Green Lantern #10 Review

Green Lantern #10 Review – “The More Things Change”

Hal Jordan reclaimed his former Green Lantern powers in time to investigate what is going on with the United Planets. We’ve only had a glimpse at the scope of the United Planets becoming the new policing force of the entire DC Universe. They are doing that with a new Lantern Corps, whose members seem to have control over the different powers of the emotional spectrum.


Writers: Jeremy Adams (Green Lantern: The More Things Change and (Guy’s Bogus Lobo Adventure)

Artists: Xermanico and Amancay Nehuelpan (Green Lantern: The More Things Change); Kevin Maguire (Guy’s Bogus Lobo Adventure)

Colorists: Romulo Fajardo Jr. (Green Lantern: The More Things Change); Rosemary Cheetham (Guy’s Bogus Lobo Adventure)

Letterers: Dave Sharpe (Green Lantern: The More Things Change and (Guy’s Bogus Lobo Adventure)


“HAL JORDAN RETURNS TO OA! With Hal’s ring newly recharged, he leaves Earth for Oa to uncover the mystery surrounding the Central Power Batteries, while Carol makes a choice that will change her destiny forever!

Plus: Kevin Maguire joins Green Lantern architect Jeremy Adams to tell the tale of Guy Gardner, the United Planets, Lobo and… Wrestling? It’s “Guy’s Bogus Lobo Adventure part 1 of 3!” – DC Comics


There has been a definitive split between the Green Lantern Corps. On one side we have the Lantern Corps that is shaped in the image of the United Planets to police the DC Universe. On the other side we have a underground Resistance Lantern Corps made up of those opposed to the United Planets strong arm approach to policing all the planets. As we see with Green Lantern #10 the wake-up call to Hal Jordan as he realizes how much he ignored by being grounded on Earth.

Capturing the magnitude of what is going on in the DC Universe is where Green Lantern #10 shines the best. Jeremy Adams, Xermanico, and Amancay Nehuelpan are unapologetic with how the United Planets approach to policing the DC Universe. Unlike the Guardians of the Universe, the United Planets aren’t simply trying to maintain order or create a utopia across the DCU. They are making sure the DC Universe knows who is in charge and are using the power of their Lantern Corps to drive that point home.

Green Lantern #10 Jo Mullein
Jo Mullein tells Hal Jordan about what she saw the new United Planets Lantern Corps do to people in Green Lantern #10. Credit: DC Comics

What’s most appreciated by this approach is that it’s not some secret corrupt officials within the United Planets. The United Planets are making it known publicly that they are the ruling force in the DCU. With their control of the Emotional Spectrum the council members in control of the United Planet can go about executing all their plans.

That’s where the additional details of the new Lantern Corps they formed is made even more intriguing. The council of the United Planets knew that they simply couldn’t have the Green Lantern Corps that the Guardians of the Universe left them to achieve their goals. They made sure to remove all the veteran and other wild card Green Lantern Corps members from being on Oa so they could recruit new members. These newbies were blank slates they could shape into their own image of how the Emotional Spectrum will be utilized by their Lantern Corps.

All of this makes the approach Jo Mullein is taking with the Resistance Corps that she is leading is a great way to utilize her character. The whole newbie savior approach from the previous Green Lantern run did not work for Jo. Unlike the other Earth Green Lanterns, Jo is has a methodical approach thanks to her detective background. That makes her the ideal leader to have for a Resistance Corps that needs to operate in the shadows of Oa.

This direction also made Jo the natural guide for Hal to learn about what has been going on with the United Planets. Jo and Baz provide a good counter for Hal’s cowboy approach to being a superhero. His lack of understanding is both a strength and weakness, as we see when Hal ends up leading the charge to save Keli Quintela, Razer, and others. While it ended up working this time around there the action was framed to show that Hal’s approach won’t work long term. As we see with what Jessica Cruz finds, it’ll be interesting to see how Jo and Hal work together as leaders.

Green Lantern #10 Omega-Bam-Man
Guy Gardner watches Omega-Bam-Man get sent flying into the sky in Green Lantern #10. Credit: DC Comics

While it is a bit disappointing to see how Adams has taken Kyle Rayner out of the equation for now it does make sense. Adams provides context with how the United Planets went about eliminating key Green Lanterns from interfering with their plans to explain Kyle’s state. There is deep trauma that he suffered from being alone, lost in space for months until Jo found him. That seclusion would make anyone impact emotionally. Hopefully we do eventually see Kyle return to form and be a key player in helping Hal, Jo, and the Resistance Corps.

The Guy Gardner back-up story was the change in tone that was needed. With how serious the main story was it was refreshing to see the more fun approach to Guy hunting down Lobo was. The set-up of finding Lobo in a wrestling match sets up for a more imaginative, fun use of what the rest of the DCU can offer.

Utilizing Omega-Bam-Man for this story was perfect way to set-up a setting that you fully buy into being were Guy finds Lobo. Just seeing Omega-Bam-Man and Lobo on screen together makes you want to see a story of them just wrestling all over a planet.


Green Lantern #10 does an excellent job at setting the tone of the underground resistant approach Hal, Jo, and other Green Lanterns must take to combat the United Planets and their new Lantern Corps. The pacing of the entire issue gives the story Jeremy Adams, Xermanico, and Amancay Nehuelpan are building have a big event level feel. The fun back-up story featuring Guy Gardner added a needed contrast to the type of stories we can see from this series. All of this together continues to solidify the latest Green Lantern series as one of the best comic books DC Comics is publishing.

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10

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