Marvel November 2017 Solicitations Analysis

Marvel Legacy continues to sweep across the Marvel Universe. The new direction is promising exciting, new storylines for readers to pick up. The question is that really the case? From Marvel’s recently released November 2017 solicitations it does look like they are throwing everything possible at fans with the Marvel Legacy direction. From Captain America returning to his original costume to teasing a big return in both the Thor and Iron Man comics, there is something big going on throughout the Marvel Universe. Let’s take a look at what we should expect from Marvel come November 2017.


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Coming out of Secret Empire the character with the least amount of momentum is Captain America. Nick Spencer did a lot of damage to the character becoming someone you want to see what happens post-Secret Empire. That is something that Marvel seems to recognize as they are putting their best creative team on the newest Captain America comic: Mark Waid and Chris Samnee.

Now I am not sure about seeing a Steve Rogers going on a redemption tour given that all the character did makes it hard to see how the Marvel heroes can trust him again. That said, if their is a creative team that can make Captain America interesting again it is Waid and Samnee. As a creative team they have had an incredible run on Daredevil that they followed up with a greatly overlooked run on Black Widow.

Both comics showed that Waid and Samnee know how to create fun superhero comics around grounded individuals. And with everything Steve Rogers has gone through “fun” is something the character needs if his return as Captain America is to be successful.


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Since being brought into the main Marvel Universe we have seen how Brian Bendis has brought in other Spider-Man villains into Miles Morales’ life. Now in November we are going to see even more of that with Miles’ Spider-Man going up against a new version of the Sinister Six. The roster of classic Spider-Man villains Sandman, Hobgoblin, The Spot and Electro along with Miles’ own villains of Iron-Spider and Bombshell is an interesting mix.

It’s also interesting to note that the Electro is Francine Frye. We haven’t seen Francine as Electro since Clone Conspiracy came to a close. It does bring into question if we are going to start seeing more classic Spider-Man villains showing back up in the Spider-Man Family titles now, several months after Clone Conspiracy’s ended.


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One of the most intriguing sub-plots of Secret Empire is how Kingpin has used the situation in New York to slowly regain his control of the city. It looks like Kingpin’s power grab during Secret Empire will be successful as he has control of the NYC once again. This would be a big shift in the Marvel Universe since it has been a long time since Kingpin has been in the position of control in the underworld. Though Daredevil will deal with it directly right away, Kingpin returning to his old position of power could lead him to appearing in more Marvel comics down the line.


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Sorry Rhodey fans but it doesn’t look like the character will be returning any time soon. Seeing The Punisher comic showing Frank Castle in the War Machine armor doesn’t help bring hope of Rhodey’s return. Given how Punisher sided with Hydra during Secret Empire of his own free will the character has a lot to answer to. But from the looks of it he won’t be looking to answer to anyone. Getting a hold of the War Machine armor should help him so that no one tries to mess with him if they try to stop his dangerous war on crime.


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Old Man Logan has been on quite a tour of his old stomping grounds since being brought into the main Marvel Universe, replacing his younger self. Now that tour looks to take him to a meeting against the Hand organization. It’s a bit late on the timing since the Defenders, which featured the Hand heavily, will be several months old. Still, if this new arc helps build the Hand back-up as a dangerous threat it’ll be well worth it. And with an old love returning to Logan’s life this new arc should be juicy on the drama department.


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In previous solicitations we have seen that Nova, Richard Rider, was guest-starring in Guardians of the Galaxy. It looks like Nova has been moved up to main cast member starting in November. This is a good move as it adds a powerhouse to the Guardians of the Galaxy, who have just featured a team made up of the roster from the movies for several years now. The addition of Nova brings a lot of possibilities for how the team dynamic will work given his history with most of the team.

The addition of the Infinity Stones should bring in another big time character to the equation. Though that won’t be as good of a news for the Guardians of the Galaxy as adding Nova to the roster.


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It looks as Jason Aaron will start winding down his epic run or at least Jane Foster as Thor with “Death of the Mighty Thor.” Everything seems to be pointing towards Thor Odinson returning to his old role as the sole Thor. This would at least help streamline Thor’s character as we have had several different Thors running around for a while now. Though it would a shame to lose Jane as Thor, as she has really come into her own. Maybe Aaron will end up giving Jane some new identity that with similar powers given how over her version of Thor is.


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Since All-New, All-Different Marvel started back in 2015 one of the things Dan Slott has been building up in Amazing Spider-Man is Peter Parker and Bobbi Morse’s relationship. There has been a lot of tension between the two until recently where we saw Bobbi giving up her job as a SHIELD agent to help Spider-Man out against Norman Osborn. Now Slott looks to be ready to go all in on Peter and Bobbi’s relationship turning into full-blown romantic. And with how things are going in Peter’s life in and out of his Spider-Man mask he will need at least one positive thing to happen in his life during “The Fall of Parker” arc.