub-plot should only help what has become one of the stronger parts of the show. Mick also has great timing that adds some good comedy to his scenes.

It is a little to convenient and overly used plot device for Nate to spend an all-nighter just so another character can figure out what the amulet’s secrets in a second. And while Ray and Amaya’s romance is not forced like Ray’s previous relationship with Hawkgirl I wish they would’ve stuck with Ray trying to figure out how else he can be helpful to the team. Just seems like he is here to get his heart broken over and over again.

Didn’t think Malcolm Merlin and Damien Darhk team-up would work so well but them walking through LA and stealing some motorcycles was fantastic.

This new director Rip Hunter is hundreds of times better and more interesting than how he was portrayed in the previous season. Hopefully this all makes it so when he returns to his original persona Rip actually has more layers to how he is portrayed and interacts with the Legends. The integration of George Lucas was actually better executed than I thought it would be.

Enjoying how Sarah keeps shutting her teammates down on using the ‘Legion of Doom’ name for Malcolm, Damien and Zoom’s team.

Rip freaking out even more when he sees the Legends makes the character so much more likable. His reaction to the Timeship was predictable but does not take away from how funny it was.

Ray and Nate forgetting everything they learned from their education is a good way to bring George Lucas into the main plot. Star Wars and Indiana Jones had a huge impact on all of our interests even if we don’t see George Lucas like we used to. Using this as inspiration for Ray and Nate to become interested in their respective fields gives George Lucas’ involvement have some big weight to this episode’s story.

Didn’t think we would get more story involvement from the Time Masters but it does make sense with Rip’s reappearance in this episode and how we still don’t know everything about what they did to Mick.

So with George Lucas having the Spear of Destiny does that mean the Legends inspired the Death Star? Also is Malcolm Merlin the inspiration for Darth Vader?

Jax and Sarah seeing Professor Stein about to perform brain surgery and their reaction was great. Best thing about it was that it was short and to the point.

They are really going all in with the Star Wars references, especially with George and the Legends stuck in a trash compacter.

Zoom’s sudden appearance reminds me that he wasn’t in this episode of Legends. Tonight’s episode of The Flash must’ve taken away from Legends of Tomorrow’s budget because we didn’t see Zoom use his powers a lot as he usually would’ve taken out the Legends right away.

Jax’s has slowly developed into a strong character in the background. The speech he gave Sarah to re-inspire her was a good show of how far he has come.

Rip being in the hands of the Legion of Doom is not good for him. Having seen what Malcolm and Damien have done in the past the torture scenes in the next episode won’t be fun for Rip.

Final Thoughts

Coming into this episode I feared for how George Lucas would be used but luckily the writers found a good way to integrate him into Rip’s storyline. His effect on Ray and Nate was also well done as they weren’t just treated as nerds for their love of Star Wars and Indiana Jones, respectively. This was also a surprisingly good episode for Jax as we saw how far he has come since Legends of Tomorrow began.

Now with Rip in the hands of Legion of Doom it’ll be very interesting to what happens next with the Spear of Destiny plotline. It at least gives some momentum to the next few episodes, though there needs to be something more added to the story so the Legion’s plot doesn’t feel stretched out.