New Mutants #1 Review

A return of the old New Mutants. I liked this series when Claremont debuted the original series. It was a return to the original X-Men concept. A group of young mutants are recruited for training. They even put on the old style X-Men costumes. It was a fun traditional style comic. Let us see what Marvel does with it this time.

Creative Team
Writer: Zeb Wells
Pencils: Diogenes Neves
Inks: Cam Smith and Ed Tadeo

Story Rating: 6 Night Girls out of 10
Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10
Overall Rating: 6.5 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: Two weeks ago…Karma and Dani Moonstar are visiting a young girl they tracked down. She says that “they” like new ones. When Karma asks who “they” are, the girl points at the door. Gray skinned arms are breaking through the door. The girl tells Karma that it would be a good time to run.

Now, at X-Men headquarters…Magik falls through a portal onto the yard. She has been in a fight. Arrows are sticking out of her shoulder. Magik says there is still time.

The young mutants who spot her are mad that she would show up there. Cannonball steps in to protect her. The young mutants leave in a bad mood. As Magik passes out, she tells Cannonball that Karma and Moonstar are almost dead.

After Beast has treated Magik’s wounds, Cannonball asks Cyclops for permission to go on a rescue mission with his old team. Magik, Sunspot, and Magma join him. They fly off in search of Karma and Moonstar.

During the flight, Magma questionins Magik as to how she knows what is going on. Magik tells Magma that she can cure Empath (who is in the X-Brig for trying to kill X-Men) of his blindness.

In Colorado, the team splits up. Magik and Magma go in search of a missing girl. Magik knows what it is like to be taken from her family. When they arrive at the girl’s home, her parents try to stop them. They find a box with a person in it. The person sounds like Karma. She begs to be released.

Meanwhile, Cannonball and Sunspot are attacked by mutant hating locals. After a short fight, they discover an unconcious Karma tied to a chair.

When Magik and Magma open the box, out steps Legion.

The Good: Cam Smith was the star of the art show. Cam’s inks makes most artists’ pencils look slick. The style is similar to Alan Davis’. Smith has inked various artists and always turns in a good job.

It was fun to see the old New Mutants reunite.

Zeb Wells did a nice imitation Dr. Who scene with the little girl at the start of the book. If you have not seen it, try to view “Fear Her”. This scene seems like a tribute to that episode.

The Bad: I am not sure that we needed another mutant book. This one does not seem that much different from the others. When Marvel released Captain Britain, they made sure it was different from the other X-books.

Years ago, this story would have been a 2 or 3 parter within the regular book. Now it is just another excuse to add an X-book.

The art by Neves was erratic. Some panels were good, others were weak. The better ones I credit to Cam Smith’s inks.

Overall: The verdict on the return of Legion will have to wait for a future issue. We did not see enough of his character in this issue to make a determination. Wells needs to find a reason for this team to exist on its’ own. From what I saw here, it is an okay story that needs more thought behind it.

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1 thought on “New Mutants #1 Review

  1. I think at this point I have to say WTF on this resurrection. How many times can these guys keep on trying to reinvent the wheel? What’s next? Have Kitty Pryde reluctantly join them?

    This is about as bad as all of the characters that come back from the dead. Bringing back the New Mutants is about as lame as bringing back the Titans over at DC. The New Mutants were good back in the day. That day is done. Let the original crew become what they were designed to be… the next batch of X-Men.

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