Marvel June 2024 Solicitations - Spider-Man and X-Men

Marvel June 2024 Solicits: Spider-Man vs Green Goblin & X-Men End Of An Era

Marvel June 2024 solicitations showed the publisher has a lot of plans for this summer. As always, Marvel is relying heavily on Spider-Man and X-Men to carry the brand. The plans for the Spider-Man family varied with Amazing Spider-Man seemingly building towards a big ending. Meanwhile, on the X-Men side of things we see beginning their relaunch in the post-Krakoa Era.

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Amazing Spider-Man #51 Ed McGuinness Cover
Ed McGuinness cover for Amazing Spider-Man #51. Credit: Marvel Comics

Zeb Wells has dedicated a large portion of his Amazing Spider-Man run to develop Norman Osborn’s character. The way Wells has handled things it has appeared to be his mission for Norman’s arc to be reclamation project to show he isn’t always a bad guy. Now that looks to be out the window as Green Goblin is returning with Norman appearing to be the one under the mask again.

With how the solicitations of Amazing Spider-Man for June are being framed this does come across as Wells endgame for his creative run on the series. For better or worse, Wells has literally sacrificed every relationship Peter Parker has had, including Mary Jane Watson and Felicia Hardy, to make Norman Osborn his #1 relationship. All of that sacrificing of Peter’s relationship telegraph Norman returning to being Green Goblin was so it had the biggest dramatic impact within the universe.

The return of Green Goblin can be the defining moment of Wells run. Which is definitely needed since he dropped the ball with breaking up Peter and MJ and the death of Ms. Marvel. Also with the Wayep/Emissary and Gang War stories wrapped up, Norman Osborn return to Green Goblin is the final big story Wells has been building towards since he started his run. So maybe this will lead us to the end of Wells run, possibly by the end of 2024.


X-Men #700 Pepe Larraz Cover
Pepe Larraz cover for X-Men #35, also known as X-Men #700 legacy issue. Credit: Marvel Comics

The end of the Krakoa Era was what the Fall of the House of X and Rise of the Powers of X has been building towards. Those two comic books that make up the latest crossover will be what gets us to the finish line of the Krakoa Era. Though we won’t see the official end at the conclusion of that crossover event.

Instead, it will be X-Men #700 that will mark the end of the Krakoa Era. This final issue of the Krakoan X-Men series will set the foundation for the future. We see that with how Gerry Duggan, Kieron Gille, and Al Ewing all have one final story with this direction of the X-Men to tell. That will transition into the new era of the X-Men as we will also be seeing Jed MacKay and Gail Simone have a story.

While it’ll be interesting to see how the Krakoa Era ends it is disappointing Marvel didn’t get Jonathan Hickman back to at least write the finale. Hickman started all of this and gave the franchise new life with House of X/Powers of X. It’s not like Hickman and Marvel aren’t working together. Hickman is actively working on Ultimate Spider-Man and has other unannounced Marvel work being cooked up. It would’ve made this whole Krakoa Era come full circle for Hickman to be the one that helps end it and transition the X-Men into the next era.


Ultimate Spider-Man #6 Marco Checchetto Cover
Marco Checchetto cover for Ultimate Spider-Man #6. Credit: Marvel Comics

With Jonathan Hickman writing Ultimate Spider-Man we have seen the series utilize certain elements introduced in Ultimate Invasion. Specifically, it was immediately established that Ultimate Wilson Fisk was given his Kingpin powers by The Maker’s Cabal. There was no rags to riches story, but rather Ultimate Kingpin was seemingly chosen to control crime and business in New York City.

This makes Ultimate Spider-Man #6 a major game changer for not just the series but the universe. With Spider-Man confronting Kingpin for the first time it could set the foundation for how superheroes are seen and targeted by The Maker’s Cabal. Especially if the plan is to introduce other heroes in the Ultimate Universe, Spider-Man can set the tone for the positions Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Iron Fist, Captain Marvel and others are given.

Ultimate Spider-Man #6 also is teasing something big with Mary Jane Watson. We know that Ultimate MJ is a successful business owner. We don’t know what her business does but we may start to learn more about it and possible greater connections to the Ultimate Universe. Which could be needed since Ultimate Tony Stark has had his family’s business wiped out.


Ultimate X-Men #4 Peach Momoko Cover
Peach Momoko cover for Ultimate X-Men #4. Credit: Marvel Comics

With the X-Men being so prominent with their main Marvel Universe direction it would’ve been tough if Ultimate X-Men just featured the same classic team. It would make for way too many comparisons to the new direction for the X-Men and the original Ultimate X-Men series.

That’s what makes Peach Momoko going against the grain of having a whole different team featured as the new Ultimate X-Men team be a smart choice. Let the main Marvel Universe feature the classic X-Men. That is there thing. Featuring a new team made up of Armor, Maystorm, Surge, Nico Minoru, and who looks to be Ultimate Rogue, as the first Ultimate X-Men team is cool to see.

Momoko going with a new team founding X-Men team also speaks to what the Ultimate Universe is supposed to represent. This is a universe that shouldn’t be seen as a imprint that is rebooting classic Marvel characters. The Ultimate Universe is the opportunity to do something completely new that, while still speaking to the spirit of the franchise, can do new, original stuff. Which adds to the manga style that Momoko is bringing for her X-Men run.


X-Men: Heir Of Apocalypse #1 Dotun Akande Cover
Dotun Akande cover for X-Men: Heir Of Apocalypse #1. Credit: Marvel Comics

While the Krakoa Era is at its end it does not mean all the development during that time is going away. One of the characters that saw some of the best development during this time was Apocalypse. Having returned during the end of Fall of X, Apocalypse made his presence felt on Arakko. Now he will be looking for a successor to carry on his legacy.

The announced participants for Apocalypse’s successor are Armageddon Girl, Cable, Cypher, Emma Frost, Exodus, Forge, Gorgon, Mirage, Mr. Sinister, Penance, Rictor, and Laura Kinney. They will all take part in this contest during the X-Men: Heir Of Apocalypse mini-series. Based on the contenders the ones that standout are Cable and Laura Kinney. Both have had major roles during the Krakoa Era, with consistent appearances over the last few years. Given that neither appear in one of the announced three X-Men titles post-Krakoa, Cable or Laura Kinney would be intriguing choices.

Based on the solicitation X-Men: Heir Of Apocalypse does confirm that Planet Arakko, formerly known as Mars, will still exist post-Krakoa. Though we don’t know in what form it will still exist in as Arakko was hit hard during Fall of X. X-Men: Heir Of Apocalypse could set the foundation for one of the other X-Men titles that haven’t had a creative team, direction, or roster announced just yet.


Black Cat & Jackpot #4 Phil Noto Cover
Phil Noto cover for Black Cat & Jackpot #4. Credit: Marvel Comics

During this period of Spider-Man’s history Marvel has been putting a lot of time and investment into making Mary Jane Watson a superhero. After gaining powers thanks to her new boyfriend MJ has been going by the superhero name of Jackpot. Her latest comic book, which continued her pairing with Black Cat, is coming to an end. Given how much of an investment Marvel has made this puts into question what is next for MJ?

The simplest answer would be for MJ to have a bigger presence in Wells’ Amazing Spider-Man run. Especially if Wells’ is wrapping up the Green Goblin return aspect of his creative run the last thing to come back to was the plot with MJ. Wells stretched a lot to make sure to permanently break-up Peter and MJ. While the cause of this was defeated there are still things left unresolved. Wells has definitely made a conscious effort to not develop MJ and Paul since Amazing Spider-Man #25. The way its been done does seem on purpose. It could be that Wells final Amazing Spider-Man story will circle back to MJ and Paul since that is how it all started.

On the Black Cat side of things, the last few years Felicia Hardy has proven that she can stand on her own as a solo hero. Lately she has been paired with MJ. While their dynamic is fun it would be great to see Black Cat return to her own thing, specifically getting her heist crew back together. Black Cat has more than shown that she can carry her own title.