Legen–wait for it—dary Comic Book Highlight for 5/6/09

Cover of the Week: War of Kings #3

What I really like about this cover is the video game character look Havok, Black Bolt, and Vulcan that Brandon Peterson gave them. It really makes this cover stand out from all the other covers for this week.

Amazing Spider-Man #593 Highlights

All in a days work for your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Our first look at the new Vulture.

Well that was unexpected. The new Vulture can spit acid from its mouth. That is sure to mess up Spider-Man’s face.

Batman: Battle for the Cowl – The Network Highlights


I guess it ain’t the costume that makes the man, as these fake Batman quickly learned.

Flash: Rebirth #2 Highlights

You know my first thought would be “Great googly muggly! What the hell did I just do.” But hey that’s just me.

Yes folks what made Iris fall for Barry was his bow tie. If getting women to become attracted to you is that easy than maybe I should start wearing bow ties instead of just plain ties.

Nice little trip down memory lane.

Well I was expecting Wally to be the one to get a costume change during Flash: Rebirth but it being Barry that gets the costume change to become the Black Flash was relatively surprising.

Invincible Iron Man #13 Highlights

I am finding Maria Hill’s mission to be the most interesting plotline in this “World’s Most Wanted” arc, which I guess isn’t saying much is it.

As long as The Hood isn’t in any title I read I am fine with Madame Masque being given the opportunity to hunt down Iron Man. Though I still find unlikely she can do it as Namor could take Tony down.

While starting to find the sub-plot of Tony’s intelligence slowly diminishing, I find myself caring less and less about Pepper with each passing issue.

War of Kings #3 Highlights

Honestly War of Kings #3 was filled with great moments and it was hard to choice just a couple moments. What I like about this page in particular is that while their may be no recognizable character on this page I like that DnA are showing that this is truly a war being fought by two armies (the Shi’ar and the Inhumans/Kree) and not just a battle between hero and villain.

I don’t know why but I am hoping that before War of Kings is over we get to see a chick fight between Medusa and Crystal to see who is the alpha female now. That would be hot!

Do not mess with Rocket Raccoon!

Even though Rocket Raccoon stole the show in War of Kings #3 I crack up with Drax’s line of “Accessing Fist.” Just awesome!

Gotta love that little Raccoon. Plus we all know that is just not any mop but it is a cosmic mop it must have some sort of use other than cleaning. Though it is still not enough to take down Gladiator.

This was just the badass moment of the week. Can’t wait to see the Vulcan vs Gladiator fight that should be a prelude to the Vulcan vs Black Bolt fight we should get in the last issue.