Legacy Shorts: Comic Book Reviews for 4/15/09

Captain America #49

Creative Team
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artist: Luke Ross
Inker: Rick Magyar
Colorist: Frank D’Armata

Story – The Daughter of Time

While I have been enjoying seeing Bucky strike out on his own and carry this book alone for the past six months I will say that Cap started to feel stagnant as Brubaker only focused on Bucky. Now this isn’t a bad thing it since Brubaker has done a great job showing Bucky is a perfect Captain America and that his story of taking the role is just as interesting as when Steve was in the role, if not better. The reason Cap started feeling stagnant is that as a reader I want to know what has been going on with Sharon and Sam post-Death of Captain America arc. It is a testement to how well Brubaker has written all of the characters in this book that even supporting characters like Sharon and Sam have become just as interesting as the lead character. And finally after a six month absence we get Sharon and Sam return to Cap in this issue that starred Sharon, with Bucky not appearing at all in this issue.

With this opportunity we finally see what has happened to Sharon and to some extent Sam. While I did feel bad for Sharon with all the torture she had been through this issue really brings home just how much torture mentally she put in during her time with Dr. Faustus and the Red Skull. With Sharon remembering all that she has been through and the image of a man in the time rift Brubaker seems to be ready to start his next big chapter of a story that is as much about Captain America as it is the whole supporting cast.

Issue Rating
Story: 9.5/10 – There is no one that is able to develop characters like Ed Brubaker as he continues to shine with how he has been able to make the supporting cast of this book just as intriguing as the star.
Art: 8/10 – Luke Ross provided plenty of good art and is just what is expected from the art on Captain America.
Overall: 8.25/10 – With issue 50 and 600 hundred coming up the following two months Brubaker and his crew of artist look to continue the ball rolling in what continues to be the best comic book on the market.

Oracle: The Cure #2

Creative Team
Writer: Kevin Vanhook
Artist: Julian Lopez
Inker: Bit & Norm Rapmund
Colorist: HI-FI

Story – Big Trouble in Hong Kong

I will hand it Lopez that he impressed me with his artwork as Vanhook gave him plenty of stuff to draw from the action scenes in Hong Kong and in the virtual world Lopez impressed me with his artwork. To bad I can’t say the same about the story. Oracle is definitly one of my favorite DC character but for some reason I just don’t like this story about her hunting down the last bits of the Anti-Life Equation. Also I kind of feel that DC missed their opportunity with the aftermath of Final Crisis since personally other than Batman dying and the artwork the event wasn’t to memorable. Now I dug the virtual world that Oracle went into as it reminds me of the virtual world from the New Adventures of Johnny Quest. But I would much rather see Barbara try and put her life back in order and realize that maybe she has spent to much time in front of the computer and not enough time socializing with the outside world, outside of her superhero friends.

With how all the team books are in such a disaster mode right now I would like Barbara maybe take up an active role in a team like the JLA or her own team and maybe coming out of this mini-series she will do that. But for now this is just a disappointing mini.

Issue Rating
Story: 5.3/10 – Though Vanhook has a nice handle of Barbara’s character the story that he has placed Barbara in is just not that appealing to me
Art: 8/10 – Lopez did an impressive job with the artwork. His art has definitly improved since his short stint in Titans.
Overall: 6.65/10 – This might have been a better mini if it was not picking up leftover storylines of Final Crisis and instead just focused on something else, but with one left I may pick up the last issue just to see how this story turns out.