Green Arrow #12 Review

Green Arrow #12 Review – “Family First”

As we get closer to Absolute Power the more important the ongoing Green Arrow series is becoming. It is one of he few series that has been consistently had its storyline connected to what Amanda Waller is doing in the DC Universe. That importance has grown with Oliver Queen seemingly accepting Waller’s offer to work for her. While Oliver is doing this to be a double agent this won’t be an easy job Ollie has given himself. How will things go next? Let’s find out with Green Arrow #12.


Writers: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Phil Hester, Eric Gapstur, and Sean Izaakse

Colorist: Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Letterer: Troy Peteri


“FINALLY…THE FAMILY REUNION! This is it! For the last year, Oliver Queen has been on a mission to reunite his family and friends. Can the Emerald Archer overcome Merlyn’s final master move and get the family reunion we’ve all been dying to see?” – DC Comics


Green Arrow #12 puts a tight bow on the Multiverse story that kicked off this series. That said, the way it wraps up the Multiverse story may be to tight that it forgets the bigger Amanda Waller aspect that has been a major focus. It left this ending, while still great due to specific character moments, like it was not fully complete due to Absolute Power happening in a few months.

Though Green Arrow #12 does feel like it is only half an ending, for how this series started what it does is still effective. It’s a credit to not just Joshua Williamson’s writing but also how Phil Hester, Eric Gapstur, and Sean Izaakse are utilized as an art team. Learning from previous usage of the three-person art team, Hester, Gapstur, and Izaakse each get assignments that best fit their aesthetic.

With Hester, given his history as a Green Arrow artist, fit the flashback two double page spreads that opens this issue. This framing properly establishes how Williamson is driving home how this battle with Merlyn is bringing closure to this story. We’ve consistently seen how everything Merlyn has done to ultimately defeat Oliver Queen was to use all of the hero’s history. Oliver reminds himself how his history is his strength to overcome whatever is thrown at him.

Arrow Family Fight - Green Arrow #12
Merlyn causes a massive Multiverse-level Arrow Family fight in Green Arrow #12. Credit: DC Comics

Which sets up the present-day fight between the Arrow Family that Merlyn forces Oliver, illustrated by Gapstur. Here we see how one of Williamson’s strengths as a writer is how much trust he has in the artists he works with. There are various moments where Gapstur artwork is able to be the focus. This makes the major moments from the Arrow Family showing up to back up Oliver to the final wild west arrow shootout with Merlyn hit.

This in turn goes to show one of Williamson’s biggest accomplishments in these twelve issues was making the Arrow Family a genuine family. That has largely not been the case since every member of the Arrow Family has operated as solo heroes or with the Teen Titans and Justice League. Creating a sense of unity between the Arrow Family that Merlyn unintentionally caused and was his ultimate downfall. This was a much more rewarding way for Merlyn to be defeated than if it was Green Arrow on his own.

Williamson ending the story with the Arrow Family finally fully reunited an ending that did feel appropriate. Even if it may be a pet peeve that Amanda Waller was absent in this issue it is forgiven when Williamson and Izaakse give us the big Roy and Lian Harper reunion moment. When you see the father-daughter hug you can’t help but smile to then end Green Arrow #12 end with the entire Arrow Family spending quality time in a remote island together. With Absolute Power coming up having the Arrow Family get this type of quality time together was more precious.


Green Arrow #12 delivers all the moments for fans of the Arrow Family that made conclusion to the Merlyn Multiverse plotline satisfying. While it is disappointing that Amanda Waller didn’t factor into this ending, it was understandable given the plans for the Absolute Power event. The focus on the united Arrow Family, including one of the best endings to a Green Arrow comic book issue, made this a fun read.

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

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