Legen–wait for it—dary Comic Book Highlight for 2/25/09

After everything that happened with Scans_Daily being shutdown late last week I was a bit hesitant to post the Legen–wait for it–dary Comic Book Highlights for this week. I’ll admit that I did visit Scans_Daily every once in a while since it was one of the only place that I could find images of back issues. I never actually saw anyone post full issues of comics on the site but I due believe the reports of that happening since the rules for the community board weren’t well regulated.

I understand that there are a lot of people in the comic book blog and forum world that are pissed off the site was taken down but what I do not understand is all the hate Peter David is getting. If David reported to Marvel that full issues of his work were being placed on Scans_Daily than it is in the full right that the site be taken down due to copyright infringement. For anyone that owns a business knows this is a serious offense, and as someone who is currently finishing up a degree in Marketing, it is something I have had to watch out for when going out to do marketing research. You can’t put the Nike Swoosh symbol on your product without getting permission of the Nike corporation and it is the same with posting full issues of comics or anything that is owned by someone/thing. So while I understand that people are pissed but their anger is misplaced since it is not Peter David and/or Marvel’s fault but the fault of those users who actually posted those full issues or couldn’t wait to spoil issues for a comic by posting the images the day the comics were released.

Now I hope what happened to Scans_Daily is an isolated incident and I will be able to continue to post images from comics that I get since I like having a post that allows me to give some much deserved focus on the artwork of the artist working on all these titles since the bulk of my reviews talk mainly on just the writing. Hopefully I will be able to continue post the Legen–wait for it–dary Comic Book Highlights. Enough talk here are some of the best images of the week:

Cover of the Week: Nova #22

I already praised the cover for Nova #22 in my review for this issue but it is still worth mentioning how great this cover is. This cover just gives Nova a Green Lantern Corp feel that has been building for the past few issues.

Captain America #47 Highlights

Bucky shows why he is one of the best at what he does as he kicks the asses, and blows $#!% up, of Dr. Chen’s highly armed and trained men.

Bucky should know better than try to pass something through Black Widow’s eyes.

Bucky should really take Black Widow’s advice more as Namor is about to learn.

Green Lantern #38 Highlights

While not as awkward as in issue #20 this scene still has awkward feeling to it.

Are we getting closer to seeing a White Lantern?

Isn’t it obvious Hal your becoming the White Ranger.

Carol + Violet Lantern = Hal’s Worst Nightmare.

Some interesting images from the Green Lantern Origins and Omens back-up.

Nova #22 Highlights

No, can’t say it. Must resist the urge to say………..”Beam me up, Scotty!” Dammit DnA.

Richard should know better than to mess with Worldmind.

DnA take a nice jab at “Batman RIP” with the title for the next issue.

Teen Titans #68 Highlights

See now that is a kick ass design for a house.

Though this was a weak issue I was glad to see that Eddie got some closure.

I am betting that outside of the pregnant girl that is blackout and the Kid Flash costume that everything here will happen in the Teen Titans, Titans, Vigilante crossover.

Thunderbolts #129 Highlights

Don’t make Doc mad. You will not like Doc mad.

I always thought it was called the Goblin Glider not the Bat-Glider. Well I guess that since Batman is “dead” the name is up for grabs that even Norman wants the mantle.

How much do you want to bet that President Obama wont be regretting those words.

Ultimate Spider-Man #131 Highlights

While I am not a big fan Immonen art I have to admit that he did a great job with all the splash pages in this issue.

This has to be the smartest conversation I have ever read.

Yet another minor Ultimate Universe hero bites the dust in the disaster known as Jeph Loeb calls Ultimatum.

First a flood and a release of all the supernatural creatures. It can’t get any better for Spider-Man.