Legen-wait-for it-dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week 8/19/09

Cover of the Week: Daredevil #500

I just love this cover as it does a great job detailing Daredevil’s history and the allies and enemies he has had in his career.

Amazing Spider-Man #603 Highlights

Just like how Chameleon as Peter shut Michelle up by basically saying “Hey, lets f***” without using the words.

Ouch!! Throwing Gwen in MJ’s face, your messed up Chameleon.

Love the “Puny Flash.” Chameleon is making Peter’s life a lot harder upon his return from the acid bath.

Chameleon definitely knows that the Parker Luck isn’t as bad as Peter thinks.

Saw this coming. Now we’ll see how Peter can fix his life after Chameleon messed it up even more than it already was.

Batgirl #1 Highlights

I like that Dick is quick to figure out how the new Batgirl is and not just have him and Barbara run around like it is a big mystery of who Batgirl is.

Predictable. There was never a mystery of who would be Batgirl as I knew from the beginning Stephanie would be the new Batgirl since her return and her interactions with Tim before this issue.

Barbara knows there is no better stress reliever than beating up some dumbasses that try to mug her.

Stephanie going to college does make her more relatable as I have sat in class like this were I am as bored as heck and just drawing while a bunch of students are on there labtop probably on MySpace or Facebook.

Like the analysis Bryan Q. Miller made of why Cassandra wore the Batgirl costume in the first place.

Someone is in trouble.

Batman Streets of Gotham #3 Highlights

Love Zsavz death vision he had working throughout the Penguin Bar scene.

One group you do not want to mess with Mr. Elliot.

It looks like Damian does have a heart after all as he has a crush on Katana.

Like that we saw a quick conclusion to The Manhunter vs Jane Doe fight and it was not dragged out like I thought it would.

Daredevil #500 Highlights

Owlman is suffering from Wolverine envy and gets a sword slash to the back for his troubles.

Having Matt finally beat Lady Bullseye is great to see after all the hell she is responsible for putting Matt through the year.

Master Izo has quickly become one of my favorite characters and the fat joke to Kingpin cements that.

Being a double crossing snake always comes back to bite you on your ass which is something both Kingpin and Lady Bullseye learned here.

This is a good place to leave off for Brubaker on his run on Daredevil and an interesting place for Andy Diggle to pick up on when he starts his run.

Diggle had a nice handle with his back-up to this issue as it serves as a nice preview to his work on the Dark Reign: The List – Daredevil one-shot and to his run next issue.

See next image.

I liked all the cover/poster images Marvel packed into Daredevil #500 and these two were the standouts for this issue. This cover especially as it makes Daredevil look like Hellboy.

Wolverine: Weapon X #4

Dipping someone in a bunch of wine is one way of interrogating someone.

Not infront of the kids.

This was just one sick battle. The whole fight was beautifully choreographed and I wish we could get more fights that are as fun as this one was.