Legen-wait-for it-dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week 7/1/09

Cover of the Week: War of Kings #5 Alternate Cover

As has been the case with almost all of the War of Kings alternate covers this alternate cover for War of Kings #5 is just pure awesomeness. It really gives the reader a sense of how powerful the usually silent Black Bolt really is when he let’s loose

Batman and Robin #2 Highlights

Already in their first appearance the new Batman and Robin are seen as a different team than the previous Dynamic Duo. How long until word gets out the original Batman died I wonder?

I don’t know what is worse: getting shot in the head or being hugged to death by a fat person in a ballerina costume. I’ll would just take the former.

I’m glad to see that Dick is actually being shown as the only one that could have taken Bruce’s place as Batman and that he has yet to be shown to have to use much effort to take down thugs and villains. Now let see how he does against Two-Face and Ra’s Al-Ghul as Batman since he faced them as Nightwing not to long ago.

I like that Grant Morrison is allowing Dick to be Batman in his own style and not just copying everything Bruce did as Batman. And I like the new ride.

Captain America: Reborn #1 Highlights

Nothing like seeing Captain America and the US soldiers going into battle against the Nazis in WWII. It is really the only time seeing Nazis in comics works.

Captain America (Bucky) vs Ares = Sick battle for issue #2. Can’t wait!

Damn! Can’t believe Norman didn’t go all psycho Green Goblin on Arnim Zola after being called a dumbass for not understading what Red Skull and Zola did.

And here we go again. This is were Marvel will now be exploring a Quantum Leap type storytelling to bring Steve back.

Green Lantern Corps #38 Highlights

Do not mess with the Daxamites. Does anyone else get the feeling we may get a war between New Krypton and Daxam.

The Guardians just pulled an Eric Cartman and showed Kyle and Guy why they should not question their authority.

This was a much better set-up to Blackest Night than what Geoff Johns did to set up the event in Green Lantern. After seeing this image I can’t wait for Blackest Night in two weeks.

Invincible Iron Man #15 Highlights

Didn’t Tony read Barney Stinson’s “The Bro Code” book. Not cool Tony. Not cool. It’s bad enough that Tony banged his dead best friend ex-wife but now he does not even remember him. That is harsh man.
I’m surprised this doesn’t happen to Tony every week with how many ex-girlfriends and chicks he has banged.

Hey I like my chicks crazy too, but I do not like them looking all shiny which is standard for Salvador Larocca’s artwork of people.

So we are finally going to see what is behind that mask. How much do you want to bet that she looks so beautiful that she couldn’t stand it.

War of Kings #5 Highlights

Even while fighting a war a guy should always make time to play with his dog.

And that my friends is Vulcan being told to grow a pair or die. Great moment and makes me like Talon even more.

Well I guess Vulcan decided to take Talon’s advice to grow a pair and decided to end the war personally.

I don’t know what I would like to see more Vulcan vs Black Bolt or Crystal vs Medusa. Is their any chance we can get both in the next issue?

Do not mess with Gladiator. I almost forgot how powerful Gladiator was and man this is one guy you do not want to piss off.

In this one scene Rachel got more development than she has had in about a decade.

Cannot wait. Black Bolt vs Vulcan has been the fight we have all been waiting for. The fight between these two powerhouses should be epic.


  1. Hitch's art looked pretty good for Reborn #1.

  2. @Andrenn: Ya, Hitch definitely gave Reborn #1 a blockbuster movie type feel. And Hitch's art should only get better as the mini-series goes on.

  3. Ahhhhh!!! That image of Lockjaw scared me. I thought he was dead for a moment.

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  4. @Kandou Erik: Now that you mention it, the pic does look like that happen. But no it is just Black Bolt scratching and playing with Lockjaw.

  5. I honestly haven't read the other titles yet but I have Batman and Robin. That comicbook rocks! I love the action and even the drama that goes along with it. Grant and frank are really a Dynamic Duo themselves! Haha..

    Cant wait for issue #3 and hopefully, Philip Tan could fill Quitely's shoes nicely for issue #4 onwards.

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