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Ultimate X-Men #2 Review

Ultimate X-Men got off to a fantastic start with its first issue. Peach Momoko embraced the unlimited potential of creating something new with the Ultimate Universe. Momoko accomplished that by making Ultimate X-Men a distinct title that has its own identity completely separate from the mainline Marvel Universe X-Men. Focusing the first issue on developing Ultimate Armor was a much different approach than we normally see from an X-Men title. Since this is to be the main X-Men title in the Ultimate Universe the first issue did create the question as to when we will see the team form. Let’s find out how things develop next with Ultimate X-Men #2.


Writer & Artist: Peach Momoko

Script Adaptation: Zack Davisson

Letterer: Travis Lanham


“THE ULTIMATE X-MEN GO BACK TO SCHOOL! High school, that is! It’s a new school year for Hisako as she tries to get a grasp on her new powers… Where she meets a cool, white-haired punk girl named Mei (A.K.A. Maystorm), who understands all too well the challenge Hisako faces. And they team up to embark on a creepy adventure to learn who is behind the creepy shadow that has been haunting — and taunting — them!” – Marvel Comics


The sense of creative freedom permeates from beginning to the end of Ultimate X-Men #2. Just like the first issue, you see how Peach Momoko is making the Ultimate X-Men a unique take on the franchise. That continues with the approach taken to develop the Ultimate Universe mutants to be shown as the story develops.

It’s the way that Ultimate X-Men #2 is paced that sticks out right away. As we saw with her work on the Demon Days comic books, Momoko is not afraid to just let the artwork tell the story. That is the power of being both the writer and artist of this comic book. Momoko lets scenes breathe by having the reader focus on character facial reactions.

We see that with how the opening two pages is simply Hisako Ichiki silently laying on her bed lost in thought. Opening in this way reminds you of how Hisako was deeply impacted by her experiences throughout Ultimate X-Men #1. On top of her Armor powers manifesting, she is being haunted by her past in a deeply horrifying way.

Maystorm - Ultimate X-Men #2
Maystorm shows off her wind powers in front of Armor for the first time in Ultimate X-Men #2. Credit: Marvel Comics

Being haunted by her past transitioned well into how we see her past with her friend, Tsubasa, she feels like she failed is explored. While still not confirming that the thing that is haunting her is Ultimate Shadow King, the villain is certainly getting over a horror character. The way Momoko draws the villain worming its way into Hisako’s mind to trigger traumatic memories is terrifying. It is all made more impactful with how Momoko lets the moments breathe by letting her artwork tell the story at various points.

Everything that Hisako is going through makes the introduction of Mei Igarashi, aka Maystorm, standout right away. Mei immediately is established as Hisako’s opposite with her personality. The openness that Mei approaches her makes you understand why Hisako would immediately trust Mei. Momoko pays this trust that is quickly built up by making sure Mei continues to look out for Hisako when they go on their journey in the abandoned school.

Shifting the setting to the abandoned school was the perfect setting to continue the Japanese horror storytelling that Momoko is utilizing with this story. The villain’s design is simple and haunting at the same time. The design works to make the chilling moments hit with terrifying visuals, such as who we believed to be a security guard having their face turned into worms. The mystery of this villain grows with the new character that appears towards the end of this issue.

With both having to fight for their lives Momoko made great use of how Mei and Hisako utilize their powers. We see that with Mei she is already at a point where she is used to using her powers, which right now appear to be wind-based. That compliments Hisako’s powers that are still only activated when she is in the most danger. Seeing their friendship grow along with their powers should be fun to see develop.


Peach Momoko does a phenomenal job at continuing the momentum of this series with Ultimate X-Men #2. Hisako Ichiki continues to be developed as a strong lead with the addition of Maystorm making Hisako’s character and this story even better. The character focus approach is elevated by the continued horror storytelling that is being utilized to put over the first Ultimate X-Men villain. It all comes together to make Ultimate X-Men #2 drive home how quickly this title has become one of Marvel’s best comic books.

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

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