Legen-wait-for it-dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week 8/5/09

There won’t be any highlights to this weeks War of Kings #6 on account I wasn’t able to get it because the issue did not ship to any of the comic shops in Las Vegas. The one issue I was looking forward to reading this week is the one that I couldn’t get, just my luck. Oh well, on to this weeks highlights.

Cover of the Week: Amazing Spider-Man #601

Who doesn’t like J. Scott Campbell artwork especially his covers. And somehow this it is hard to take your eyes of the Spider-Man symbol.

Amazing Spider-Man #601 Highlights

Even when Peter finds a way to get a girl in bed he messes it up. Good work Mr. Parker.

Before this issue there was no spiderfail.org but not anymore as Kirk Warren, from Weekly Crisis, bought the URL and now spiderfail.org is up and running and already has some great stuff on it.

Does anyone know what the Reilly’s are saying? I sure don’t.

BURN! Nice burn on Peter, Betty.

So does she or doesn’t she know Peter is Spider-Man? The next few issues should be very interesting.

Ouch. No milk with cookies is a harsh way to get your revenge. Nice work Michelle.

Just a great spread by Joe Quesada. Makes me wish he would have illustrated more of the fight between Spider-Man and Sandman.

So is Jessica going to go back to using this identity?

Captain America: Reborn #2 Highlights

People who say they want to relive the past should talk to Steve Rogers.

I can’t believe Captain America cursed in front of the President. Not cool, not cool.

Having to relive the past, knowing everything that will happen, and still you can’t do anything. Sucks to be Steve.

Ouch! Norman really is an evil bastard.

Invincible Iron Man #16 Highlights

Aw sucks for Norman. How is it that Norman is just now figuring out that he is not as smart as Tony.

So are we suppose to call Tony “Monsieur Mask” now?

All I wonder is how Peppers hair turned form being red to being blond? Ow well, Chick Fight!