Legen-wait-for it-dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week 7/8/09

Cover of the Week: Booster Gold #22

Call me a sucker for the old Wolfman/Perez era Teen Titans but I just think this cover for Booster Gold does a good job capturing how Perez drew the Teen Titans and Deathstroke.

Batman #688 Highlights

Well it looks like being Batman won’t be working out for Dick Grayson as he gets his ass kicked three weeks into the (DC) future.

“Smile for the camera Batman! You are on Box News.”

That is one big cape. It is actually good to see Winnick is addressing the difference between Bruce and Dick’s fighting styles, as well as why Dick did not wear a cape as Nightwing. To bad Morrison addressed this last week.

Is this the first sign of respect that Damien is giving Dick? In any case it will be interesting to see were Winnick, as well as all the other Bat-writers, takes this plotline of Dick being the one to train a new Robin.

This plotline of Harvey figuring out that it is not really the original Batman under the cowl but the first Robin is a nice pick up from were Tomasi left the Nightwing/Two-Face story back in Nightwing #151.

Green Lantern #43 Highlights

Black Hand has some weird as fetishes. I don’t think those bones consented to the acts Black Hand has in mind.

Just some of the faces we should be looking to see brought back as Black Lanterns. Though no one from this list is surprising.

Well I guess being rejected by a bunch of bones really put Black Hand over the edge and he decided to off himself.

Okay I’ll admit while I did not like this issue of Green Lantern this was a pretty badass way to end the issue.

Red Robin #2 Highlights

Damn Tim! Didn’t anyone ever teach you manners. Always help a girl up after kicking her in the gut.

Bump……..bump……..bump! Tim just made a deal with the devil. This is sure to end up well for Tim. NOT!