Injustice 2 Chapter 48 Review

Injustice 2 Chapter 48 Review

Amazo has absolutely wrecked shop on the DC Injustice Universe. While Batman and Wonder Woman finally found a threat to team-up against their forces combine have been unable to put a dent on Amazo. It has been an incredible thing to see as it has been a long time since Amazo was shown to be such a major threat. With Amazo seemingly unstoppable it has forced Supergirl finally to make her presence known. Though she was still able to hide her identity by taking Amazo to the moon while everyone just saw a blur. Now with Amazo still ticking can Supergirl defeat the android and still keep herself a secret from Batman and the world? Let’s find out with Chapter 48 of the Injustice 2 comic.

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Bruno Redondo

Inker: Juan Albarran

Colorist: Rex Lokus

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: Plastic Man crawls to check on his son, Luke. Luke says he is a bit melted but just needs some rest to heal up. Plastic Man and Luke end up passing out while holding hands.

Injustice 2 Chapter 48 Review

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Black Canary confronts Wonder Woman about what happened to Amazo. Wonder Woman says she doesn’t know. Blue Beetle says that he can use the Scarab to track Amazo.

On the dark side of the Moon Supergirl and Amazo face off.

At Ivo’s Lab in Gorilla City, Jason Todd asks Nightwing (Damian Wayne) who Supergirl is. Nightwing says she is a secret and will remain one. Animal knows that someone from Ra’s side will come to find them since Ivo cut off communication. Nightwing contacts Supergirl and tells her to keep Amazo busy while they find a weakness in the android.

Supergirl puts up a fight at first but Amazo quickly grabs and starts choking Supergirl. Amazo then tries to snap Supergirl’s neck as she struggles to break free.

At the same time Ivo works as quickly as possible to shut down Amazo. Athanasia finds everyone in Ivo’s lab. She holds everyone up with her guns and demands Ivo to stop what he is doing. Ivo does not and he is able to finish weakening Amazo. As soon as he does that Athanasia kills Ivo by shooting him through his head.

Back on the Moon Blue Beetle attacks Amazo, breaking the android’s grasp on Supergirl. Blue Beetle tries to ask Supergirl if she is okay but he realizes that she can’t hear him in the vacuum of space. Amazo recovers and knocks Blue Beetle out.

Injustice 2 Chapter 48 Review

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While the others fight Athanasia, Nightwing contacts Supergirl to let her know that Amazo is made out of a titanium alloy so it can be defeated by heating him up with extreme heat and freezing him right away.

Supergirl hears that and uses her heat vision to quickly heat Amazo up. She then uses her freeze breath to freeze the android. After that she crushes Amazo’s head with her strength.

With Amazo defeated Blue Beetle is amazed to find that the world has a Supergirl. End of issue.

The Good: Injustice 2 Chapter 48 does a great job closing out the Amazo story arc while creating room for several plotlines to develop. The biggest one that was developed was the mystery around Supergirl to the rest of the world. How exactly Wonder Woman, Nightwing and others hope to keep Supergirl a secret from everyone creates a lot of interesting possibilities. That is on top of the ongoing plotline around Ra’s Al Ghul that Tom Taylor continues to develop.

Throughout this story arc Taylor has done an amazing job making Amazo an unstoppable threat. Having the fight between Amazo and Supergirl be shown throughout the issue as Nightwing made Ivo look for a weakness was a great way to make the android still look strong. Even if we knew that Supergirl would end up defeating Amazo it was not just a squash match. Instead, Taylor continued to show that there really was no one person alive that could defeat Amazo alone. Just to defeat Amazo it took a group effort and even then it was just because Ivo was able to weaken the android a split second before being killed by Athanasia.

Injustice 2 Chapter 48 Review

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Ivo’s death at the hands of Athanasia was something that actually added to Amazo’s threat level. Because now if Amazo does ever show back up there is no one to help either side to stop the android. While we probably won’t see the android for a while, just having that development happen makes it so if Amazo does show up its opponents will have to find another way to defeat it.

At the same time, getting Blue Beetle involved in the battle provides an interesting curve ball for Supergirl’s arc. Out of everyone that fought Amazo, Supergirl lasted the longest and got the last shot in that destroyed the android. Given that Blue Beetle saw all of this happen and is the first one to call Kara by Supergirl there is no way she can stay a secret now. That is unless somehow Blue Beetle is convinced by Supergirl, Nightwing or Wonder Woman not to say anything. Whatever he does it will be very interesting to see how Wonder Woman explains everything to keep her side covered.

This also puts a lot into question as to how Nightwing will handle dealing with his own problem with Ra’s Al Ghul. There is now no hiding from the wrath of Ra’s as Nightwing has not only taken Vixen and Animal Man to Wonder Woman’s side but now possibly adds Jason Todd. This is all on top of convincing Professor Ivo to help defeat Amazo. All of these decisions opens the door for a lot possible storylines for Damian, who will not only go up against his grandfather but also his sister, Athanasia.

Injustice 2 Chapter 48 Review

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Through all of this Taylor is able to further build the threat of Ra’s Al Ghul without actually having the villain present for most of this arc. That is an excellent way to build the villain as we know he is responsible for everything that happened with Amazo killing millions in New Delhi and almost defeating all the heroes. This makes so that even with Ra’s continuing to be currently the biggest threat Batman’s Justice League is dealing with we aren’t getting tired of him as an antagonist. And with all the developments from Batman, Wonder Woman, Nightwing and Supergirl’s actions how Ra’s uses everything that happened to his advantage will be very interesting.

While not everyone from Batman’s side had a chance to appear in this chapter it was good to see Taylor give a small father-son moment between Plastic Man and Luke. Taylor has done an excellent job showing how important Plastic Man’s son, Luke, is to the hero. Even though a lot of their relationship is about having fun it does not mean they don’t know how to show the love for each other. The gesture of the two holding hands before passing out was a great one for fans of Plastic Man to see happen in the middle of all the fighting.

Bruno Redondo once again delivered a lot of strong artwork for Chapter 48 of Injustice 2. Given how action heavy Injustice 2 Chapter 48 is Redondo more than steps up to the plate to deliver. As with previous chapters, Redondo got across how powerful Amazo is and how Supergirl was the only one that could hope to stand up to him. At the same time, Redondo did a good job making the various character moments from Plastic Man and Luke to Professor Ivo’s death have a big impact on the issue’s developments.

Injustice 2 Chapter 48 Review

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The Bad: Nothing.

Overall: Injustice 2 Chapter 48 did an excellent job closing out the battle with Amazo. Tom Taylor did a fantastic job building up Amazo to be a threat that needed every hero in the DC Universe to take down. At the same time, Taylor used this conflict with Amazo to further a lot of storylines. Now with the secret of Supergirl possibly public and Athanasia learning about Damian Wayne’s traitorous actions against their grandfather, Ra’s Al Ghul, Taylor has a lot of angles to explore in his ongoing narrative within the Injustice Universe.