Marvel's Voices: Infinity Comic #27

Marvel’s Voices: Infinity Comic #27 Review – “The Family Snikt!”

Marvel has finally listened to the X-Men story that fans have been asking for a long time. That is a Wolverine Family adventure featuring Logan, Laura Kinney, Daken, and Gabby Kinney are going to be going on an adventure together. Even though all of Logan’s kids are part of various X-Men teams we haven’t seen the Wolverine Family spend much quality time together. That now changes with the latest issue of Marvel’s Voices comic book which is under the Infinity Comic brand exclusive for Marvel Unlimited subscribers. Let’s see how things turn out for the Wolverine Family with Marvel’s Voices: Infinity Comic #27.


Writer: Stephanie Williams

Artist: Alan Robinson

Colorist: KJ Diaz

Letterer: Joe Sabino


While Daken is having a Netflix and chill date with Aurora, Logan finishes his latest bar brawl, and Laura Kinney as Wolverine defeats a space station filled with robots. All three get an emergency text from Gabby Kinney to come over to her place right away.

When Logan, Laura, and Daken show up Gabby unveils the new family shirt she and Jonathan the Wolverine made. Gabby then says she wants to go on a road trip so they can get closer as a family.

Logan, Laura, and Daken all don’t like that idea. Gabby uses her recent death and return to get Logan to buy into a family road trip. As Gabby celebrates Laura and Daken sigh when they notice the map Gabby made for the road trip. End of issue.


Stephanie Williams and Alan Robinson knew exactly that a story pitch of having the Wolverine Family get together for a road trip was pure gold. The fact Marvel hasn’t done this story before is what is surprising. Because as you see how as soon as Logan, Laura Kinney, Daken, and Gabby Kinney are on screen together you just let the magic unfold.

Right away Marvel’s Voices: Infinity Comic #27 begins on the right note by showing us the exact setting you expect these four characters to be in. With Logan, we see the typical bar brawl he takes pleasure in getting into and being the last one standing. Meanwhile, Laura as Wolverine continues to grow as she goes on a solo X-Men mission. Then there is Daken who is just enjoying time with his girlfriend Aurora. All three get you right into the frame of mind this is going to be another Wolverine action story.

The SNIKTs shirt
Gabby Kinney reveals the Wolverine Family official shirt The SNIKTS!” in Marvel’s Voices: Infinity Comic #27. Credit: Marvel Comics

But instead we quickly shift to Gabby Kinney calling her family over to try to convince them to go on a family road trip. Starting off her pitch with a shirt that has “The SNIKTs!” written on it as the Wolverine Family shirt was the perfect way to kick it off. It gets the reader right into the mood that this is going to be a story with fun banter. We get that immediately with how Logan, Laura, and Daken all turn down the road trip offer. Williams gets the voices of all four characters as they react exactly with the words you expect from them.

This made what would otherwise be a dark character moment all be in character as Gabby was not going to take no for an answer. She using not just a death and return but also remembers that experience to get the yes she is looking for. Gabby knew exactly who she was talking to and how to pull on the heartstrings as we see with how Daken in particular reacts to this.

The fact that Logan is the first one to come around and accept Gabby’s request was exactly what you expect the dad to do in this instance. Logan getting into dad mode is further driven home with how this led to Laura and Daken reacting as the older siblings would when the youngest gets her way. It all gets the reader in the mindset of getting ready to enjoy a fun family adventure featuring the Wolverine family.

Robinson’s artwork adds so much to the enjoyment of the experience in Marvel’s Voices: Infinity Comic #27. Robinson especially excels at getting over Gabby Kinney’s youthful energy when paired with the grumpy reactions she gets from Logan, Laura, and Daken. It all really works well to sell you on the story and the format of Marvel’s Infinity Comics.


Marvel’s Voices: Infinity Comic #27 is a must-read for Wolverine fans. This is just a fun experience that will have you grinning from the moment you start reading. The chemistry between Logan, Daken, Laura, and Gabby Kinney showed how we are finally getting a comic book that taps into the potential of Wolverine Family stories.

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 7.5 Night Girls out of 10