Legion of Super-Heroes Animated Series

The Legion of Super Heroes Animated Series: Episode #1

All right! Ever since I was a little boy, I always dreamed of a Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon. As I became a teenager, I realized that the chances of my favorite title ever getting a cartoon was pretty slim. They didn’t sell particularly well and DC seemed to continually ravage and ruin the title. However, my dreams have finally come true. The Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon is coming on in about one minute. I figured I’d blog while watching the show and give my snap judgment on this cartoon.

I think it is a nice move by DC to get around the loss of the copyright to Superboy to have Clark around college age and already calling himself Superman. Clark is young enough that he can hang with the Legionnaires but old enough that he can legitimately call himself Superman. I’m just ecstatic that Supergirl is nowhere near this cartoon!

And we have the time bubble and our first looks at some of the Legionnaires. Chibi Brainy looks dorky. Saturn Girl looks great. And we have Bouncing Boy!! I love it! You have to dig the rotund Legionnaire.

I like the intro song. Snappy little tune. The animation looks nice. I dig the style. Commercial time.

And we are back. Bouncing Boy loves food on a stick. Naturally. Oooh, Brainy has cybernetic eyes. Cool. I like this take on how Clark meets the Legion and starts his career as Superman. This is a neat twist. A young college-age Clark meets the Legion who was inspired by Superman to start the Legion. In turn, the Legion provides Clark with the inspiration to become Superman. Nice. Commercial time.

And we are back. The Legion Clubhouse looks great. Sweet design. Triplicate Girl looks great. Lightning Lad looks cool. The scar on his face was unexpected, but I dig it. I like his cocky and slightly overbearing personality. Phantom Girl has a nice costume design. Brainy has an extendable neck. Hmmm, I’m thinking he is an android in this cartoon.

A Superman shrine. The Fatal Five. My all-time favorite Legion villains. They look fantastic. And we get our lead into a big showdown between the Legion and the Fatal Five. All right, time for some action. Commercial time.

And we are back. And the fight begins. Validus kicks butt! Lightning Lad is blasting away at Validus. Doesn’t he know he is attacking his son? We see Clark putting on a baggy Superman suit and then he proceeds to commence the most unheroic takeoff I have ever seen. That was great. Uh oh, all of the Legionnaires have fallen before the Fatal Five. The Emerald Eye has placed all the Legionnaires under its mind control. It looks like the Legionnaires are going to play the role of Ricky Morton and have to get their tag team partner, Superman, into the fight to clean house and save them.

Wow! Superman sure let loose one massive blast of heat vision. Now the Legion is freed of the mind control of the Emerald Eye and they start kicking some Fatal Five butt. Woah! Brainy just transformed into a big Gundam! I like how Superman is learning his various powers by the Legion telling him which power to use. The Legion defeats the Fatal Five and then the Emerald Empress teleports her team away.

Nice ending. A little humor and this episode is over. I like this version of Superman. Fumbling and unsure of himself. The first episode of The Legion of Super Hero cartoon was fun. It had plenty of humor and action. Plus, the cartoon quickly established the personalities of the various Legionnaires. I liked it. A fun story that moved at a good pace plus some nice animation. This is going to be an enjoyable animated series.