Legen–wait for it—dary Comic Book Highlight for 12/10/08

Cover of the Week: Detective Comics #851

Even though I was disappointed by this issue that brought the return of legendary writer Dennis O’Neil I have faith the his next issue will be much better. In any case I love the cover for this issue Detective Comics and gives more fuel to the fire that Dick Grayson will be the new Batman.

Detective Comics #851 Highlights

See comment for the next image.

These two images show how much respect Dick has for his father, Bruce. I love how O’Neil shows that Dick feels uncomfortable suiting up in the Batcave knowing Bruce isn’t there anymore.

Final Crisis #5 Highlights

I hope this means that it will be Hal that is one of the big heroes of Final Crisis and it does not end up being Superman just like in all the other DC big events.

Finally our heroes do something about the hell they are other than talking.

We finally get the answer of why Mary Marvel has been acting power hungry for the past two years.

No DC big event is complete without showing the multiple Earths.

I really don’t know were Morrison is going to take this development of the Monitor that regained his memory.

Green Lantern Corps #31 Highlights

The Guardians are seemingly writing there own demise with each new law they come up with.

I don’t think this is what the doctor meant when he talks about giving a C-section.

Nightwing #151 Highlights

This was just a phenomenal scene and Tomasi has now made Two-Face to be Nightwing’s arch-nemesis.

This whole skydiving sub-plot Tomasi started from issue one nicely highlights the difference between Dick and Bruce: Dick is a performer who enjoys life while Bruce is a soldier who is dead pan serious and only thinks of the next job never resting.

You can really feel how much Dick, Tim, and Alfred miss Bruce physical presence. Tomasi knows that scenes like this don’t need any dialogue or thought bubbles/squares and allow his art team convey the emotion in this scene.

Superman/Batman #54 Highlights

Having powers sometimes only goes to peoples heads as Bruce we’ll learn by the end of this story, while not having powers sometimes sucks just as Clark learns here.

X-Men/Spider-Man #2 Highlights

This was just a great fight scene and Alberti brought a lot of energy to this scene with his artwork.

With Kraven dead I wonder were Mr. Sinister plan, and what that plan is for that matter, goes from here.