The Legion of Super Heroes Animated Series: Episode #2

It is time for the liveblog of the second episode of Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes animated series. This episode begins with a scientist and an army of robots tracking some feral creature. It is a big werewolf. Ah-hah, this must be Timber Wolf. The cartoon version is very different from the comic book version. And cue snappy theme song and into. I really dig this show’s style. Cut to commercial.

Back from commercial, we see a weird space monster eating a spaceship. Superman and Lightning Lad are on the scene. Brash Lightning Lad takes the lead in attacking the creature. Saturn Girl, Brainiac 5 and Bouncing Boy are in a space ship. They get an urgent communication from the scientist who encountered Timber Wolf. Saturn Girl tells Lightning Lad and Superman to get back to the ship. Superman quickly takes care of the space creature.

We get some witty banter between Bouncing Boy and Brainiac on how to properly pilot the ship. Bouncing Boy is sure to become a viewer favorite with his great personality. The Legionnaires crash land on to the planet Zoon. It is a dark scary jungle planet. The Legionnaires arrive at Dr. Londo’s lab. Dr. Londo tells the Legion about the creature outside who has destroyed his research, his scientists and his son, Brin. He wants the creature caught.

Brainy and Bouncing Boy engage in more witty banter while repairing their ship. Bouncing Boy gets annoyed with Brainy and decides to walk around Dr. Londo’s facility.

We cut to Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad and Superman searching the forest. They are suddenly attacked by a bunch of spider-like robots. Timber Wolf then comes to Saturn Girl’s aid. Lightning Lad and Superman make their way to Saturn Girl was and find that she has disappeared.

Bouncing Boy is attacked by a bunch of security robots telling him he has entered a restricted area of the facility.

We cut to Saturn Girl waking up and coming face to face with Timber Wolf. Timber Wolf has Saturn Girl in his cave. Timber Wolf can’t talk. He tries to draw something in the dirt to communicate. Saturn Girl then reads Timber Wolf’s mind. She sees that he was subjected to some type of tests. Lightning Lad and Superman arrive on the scene and they immediately attack Timber Wolf. We have a big brawl. They take down Timber Wolf.

Brainiac 5 finds Bouncing Boy captured by the security robots. Brainiac 5 takes out all of the robots and frees Bouncing Boy. We then see Superman, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad flying back with a captured Timber Wolf. They arrive at Dr. Londo’s lab. Brainiac 5 tells the team that Dr. Londo has been conducted illegal experiments on the indigenous life forms. Saturn Girl wakes up and tells the team that Timber Wolf isn’t a bad guy. She then frees Timber Wolf. Saturn Girl searches Timber Wolf’s mind and discovers that Dr. Londo created this creature. Saturn Girl then tells Timber Wolf that he can control the transformation. Timber Wolf then transforms into a wolf-like teenage boy. Dr. Londo then appears and tells the Legionnaires that Timber Wolf is his son, Brin. And cue commercial.

We come back from commercial and the Legionnaires realize that Dr. Londo used them to do his dirty work or capturing his son. Dr. Londo orders his robots and bizarre creatures to attack the Legion. And we have another big brawl. Brainiac 5 and Bouncing Boy make a great team. I’m beginning to like this spunky Brainiac 5. We see plenty of tensions between Timber Wolf and Lightning Lad in this scene.

Dr. Londo then commands his experiments to attack the Legion. The creatures refuse and rebel against Dr. Londo. The Legion then captures Dr. Londo. Dr. Londo explains how he used his own son to be transformed into the ultimate creature for battle. Superman tells Dr. Londo to change Brin back. But, it is permanent and Brin is stuck the way he is. Timber Wolf then rants on his father and then proceeds to destroy his main computer in his lab. The Legion and Timber Wolf then leave.

We see Timber Wolf in his new Legion costume. They then present him with his Legion belt and Legion flight ring. As Timber Wolf is taking the Legion oath, we see pics of other Legionnaires including: Colossal boy, Triplicate girl, Bloc, Element Lad, Dream Girl, Sun Boy, Cosmic Boy, Shrinking Violet and a character that is either Invisible Kid (Jacques Foccart variety) or Tyroc. All the characters have great designs especially Sun Boy.

This was another good episode. This animated series has a great balance between action and nice character development. I like the chemistry between the various members. For example Brainy and Bouncing Boy’s entertaining banter and Lightning Lad’s brashness and how he obviously is crushing on Saturn Girl while she ignores him.

What is really enjoyable is that all the characters have well developed personalities. This version of Brainiac 5 is great. At first, I didn’t think I’d like this version of Brainy, but now I totally dig him. I’m surprised how effectively and quickly the different personalities have been developed. I find all of the characters interesting for. Lightning Lad for his brashness. Saturn Girl for her ability to lead. Superman and his awkwardness as he is still unsure of himself. Brainiac 5 and his inability to get past his own logic. Bouncing Boy for his goofiness. All the characters are fun.

I have to say that I am enjoying this Legion animated series much more than the Legion comic book. At least the cartoon has great chemistry between the characters and moves along at a nice pace. I’m looking forward to more Legion goodness next week.

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  1. That was definitely Tyroc at the end, he had those fancy disco studs on his costume.

    My favorite moment: after Saturn Girl wakes up, she berates Lightning Lad. “It wasn’t going to hurt me. If you hadn’t charged in (her eyes go wide and her hands start flailing) fists a-zapping, I would have told you that!”

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