Mighty Morphin #21 Charge To 100!

Mighty Morphin #21 Review – Future Villains Arrive In MMPR Era!?

BOOM! Studios Power Ranger comic books continue their march to what is being titled “Charge To 100!” This is the banner being used to not only mark reaching the major milestone of 100 issues for BOOM! Studios Power Rangers comic books but also the end of Ryan Parrott’s run on the franchise. Helping get there has been Mat Groom, who is the current writer of the Mighty Morphin series. Up to this point we’ve seen how Mighty Morphin has been introducing even more elements previously seen in the future of the Power Rangers franchise take place in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Era. We already saw the Machine Empire teased. What else will we see happen in this series? Let’s find out with Mighty Morphin #21


Writer: Mat Groom

Artist: Moises Hidalgo

Colorist: Raul Angulo


Jason turns both Kimberly and Trini’s offer to talk about how things are going after his mom’s death as he wants to be alone.

Kimberly and Trini then decide to spend time together by going out shopping at the mall. During lunch Trini reveals to Kimberly that the Blue Emissary unlocked her, Jason, and Zack’s memories of the Shattered Grid events. Trini doesn’t reveal everything she knows but does mention Tommy’s death and how there are many of generations of Power Rangers that follow them.

Taking all this in Kimberly goes to meet with Billy. Kimberly says that what Trini told her about future Power Rangers got her thinking that they should look into upgrades for their powers. Billy thinks that is a good idea and says he’ll look into it.

Mighty Morphin #21 Charge To 100!
Trini reveals to Kimberly that she learned about the Shattered Grid event in Mighty Morphin #21. Credit: BOOM! Studios

Later that night, Tommy finds Kimberly in the Community Center alone. Not knowing if she should tell Tommy what Trini told her Kimberly asks him to give her time to process things before she tells him what she knows.

Kimberly and Tommy then go to meet back up with Billy at the Command Center. Billy reveals that he was able to find something in Zordon and Alpha’s files that he was able to take to create prototypes for new powers. Billy then opens a dimensional pocket for Kimberly and Tommy to test these new powers.

After morphin Kimberly and Tommy both activate their new Metallic Armor to take on the simulator enemies. After getting used to the new power of the Metallic Armor Kimberly and Tommy are able to take care of all the enemies in the simulator easily.

Suddenly something goes wrong with the simulator as it warps into new dark arena. Suddenly Ransik (Power Rangers Time Force main villain), Trakeena (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy main villain), Sledge (Power Rangers Dino Charge main villain) the Dai Shi corrupted Black Lion Warrior (Power Rangers Juggle Fury villain), and Santaura the Void Queen (Power Rangers Dino Fury main villain) appear out of a portal in front of Kimberly and Tommy. End of issue.


The BOOM! Studios comic books have long deviated from what fans know of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Era. At this point you almost want to not think of the TV show since the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic books have been doing their own thing since the beginning. That is something that Mighty Morphin #21 reminds you at just about every moment.

Starting out with where Jason is at the moment following his mother’s death was a good follow up to the previous issue. Jason’s mother’s death is a major moment for both Mighty Morphin and Power Rangers series as it has made both teams take time for themselves. This may sound selfish but both the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Omega Rangers have been going from dealing with one major threat to another that they haven’t had time for their lives outside their Ranger responsibilities.

Which did make Kimberly and Trini taking the chance to catch up a great change of pace after what they’ve both been through. They both immediately get back into their best friend modes as they have fun shopping together. That made it so when Trini drops the bombshell that she, Jason, and Zack had their memories of the Shattered Grid events unlocked so impactful.

Trini revealed as much as she could because Kimberly is her best friend. At the same time Trini understands that she can’t reveal everything without it severely impacting Kimberly. Trini she even realizes it when seeing how Kimberly reacts to hearing that there are dozens of Power Rangers that follow their generation. Its Kimberly’s reaction that makes Trini realize she can’t reveal all the details right now, which further emphasis how both the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Omega Rangers have been dealing with different things at the same time.

What she does learn from Trini being a catalyst for Kimberly to look for ways for her team to grow stronger was handled well. Kimberly took the feeling that she and the others aren’t the only Power Rangers to figure out a way for them all to grow stronger. Because for Kimberly she doesn’t want to let the negative feelings that they are possibly expendable because future Power Ranger teams follow them to keep her down. Instead that knowledge was motivation for Kimberly to think of what do with her future as well as her friends.

Mighty Morphin #21 Charge To 100!
Tommy and Kimberly in their White Ranger and Pink Ranger forms receive new Metallic Armor power-up in Mighty Morphin #21. Credit: BOOM! Studios

Which works well into how Billy has been taking a lot of big steps in learning much more about the Morphin Grid than he has ever known. Using this knowledge and experience to unlock the Metallic Armor way ahead of when that power-up was used in the TV show is an example of how Billy’s character has progressed. Even in prototype form the Metallic Armor appears to be much stronger than when we did see it in the show.

The Metallic Armor being implemented so early, since it was a power-up towards the end of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers when Katherine Hillard already took over as the Pink Power Ranger, creates even more questions for the future of all the characters. Because here we see that Kimberly learning about future Power Rangers not only motivates her to grow stronger but think of her own future in a different way from what it was on the show. Her relationship with Tommy being brought into play works into creating more questions of what direction everyone in this series will go. Which all builds interest in what the 100th issue of the series will actually do to possibly define where everyone will go in the future.

The major curveball of future Power Rangers villains Ransik, Trakeena, Dai Shi, and Santaura the Void Queen suddenly appearing while Tommy and Kimberly tested their Metallic Armor power-up. This does not appear to be something done by Billy and the training simulator. The question is what caused these future villains none of the current Power Rangers know of to suddenly appear in the present. It was definitely a strong hook ending to get fans excited for the future


Mighty Morphin #21 delivers so many great character moments for Kimberly, Trini, Billy, and Tommy. Bringing in elements future elements this early on into the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers era is going to get fans talking. The ending of Mighty Morphin #21 is especially something that signals that Power Rangers fans of any era do not want to miss out on reading what comes next.

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 6 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 7.5 Night Girls out of 10