Legacy Shorts: Comic Book Reviews for 1/28/09

Daredevil #115
Creative Team
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artists: Michael Lark, Tonci Zonjic and Stefano Gaudiano
Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth

Story – Lady Bullseye: Conclusion

This was a heck of an issue that was basically one big martial arts brawl between Matt, Master Izo, Daniel vs Lady Bullseye and the Hand. While Michael Lark’s art can be inconsistent at times his gritty artwork work well in this issue.

Up until this point Brubaker has done his best by building up Lady Bullseye and the Hand. For a long time now The Hand were reduced to nothing but some evil ninja’s Wolverine, Daredevil and other street level heroes in the Marvel Universe would easily take care of (reminiscent of the Putties from Power Rangers). Though like everything Brubaker has touched recently he has been able to reinvigorate The Hand into the threat they used to be. Overall, while I am not a fan of derivation characters, “Lady Bullseye” has been a very enjoyable martial arts arc. Even though this issue was the concluding issue of this arc it looks like Brubaker has big plans for Matt and the gang.

Issue Rating
Story: 8.7/10 – While this arc started of slow Brubaker seems to building towards a much bigger story and this action pact issue was well choreographed.
Art: 7.6/10 – While I am not a big fan of his art, Lark provided a lot of energy to the action and his art fits the tone of this book.
Overall: 8.15/10 – This was a great conclusion to the “Lady Bullseye” arc and I can’t wait to see the return of the Kingpin in “Return of the King.”

New Avengers #49
Creative Team
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Billy Tan
Inker: Matt Banning
Colorist: Paul Mounts

Story – Secret Invasion Aftermath

I understand that Bendis has his pet characters but he seems to forget that this is an Avengers title and not a Luke Cage of Spider-Woman book. I know that Bendis is trying really hard to make these two A-listers but the fact is both Luke Cage and Spider-Woman will never be better than C-list characters. And after 49 issue of New Avengers the most notable thing Luke has done is to go from being Luke Cage to being Luke “Vagina Kicker” Cage. Even though Luke gets his shot to beat down Bullseye and Venom I still can’t take him seriously as a character and if this was any other writer Luke would not have stood a chance against those two villains.

With that said I am interested to see how the New Avengers stand up against the Dark Avengers. It will be interesting to see what approach the New Avengers will take since a if they take a direct confrotation they will only get their asses kicked.

Issue Rating
Story: 5/10 – No matter how hard Bendis tries Luke “Vagina Kicker” Cage will never be Avengers material.
Art: 7/10 – I don’t know if it was Tan’s drawings or his colorist and inkers but there were certain scene were the art was very muddy. I expect more from Tan’s artwork.
Overall: 6/10 – This was just an average issue though it nicely sets up the New Avegers vs Dark Avengers fight for the 50th issue.

Nova #21
Creative Team
Writers: Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning
Artist: Wellinton Alves
Inker: Scott Hanna
Colorist: Guru eFX

Story – Brand New World

Just when it looks like DnA can’t pact Nova with more twist they continue to do it. The ending with Richard Rider’s power as a Nova Centurion being taken away was came as a complete surprise to me, especially since I thought that Richard would play a major part in War of Kings. But now I wonder what DnA have up there sleeves for Richard next now that he is now part of the Nova Corps.

DnA have really made Worldmind into the Marvel version of the Guardians of the Galaxy. And it seems that Worldmind has some sort of endgame in mind with how quickly he rebuilt the Nova Corps. While it was obvious that Richard was not completely at his best but what Worldmind did seems to be part of a greated plan he has in mind. Now I wonder how all the Nova Corps members will react to Worldminds actions and if they will continue to loyaly follow his orders.

Issue Rating
Story: 8.6/10 – DnA continue to do an excellent job with Nova and it will be interesting to see what they have in store for Richard.
Art: 8.3/10 – Alves provided some great artwork. His artwork perfectly fits the cosmic setting of Nova.
Overall: 8.45/10 – Nova continues to be a great cosmic action/adventure title and it will be interesting to see were this title is headed with War of Kings coming up.

Teen Titans #67
Creative Team
Writer: Sean McKeever
Artist: Fernando Dagnino
Inker: Raul Fernandez
Colorist: Rod Reis

Story – The New Deal: Born in Blood

In this “Faces of Evil” issue we see the return of Brother Blood. While Teen Titans continues not to be in the same level it was when Geoff Johns was writing this title this was one of McKeever’s stronger issue on this title. This was actually the first issue that it felt that it was his own story and not something he picked up from previous Titan writers. With that said there was still nothing to impressive about this issue since we still don’t have an official Teen Titans team yet which is what has been killing this title for the past few issues since Ravager left. Also while it was one of McKeever’s stronger issues I have never been a fan of Brother Blood, in any of his incarnations, and I particularly find this teenage Brother Blood particularly annoying. I just hope this recruitment arc ends soon since it has already gotten old fast.

Issue Rating
Story: 6/10 – McKeever turned in an issue that was better than the last few this title is still missing a character that is more than a one-note hero.
Art: 7.4/10 – Dagnino provided some nice artwork and he did a nice job showing off the various power sets of all the characters.
Overall: 6.6/10 – While not a completely terrible issue the continued fact that there still is not an official Teen Titans team hurt this, and the past, issues.