Legen-wait-for it-dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week 7/29/09

Cover of the Week: X-Men Forever #4 (30s Variant Cover)

As always Skottie Young’s cover here for X-Men Forever #4 is incredible. Young does a fantastic job placing the X-Men into the Wonderful Wizard of Oz setting.

Teen Titans #73 Highlights

You go girl! Aquagirl official has become my favorite member from this new version of the Teen Titans group. Gotta love that feisty Hispanic attitude.

Who knew that Abraham Lincoln loved Leprechaun Malts.

This spread actually has me looking forward to the next issue of Teen Titans. Something I have not said about this title in a long time.

Ultimatum #5 Highlights

Say what you will about the story in Ultimatum but at least we got some stellar artwork from David Finch. And I like this splash page to open up this issue with Wolverine and his claws having the reflection of Magneto on them.

Haven’t they learn, even as a bag of bones Wolverine will not stop fighting just because he has no skin left unless…..

…..rip all the adimantium of his bone and you fry off all his bones to dust as Magneto does here.

The truth hurts does it Magneto.

Another useless death that does nothing to expand on the plot other than give the reader some more senseless gore.

Am I suppose to be surprised by this death?

Dude, somebody go out and buy Quicksilver some In-n-Out burgers and some pizza.

Ultimatum: Spider-Man Requiem #2 Highlights

Hulk vs. Spider-Man drawn by Mark Bagley is just great.

“Hulk save school bus.”

It’s tough being a spider(-man), no one ever pays attention to you.

I hope that we see the Ultimate Lizard in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man get a story arc because he is one of the villains I wanted to see get an arc in Ultimate Spider-Man.

Hero among Heroes.

A few broken windows isn’t bad. Nothing a good spit and shine can’t fix up.

He’s alive!! He’s alive!!