Legen–wait for it—dary Comic Book Highlight for 2/18/09

Cover of the Week: Amazing Spider-Man #587

While I enjoy the poster type covers I always prefer covers that give the reader a hint of what actually happens within the issue. And this cover by John Romita Jr does just that. This cover does a great job with the use of perspective as we see Peter in the distance with his shadow having the words ACCUSED.

Amazing Spider-Man #587 Highlights

As always Matt arrives just in time to save Spider-Man before his masked is pulled off by the cops. It must be nice to have such a high powered lawyer to bail you out every time.

Even with a broken arm Peter goes tries to save his roommate from getting killed while in prison. Is anyone else having flashbacks to when he did this exact same thing back in New Avengers: Breakout?

Guardians of the Galaxy #10 Highlights

Even while the Guardians kicking ass and taking names Rocket Raccoon is able to steal the show with his dialogue.

It is good to see the badass Adam Warlock back as he warns of the upcoming War (of Kings) and telling the leader of the Church of Truth he will be their new leader.

Man Earth heroes are self-involved. While all of Earth’s heroes been busy fighting each other the Guardians, Nova, and the other Cosmic characters have been busy saving the universe, you know like actual heroes should. They should be thanking the Guardians of the Galaxy for saving their assess.

Robin #183 Highlights

See now there’s an idea. Instead of having to go through three issues of self-depressed characters that we will get in Battle for the Cowl we should get a one-shot with all three Robins holding a Wii Sports round-Robin tournament to decide who will be take up the mantle of Batman. That would make for a fun one-shot.

Breaking up with a girl over the phone is never a good idea. Hasn’t Tim ever heard of text-messaging. Though I am not one to criticize Tim for this since I, like million other guys, have broken up with a girl over the phone. I advice Tim to be wearing a cup the next time he sees Zoanne.

Here is the Origins and Omens back-up for Robin. While it all looks interesting I do have a question: Is that Tim or Damien next to Ra’s Al Ghul? They both have the same haircut.

Superman/Batman #55 Highlights

At least Nightwing got in a few nice shots before getting the you know what knocked out of him by a superpowered Batman.

Is it just me or, outside of the “S” hair curl, does Clark look a lot like he could be Bruce’s twin?