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Green Lantern #3 Review – “The More Things Change”

The Knight Terrors event put the entire DC Comics publishing line on pause. That’s created a big question around how that will impact titles like Jeremy Adams and Xermanico’s Green Lantern that just started. There is a feeling that any momentum built in the first two issues has been derailed rather than paused. Which places even more pressure on Green Lantern #3 to get things back on track after a two month break. Will that happen? Let’s find out with Green Lantern #3.


Writer: Jeremy Adams (The More Things Change); Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Rise of the Revenant Queen)

Artist: Xermanico (The More Things Change); Montos (Rise of the Revenant Queen)

Colorist: Romulo Fajardo Jr. (The More Things Change); Adriano Lucas (Rise of the Revenant Queen)

Letterer: Dave Sharpe


Sinestro forces a group of Llaran, who were posing as corporate executives, to help him break into Ferris Aircraft.

The next day Carol Ferris shows Hal Jordan footage of Sinestro’s break-in. Hal says he will find Sinestro. Carol wonders if that is what Sinestro is truly after.

Later, while pondering what to do next Hal is approached by Sinestro in a diner. End of main story.


As was feared Knight Terrors does not appear to add anything to what is going on in Green Lantern. There is zero hint DC Universe spanning event will be impacting this series in any way. This was just more business as usual, making the two-month hiatus feel unnecessary. That aside, Jeremy Adams and Xermanico get back into the flow of things by fully kicking off the latest conflict between Hal Jordan and Xermanico.

One problem that the current overall status quo for the Green Lantern faces is how continuity heavy it is. This is a hard thing to escape with how our two main Green Lanterns in Hal Jordan and John Stewart have been grounded on Earth. Adding Sinestro to characters grounded on Earth makes what is currently going on in Green Lantern be smaller than it should be. The lack of cosmic setting has this be just another DCU superhero book.

That aside, on the Hal Jordan side because of the unnecessary two month hiatus Green Lantern #3 had to be a bit of a reset for the series. Adams and Xermanico needed to get back on track with the series and that is what they do here. We get a wide look at everything that is going on up to now. That does make a lot of Green Lantern #3 feel like a recap but at least Adams shows he understands how to write Hal. Capturing the voice of Hal, Carol, and Sinestro at least builds confidence in the series building to what Green Lantern fans want.

Hal Jordan and Sinestro reunion - Green Lantern #3
Sinestro confronts Hal Jordan for the first time in the Dawn of DC era in Green Lantern #3. Credit: DC Comics

Specifically with Hal, giving him a reset of rediscovering himself as a solo act is something the character has clearly needed. Since returning to life way back in Green Lantern: Rebirth he has been in full-time superhero mode. He doesn’t have any other sort of life beyond that. Being grounded and interacting with Carol shows us how Hal has lost touch with his non-superhero side.

Which makes Sinestro making his presence known standout even more. Because as soon as Hal learns that Sinestro attacked Ferris Aircraft he immediately perks up. That superhero switch is flipped to what Hal is most comfortable in being, the Green Lantern. Carol being there to remind Hal that Sinestro is likely trying to draw him out was a needed reality check. Hal got too excited and forgot why he is currently grounded.

On the Sinestro side of things, it was interesting to see Sinestro utilize his Legion of Doom ties to further his own plans. This is the first we hear about the Legion of Doom in the Dawn of DC direction. Especially with Lex Luthor behind bars right now there is a question of if they are active or if Sinestro is just using the name to further his goals. Given that Sinestro isn’t using a Power Ring he could be attempting to figure out a way to reclaim his powers. This creates intriguing into why Sinestro is trying to draw Hal out.

The John Stewart back-up continued to fall flat. The biggest problem that Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Montos faced with their back-up story was that you needed to have a built in investment into Green Lantern Corps current status quo. That along with the confusing future plotline there is just too much for those who did not read the last few years of Green Lantern comics to invest in what this story set up for John’s future.


Green Lantern #3 is a bit of a reset after the series took a two-month hiatus. Jeremy Adams and Xermanico understanding of Hal Jordan’s character helps lifts up a comic that otherwise felt like a rehash of the first two issues of this series. The main story is saved by the presence of Sinestro and how he kicks off the first big story arc of this Green Lantern series.

Story Rating: 6 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 6 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 6 Night Girls out of 10