March 2006 Comic Book Sales Charts

It is that time again. has posted the March 2006 sales charts. Last month saw DC benefiting from Infinite Crisis. Will the month of March be DC’s to own with all of the “One Year Later” issues that have been released? Even though the Revolution never grades or judges a comic book on it’s value or lack thereof based purely upon the sales charts, I do think it is a good indicator of where the comic industry is headed.

DC placed 5 titles in the Top 10 including the overall #1 spot. Identity Crisis (#1), All Star Superman (#3), Superman/Batman (#5), Green Lantern (#8) and Infinite Crisis Secret Files (#10). Marvel also placed 5 titles in the Top 10 with New Avengers (#2), New Avengers: Illuminati Special (#4), Ultimates (#6), Amazing Spider-Man (#7), and Uncanny X-Men (#9). DC is starting to chip away at Marvel’s strangle hold on the Top 10.

Marvel owns the Top 15 with 10 titles compared to DC’s 5. Yeah, that means Marvel placed comics from #11-15. As a matter of fact, Marvel takes all the spots between #11-19. Ouch!

Marvel dominates the Top 25 with 16 titles compared to DC’s 9 titles. DC’s titles between #20-25 where Batman, Teen Titans and Superman.

Marvel placed 31 titles in the Top 50 compared to DC’s 19 titles.

Marvel placed 41 titles in the Top 75 compared to DC’s 30 titles in the Top 75. Dynamic placed 2 titles in the Top 75, both Red Sonja at #66 and #67. Darkhorse placed Conan at #73. IDW placed a Transformers title at #74.

Marvel placed 51 titles in the Top 100 compared to DC’s 38 titles. Image placed 2 titles in the Top 100, Cyberforce #1 at #83 and Spawn at #86. Wow, remember when those titles were huge sellers? How the might have fallen. IDW placed 2 titles in the Top 100. Dark Horse placed 3 titles in the Top 100. Dynamic placed 3 titles in the Top 100. Devil’s Due placed 1 title in the Top 100.

DC did a good job cutting into Marvel’s control of the Top 10, however, DC’s weakness was really exposed in the Top 25 and the Top 50. The fact that Marvel placed 16 titles in the Top 25 compared to DC’s 9 is just huge. From top to bottom, Marvel is still just whipping up on DC. Now, that does not mean that Marvel is making better comics than DC. It just means there are a lot of Marvel Zombies out there willing to buy titles like Uncanny X-Men and Ms. Marvel no matter how lousy they are. Marvel dominating the Top 50 also shows that it has much more depth than DC. DC still has a very long road ahead of them if they want to catch and pass Marvel.

What are some titles that did well in sales that the Revolution thinks don’t deserve such a high ranking? Uncanny X-Men #471 at #9 and #11, All Star Superman #3 and #3, Superman/Batman #24, Ms. Marvel #1 at #17, Blue Beetle #1 at #38, and Son of M #4 at #39.

What are some titles that are excellent and the Revolution wishes would get better sales numbers? Daredevil at #43, Captain America at #46 and Nightwing at #51.

I was pleased to see Squadron Supreme #1 at #21. That is a good ranking, however, I do wish it had been higher. Blue Beetle #1 getting only the #38 is terrible. A #1 issue should at least break the Top 25 or 30. The new “Aquaman” didn’t do so well sitting at #58, however, give it credit that the #58 spot is much better than Aquaman has gotten as of late. However, I would expect to see this title sink back down the sales chart.

Unfortunately for DC, Infinite Crisis and the “One Year Later” storyline has not resulted in a large boost in the sales charts. This is especially bad since Marvel is about to reload and fire back at DC with the upcoming Civil War next month. DC will counter with 52 and the continuing “One Year Later” storylines as well as the re-launches of Flash, JLA and JSA. DC couldn’t catch Marvel during their lull between House of M and Civil War. It should be interesting to see how well they do with Civil War being released next month. There is no doubt that the next year looks great for fans of both Marvel and DC!