Legacy Shorts: Comic Book Reviews for 2/4/09

Adventure Comics #0

Creative Team
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Francis Manpul
Colorist: Brian Buccellato

Story – Adventure Comics #247 (reprint); Origins and Omens: Lex Luthor

The first part of this story is a reprint of Adventure Comics #247 telling the first team-up of Superboy and The Legion of Superheroes. It is a nice story to set up the Legion’s return to being part of Adventure Comics when it relaunches with the first issue and I am sure many Legion fans will enjoy reading this story again by Otto Binder and Al Plastino.

The back up story is an Origin and Omens story that is going to be running through most of DC’s books and this one is about Lex Luthor. This story confirms the fact that the Guardian Scar is working for the Black Lanterns and it will be interesting to see were Johns takes this story over in Green Lantern.

It was an interesting story that sets up a Luthor/Brainiac team. I kind of hope that this forced team up leads to the becoming one being like in JLU cartoon. Though that probably wont happen.

Though probably the big development to come out of this issue is the fact that former Superboy Conner is returning most likely from the dead. I am actually mixed on his return since I think he had the perfect heroic death and he should stay dead. But if he returns as a zombie Black Lantern I may be fine with that since it will add nice drama to Superman, Cassie, and Tim without having to actually to being alive again.

Issue Rating
Story: 8/10 – Geoff Johns did a nice job setting up some of the plotlines for Superman and Blackest Night in the Origins and Omens back up story.
Art: 8/10 – Francis Manapul did a nice job creating a dark mood with his artwork in the Orgins and Omens story.
Overall: 8/10 – With the reveal of Connor’s return later in the year and the Adventure Comics #247 reprint this was a nice read from $1.

Amazing Spider-Man #585

Creative Team
Writer: Mark Guggenheim
Artist: John Romita Jr.
Inker: Klaus Janson
Colorist: Dean White

Story – Character Assassination: Part 2

Guggenheim gave us two “surprise” reveals with finding out the real identities of the Spider-Tracer(s) killers and Menace. Though the reveals weren’t at all shocking it did a nice job rapping up the two storylines that have been going on for the past year in ASM. While fans like me have seen these endings happen many times in ASM many casual fans will still enjoy the multiple endings.

The writing wasn’t anything spectacular but what really made this issue great was the fantastic art by John Romita Jr. Romita’s is one of the best artist when it comes to letting the art tell the story. The Spider-Man and Menace fight was a crazy battle that has a lot of energy to the pages.

Issue Rating
Story: 6/10 – Gruggenheim did nothing spectacular with the dialogue but he did advance all the various plotlines that have been running through ASM since the start of Brand New Day. It will be nice to see all these plotlines come to an end since they have run there course.
Art: 8.8/10 – When it comes to storytelling ability Romita is one of the best artist to do that as he puts a lot of energy to the pages that jump out at the reader.
Overall: 7.4/10 – While this issue was nothing fantastic it will be interesting to see how Spider-Man escapes being arrested (again) and how the reveal of who is Menace affects Harry.

Terror Titans #5

Creative Team
Writer: Sean McKeever
Artist: Joe Bennett
Inker: Jack Jadson
Colorist: Rod Reis

Story – The Great Destroyer

After 4 issues of senseless gore and a short appearance of Static we finally got a good issue. Even though I have had a problem with all the senseless gore my biggest problem with this mini-series has been the lack of progress with the plot. For the past four issues all we’ve had is a bunch of teenage superheroes fight one another only to become mindless slaves for the Clock King to use as part of his army. But now we see that complete and the plot finally gets in gear as we see Ravager finally get tired of being one of Clock Kings puppets. Hopefully now that Ravager is done with being part of the Clock King’s Terror Titans she doesn’t continue to be the drug addict she was in this series and when she was with her dad.

Issue Rating
Story: 7.3/10 – McKeever finally gets the story going though his characters outside of Ravager are all one note villains.
Art: 7.8/10 – Bennett provides some nice dependable artwork that is still inconsistent at times.
Overall: 7.55/10 – With only one issue left in this mini-series all I am expecting is a bloody fight between Ravager and the Terror Titans.

War of Kings: Darkhawk #1

Creative Team
Writer: C.B. Cebulski
Artist: Harvey Tolibao & Bong Dazo
Inkers: Harvey Tolibao & Joe Pimentel
Colorists: Jay David Ramos & Rain Beredo

Story – Haunted

With War of Kings fast approaching I am just eating up everything related to War of Kings. I have always thought Darkhawk had a cool costume and enjoyed it whenever he appeared back in the 90s New Warriors series. Cebulski did a nice job exploring the various parts of Darkhawk’s life and how he is trying to maintain a nice home life with his mom and brothers while still doing his superhero thing at Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S and his relationship with his former Loners (underrated series) members. All of this was done in a new reader friendly for those not familiar with Darkhawk’s character.

The whole issue did a good job showing why Darkhawk will part of War of Kings and it will be interesting to see were Cebulski takes the sudden appearance of another Darkhawk and a cosmic threat. Also the first issue of Darkhawk series that told his origin was a great extra and it was a fun read to get familiar with how Chris was before he was Darkhawk.

Issue Rating
Story: 8/10 – Celebulski did a good job building up Darkhawk who is sure to be a major player in War of Kings.
Art: 7.4/10 – Tolibao and Dazo did an alright job with the art though it was inconsistent at times. Though I did enjoy how they drew Darkhawk’s cyborg armor.
Overall: 7.7/10 – This was a good issue that helps readers not familiar with Darkhawk who will be part of War of Kings. Also the re-print of the first issue of the first Darkhawk series was a nice extra to help justify the $3.99 cover price.