Legen-wait-for it-dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week 9/2/09

Cover of the Week: Deadpool #17

Nothing is better to finish of a day of killing some people than going to a bar and drink. Just another day of being Deadpool.

Batman #690 Highlights

After analyzing the latest addition to the Batman rogue gallery, a guy who I think goes by The Marine, the new Batman (Dick Grayson) is able to take him down relatively easily.

Sort of reminds me of when you are in the room filled with the psychos in Arkham Asylum.

Alfred is not going to happy about this after spending so much time making sure the giant penny was neat and clean.

So the four Batman from the Battle for the Cowl poster appears and obviously is Two-Face in a demonic looking Batman costume. Looking forward to seeing another Batman/Dick Grayson vs Two-Face fight.

Invincible Iron Man #17 Highlights

With almost all of his intelligence gone I guess Tony forgot that he could use spell check before sending out his e-mail.

Can Ms. Hand look even more uniterested in the news the HAMMER agent gave her?

Has the hero of the story finally appeared in the form of Captain America?

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2 Highlights

This is one crazy dream by our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Always love the interactions between MJ and Kitty. I still say Peter should be with Kitty instead of Gwen.

Unlike his last attempt in creating a new villain in the Ultimate Universe, Gendolf, I think this time around these two, calling themselves Bombshell, is going to stick around.

Something about a foul-mouthed little girl, who is a villain along with her mother, just works. Don’t ask me how. It just does.