Marvel June 2021 Solicitations

Marvel Comics June 2021 Solicitation Analysis

Marvel June 2021 Solicitations

It would not be the summer without Marvel going all out with a big event. But rather than one big event taking place in June 2021 we have several. For one June 2021 will see the end of the Avengers events by Jason Aaron and company, Heroes Reborn. Along with that the X-Men will be hosting the Hellfire Gala on Krakoa, Spider-Man will be dealing with Chameleon’s conspiracy and another Clone Saga, and Black Cat, Captain America, and Iron Man deal with the latest Infinity Stone crisis just to name a few. Let’s take a look at everything Marvel has planned from their June 2021 solicitations.


Infinite Destinies Covers
Click for full cover view for Infinite Destinies.

There were many comic books that were announced by Marvel to release in 2020. But then the pandemic hit and when the comic book industry came back there were several announced Marvel comic books that have been absent from their new solicitations. One of those is the latest crossover event dealing with the Infinity Stones that was titled Infinite Destinies. plans we are finally getting around to the Infinite Destinies event.

Now fast forward to June 2021 and Marvel is finally releasing their planned Infinite Destinies event. The event will take place over the course of several of the latest Marvel Annual comics. The first annual comics that will kick off Infinite Destinies will be for the Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Cat series. Based on what we know each of the annuals will spotlight characters like Star who have been given powers by and become human versions of the Infinity Stones. This is a different direction to take the Infinity Stones and hopefully this will lead to introduction of great new characters in the Marvel Universe.


Heroes Reborn & Heroes Return
Click for full view of the connected covers for Heroes Reborn and Heroes Return.

June sees an end to the Heroes Reborn event with the conclusion coming from Heroes Return #1. The one thing that isn’t made clear with the solicitations is if the Avengers will be making it back to the main Marvel Universe alongside Spider-Man, X-Men, and Fantastic Four. That is one of the big questions out of the Heroes Reborn event as Jason Aaron and Marvel has set it up to be its own universe. All we know is that after successfully fending off several big event-level threats the Squadron Supreme will be taking on the Avengers of the Heroes Reborn Universe.

What makes this battle between heroes intriguing is that we see the Phoenix will be on the Avengers side. Given that in the lead up to the Heroes Reborn event we had the Avengers dealing with the latest conflict over the Phoenix Force we will likely be seeing it play a big part in how things get back to “normal.” Which brings up if Heroes Return will be the end of Aaron’s Avengers run or lead into the next stage of what he has planned for the Avengers franchise.

The other thing that’ll be interesting to see that could possibly come out of Heroes Reborn is what one-shot gets turned into an ongoing. We are getting a ton of major one-shots such as Spider-Gwen being Night-Gwen, Luke Cage leading a Defenders-like team, and Wolverine leading a new Alpha Flight. All of these one-shots that take place in the Heroes Reborn Universe could clue us into what characters we could see get their new ongoings or mini-series after this Marvel event.


X-Men Hellfire Gala Covers
Click for view of the covers for the Hellfire Gala taking place in the X-Men comic books.

Finally after teasing the Hellfire Gala since before the X Of Swords crossover Krakoa is ready to host the party of the year for the Marvel Universe. To make the Hellfire Gala as big as possible this will be the place where we will finally see the debut of the new X-Men. Jonathan Hickman and all of the creators have done a good job quietly not using the name of X-Men since the House Of X and Powers Of X event. While fans continue to use the term X-Men it is something that we haven’t actually seen used by the characters on Krakoa until Cyclops and Jean Grey announced their intentions to return into the superhero spotlight. It’ll be very interesting to see who Cyclops and Jean Grey will have on the first X-Men team of Krakoa, including themselves. The unknown of who will be the X-Men makes the Hellfire Gala something that I’m incredibly excited for.

Adding in how Russell Dauterman has done all the designs for the dresses and suits all the attending mutants will be wearing for the Hellfire Gala was a fantastic choice. Dauterman is one of the best artists in the industry and he proved that with the designs did for all the iconic X-Men. They are all absolutely stunning as they speak not only to the X-Men’s history but where they are each at since Krakoa was founded.


Gamma Flight #1 Cover
Click for full cover view for Gamma Flight #1.

Al Ewing’s Immortal Hulk run has quietly been one of the most consistently well received and selling comic book Marvel has been publishing monthly. Now it looks like Al Ewing and Marvel are going to build on that success by launching a secondary mini-series in the form of Gamma Flight. Going with a mini-series for a spinoff of Immortal Hulk is smart. It gives Ewing and co-writer Crystal Frasier a chance to tell one clear story rather than worrying about building several sub-plots for an ongoing.

This also gives Ewing the chance to bring in other creators into the world he is building around Hulk. Frasier has experience in both the video game and comic book industry. Bringing up new creators will always help strengthen Marvel’s future.


United States Of Captain America 1
Click for full cover view of The United States Of Captain America #1.

Ta-Nehisi Coates will be bringing his run on Captain America to an end in June 2021 with Captain America #30. This isn’t a big surprise since Coates will be working as the writer for the new Superman movie that JJ Abrams is producing. That is a massive project so Captain America #30 marking the end of his run is understandable. Coates has built a title that has been consistent and has been able to revitalize Steve Rogers’ Captain America after the character went through the Secret Empire mess that ruined his life.

Given that Steve is also involved in Heroes Reborn it won’t be surprising if we get a new Captain America series later in the summer. In the meantime we will have a new mini-series titled The United State Of Captain America launch in June as part of the character’s 80th anniversary. One of the big things that will happen in this new mini-series is that we will see the introduction of the first LGBTQIA+ Captain America, Aaron Fischer. Given that we have had many different people become Captain America over the decades this is a good move by Marvel. It opens the door for more inclusion while further exploring what the Captain America identity represents in the modern day.


Amazing Spider-Man The Chameleon Conspiracy
Click for full view of all the covers for The Chameleon Conspiracy event in Amazing Spider-Man.

Being Spider-Man means never catching a break or having a moment to breathe. That is something that Peter Parker and Miles Morales will continue to be reminded about as they are dealing with their own major events. For Miles Morales we will see him continue to deal with his own Clone Saga. Just as Peter experienced, Miles will learn that when dealing with clones the event will feel never ending. Which creates even more intrigue for what Saladin Ahmed has planned for his Spider-Man run.

Meanwhile Peter Parker will have to also deal with even more fallout from what he went through with Kindred as the Chameleon is back to get his own revenge. It looks like Chameleon will return and fit right into the gang war story that Nick Spencer has been telling with his Amazing Spider-Man. With what is being said about The Chameleon Conspiracy it looks like the Chameleon is taking advantage of everything Spider-Man has been through. Which makes the timely arrival of Teresa Parker that Peter will likely really appreciate.

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