Marvel Comics May 2019 Solicitations Analysis

Marvel is going to have a busy May 2019 as War of the Realms continues to takeover the entire universe. From Marvel’s May 2019 solicitations it’s clear that every superhero is going to be involved in War of the Realms in some way. While War of the Realms dominates the Marvel Universe there are still several other major stories that will be going on during this time. That includes the introduction of the new Savage Avengers. What else is in the plans for the Marvel Universe? Let’s find out with Marvel’s May 2019 solicitations


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As mentioned in the opening, there will be no avoiding War of the Realms for anyone in the Marvel Universe. Both Infinity Wars and Extermination combine do not match what Marvel is doing with War of the Realms. This event has grown to be the biggest story Marvel has told since Secret Empire.

Marvel obviously sees this as an event that fans will be reading because they are definitely milking the story for all its worth. That does work to build intrigue in the event since Marvel seems confident it will sell. Though that confidence may overwhelm some readers with the amount of tie-ins involved with War of the Realms. Because of that it’ll be interesting to see what the sales numbers will be for War of the Realms.


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With Endgame coming out at the end of April it is not surprising that Marvel will be looking to build off the momentum of that movie by releasing new Avengers comic books. What was surprising is that one of those new comics comes in the for of Savage Avengers. The line-up of Wolverine, Venom, Elektra, Punisher and Conan the Barbarian those not scream Avengers. This new Avengers line-up looks more like they should either be the new Thunderbolts team. Though having the creative of Gerry Duggan and Mike Deodato Jr. does make this a title that Avengers fans may want to check out as it is a strong duo to pair for this series.


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Some may be surprised to remember that the young time-displaced Cyclops was one of the founding members of the current version of the Champions. During that time the young Cyclops built a bond with Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales-Spider-Man and the other Champions. Now as we learned in Extermination the returning adult Cyclops has recovered his memories of that the time he spent in the present when he was young with the other original X-Men. This fact should create some awkward moments as Cyclops reunites with the Champions now as his adult self.  


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Nick Spencer has properly built up the “Hunted” story over the course of his run. Now that we know it will conclude in May the question will be who ends up surviving Kraven’s hunt. Afterall, we haven’t seen Kraven this focused to take down Spider-Man in a long time. With that new focus and even more targets to capture in New York City things will be more dangerous than ever for Spider-Man and his supporting cast. And with Amazing Spider-Man #21 teasing a possible death I wonder if Nick Spencer will kill a major Spider-Man character this early into his run.


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“Captain of Nothing” has gotten off to a very compelling start as Steve Rogers has been taken off the table right away. Even though Steve will be locked up in a special prison that won’t contain him for long. As we see in Captain America #11 he will soon go on the run and cause a massive manhunt for him. The interesting angle of this manhunt story is that “Captain of Nothing” will be tying into the “Hunted” story going on over in Amazing Spider-Man. How Ta-Nehisi Coates works “Hunted” elements into his story could make things more intense for Steve Rogers.


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With characters like Miles Morales and Cindy Moon part of his Spider-Family we still haven’t seen Peter Parker act like a mentor for an extended period of time. Tom Taylor may be changing that as he introduces Spider-Bite in the upcoming Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6. This is a surprising turn since we already have a lot of characters in the main Marvel Universe already wearing a Spider-Man costume. How adding another one in the form of Spider-Bite turns out does create a question of when is too much for the amount of Spider-Family members.


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At this point everyone in the world knows Gwen Stacy is Spider-Woman on Earth-65. The fact that Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #8 mentions that Gwen’s secret identity has been revealed again is questionable to see mentioned in the solicitations. The most recent issue of Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider even showed this to be a fact. So given that fact it is confusing that any solicitation would paint Gwen’s superhero identity as a secret. At the same time, as a fan what this all means for the future of the series will be interesting to see what it all means.


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Daredevil cannot catch a break. Just as Matt Murdock returned to his life as Daredevil he is already being labeled as a murderer. Though that is his own fault as the death he caused was due to how sloppy he currently is as Daredevil since he is still recovering from his injuries. Still, seeing that Matt will already have to make Daredevil disappear for a period does put into question what it will mean for the series moving forward. Will Daredevil have to work even more in the shadows than he does? We will have to see as Chip Zdarsky continues his run.


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Can we go just a few months without an X-Men dying? Is that too hard to ask? That does seem to be the case since the latest Uncanny X-Men solicitations teases yet another X-Men death. At some point the X-Men will maybe have to double think if they should actually break up. Because there is no way they can continue the way they are as things continue to be more of the same for them. Hopefully with the other X-Men returning in the future to join Cyclops and Wolverine things can actually improve for one of Marvel’s iconic franchises.