Transformers #7 Review

Transformers #7 Advance Review

Transformers ended its first story arc with a major bang. Both the Autobots and Decepticons ended the first story arc heavily damaged. Whether it was physical and emotional neither side was left the same. On the Autobots side what has been surprising was the development around Carly and Spike. Arguably they were hit the hardest with the ramifications of the first story arc. We got the chance to check out the start of the next story with Transformers #7. Find out how it turned out with our advanced review.


Writer: Daniel Warren Johnson

Artist: Jorge Corona

Colorist: Mike Spicer

Letterer: Rus Wooton



After last issue’s shocking ending, Starscream and Soundwave battle for leadership—and the result will change the Decepticons forever. And the Autobots learn they may have more allies than they imagined…

JORGE CORONA joins DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON to begin the Energon Universe story that will have everyone talking!” – Image Comics & Skybound


Transformers #7 is an understandable reset point for the series. No character came out of the first story arc unscathed. Everyone needed time to take in what happened. Though how much time everyone has varies, as we see throughout Transformers #7, and that impact is felt.

Even though things are about letting the characters process what happened over the first six issues of this series Transformers #7 are not slow whatsoever. The status quo for the Decepticons is a main focus in the first half of the issue. The Decepticons certainly did a lot of damage as they pushed the Autobots beyond their limits. But even with all the damage they caused it is the loss they suffered that is what they all remember.

Seeing how the Autobots victory completely unravels all that Starscream accomplished as the leader of the Decepticons was a great progression of the villains story. Soundwave and Thundercracker’s attitude towards Starscream emphasized that failure is not an option for the Decepticons. Starscream did not build up the credibility to have such an early loss as the new leader of the Decepticons.

Preview of interior artwork in Transformers #7 by artist Jorge Corona. Credit: Image Comics & Skybound

The fight for control of the Decepticons really put over the impact of Megatron not being around has on the villains. Each member of the Decepticons sees the absence of Megatron as an opportunity to claim power. Showing weakness as Starscream was perceived to show was the opportunity Soundwave wanted. The whole story really elevated the intrigue around the Decepticons.

While the Decepticons are in disarray the Autobots aren’t fairing any better. While they did make it out of the battle together the war is far from over. Johnson does a great job at emphasizing how the experience level of this team of Autobots impacts them. The war against the Decepticons taking place on Earth is making the various members of the Autobots take stock of who they are.

One of the standout interactions in Transformers #7 was the scene between Arcee and Carly. These two certainly have a lot of natural chemistry with each other. More importantly they give us two distinct perspectives of the weight loss has on people. It was great character work that gets you as the reader more invested in both their character arcs.

Jorge Corona did a great job at continuing the style that Johnson established for the Energon Universe version of the Transformers. Corona hit it out of the park with how personal things got on both sides of this conflict. The action we do get had an intensity to it. The facial reactions in particular elevated the action and dialogue being spoken.


Transformers #7 continues the excellence that this series has been known for from the very beginning. Daniel Warren Johnson nails what the aftermath of the first story arc of this series needed to be for the Autobots and Decepticons. Jorge Corona naturally stepped in to add to the intensity of this more personal story for the entire cast of this series. Every development created a greater investment in the characters and story as a whole.

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Get a first look at three pages and the covers of Transformers #7 by clicking here.

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