Green Arrow #9 - "Arrow vs The Wall"

Green Arrow #9 Review – “Arrow vs The Wall”

Green Arrow has returned to the DC Universe with a whole new mission statement. He is using his experience from traveling the Multiverse to protect the greater hero community. That quickly got complicated as Green Arrow discovered that Amanda Waller is targeting all of the DCU heroes. With Amanda Waller announcing to the world her takeover of the Hall Of Order at the end of Titans: Beast World it creates a lot of direct questions for Green Arrow. How will things go between Green Arrow and Amanda Waller? Let’s find out with Green Arrow #9.


Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Sean Izaakse

Colorist: Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Letterer: Troy Peteri


“BEAST WORLD FALL OUT! After months of searching, the Emerald Archer has found Amanda Waller at her new hideout. Oliver Queen has his sights set on taking her out and demands answers for why she messed with his family, but what does Ollie do when Amanda Waller offers him the deal of a lifetime?” – DC Comics


The events of Titans: Beast World were timed perfectly for Joshua Williamson’s Green Arrow series. All the developments with Amanda Waller played right into Williamson’s plans as one of the DCU architects. This led to Green Arrow #8 being the strongest issue of this series to date.

Right away Williamson makes sure the reader knows that Amanda Waller is in charge. She has been hiding in the shadows the last year while cooking up her plan to eliminate heroes. Titans: Beast World was the perfect chance, which she orchestrated, to now go public. With a lot of public support, particularly politically, Waller no longer must hide. While she is keeping certain secrets closely guarded Waller is moving forward to gets things in place.

We see that throughout Green Arrow #8 with Waller acting as the ultimate chess master. She is making sure that everything is carefully managed. Even with hotheads like Peacemaker and Peacewrecker at the head of her security she isn’t letting that be a weakness. Waller makes sure she puts her foot down when needed. Which she does right away with her clear orders about what to do with all of the Justice League’s tech left behind in the Hall of Justice, now known as the Hall of Order.

Waller working in such an efficient manner creates an urgency for Green Arrow to figure out what she is doing. Williamson does a good job at framing why Green Arrrow is the only one available to deal directly with Waller. All of the other major heroes are dealing with other major events. On top of that Waller had counters in place to handle all the active heavy hitters in the heroes community. All of that set-up Green Arrow to be a wild card as he isn’t viewed on that level.

Green Arrow skydive
Green Arrow skydives in order to infiltrate the Hall of Order in Green Arrow #9. Credit: DC Comics

This led to a cool sequence with Green Arrow infiltrating the Hall of Order. It did show Green Arrow’s skills. Though at the same time, he isn’t on Batman’s level when it comes to adjust his plan when he does get caught. There is a bit of an overconfidence that he fights with when he is confronted by Bright.

That said, this fight led to an intriguing conversation between Oliver Queen and Amanda Waller. Williamson makes sure to work in their history, particularly their time with the New 52 Justice League of America. That time plays into why Waller would look to recruit Oliver to be part of her plan. Waller made sure she had a counter for every time Oliver tried to paint her as evil. This made Oliver being open at the end to hear about Waller’s offer work.

What that offer is turning out to be that Waller wants the secret files from Sanctuary seen in Heroes In Crisis was a big curve ball. This is a story that most DCU fans would like to forget. It certainly brought out some negative emotions when seeing the heroes video clips in the background. Though there is no denying that if Waller does get her hands on those files the heroes will be doomed.

While plays into the sub-plot with Connor Hawke going to find John Diggle. This development does show that Oliver likely went in knowing he would get caught infiltrating the Hall of Order. Oliver could be using Waller’s own overconfidence to learn more about her plan in a double agent sort of way. It’s a good way to have this layered development that provides more questions of whose on which side.

Sean Izaakse delivers great, consistent artwork throughout Green Arrow #9. Izaakse style is so smooth that makes every scene look dynamic. That is seen right away with Green Arrow’s skydive shot. The fight between Green Arrow and Bright also showcased both fighting styles for how brief it was. Then there was the tension added in Oliver and Waller’s meeting. It all combines to a good looking comic book.


Green Arrow #9 maximizes the fallout of Titans: Beast World to further the greater narrative involving Amanda Waller. How Oliver Queen and Connor Hawke factor into these great plans for the DC Universe makes Green Arrow an important title to follow. That importance carries this title to be one DC Comics fans should have on their pull list.

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10