My Hero Academia Chapter 313

My Hero Academia Chapter 313 Review

My Hero Academia Chapter 313

Things are not getting any easier for Izuku Midoriya’s time as a vigilante hero on the run from All For One and the League of Villains. Deku’s situation got a whole lot tougher now that he has Lady Nagant, the top sniper in Japan, targeting him. To make matters worse it looks as though All Might is also in just as tough a spot as he is dealing with villains attacking him as well. And that is not even bringing up everything else going on that has completely changed the entire hero society to its core. What else will happen to our protagonists? Let’s find out with chapter 313 of My Hero Academia.

Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: All Might drives out of the explosion with his car (which he calls ‘Hercules’) intact. Knowing that he won’t be lucky a second time All Might quickly jumps out of his car just as the two villains attacking him throw spears through his car’s windshield.

The two villains appear confident that they can take out All Might in his fragile form. All Might, remembering the promise he made to Inko Midoriya, yells the two villains that “THE DAY ANYTHING HAPPENS TO THAT KID IS THE DAY I DIE.” All Might releases an intimidating aura that terrifies the two villains.

Elsewhere Deku (Izuku Midoriya) uses the power of One For All to zigzag between buildings as fast as he can in order to avoid Lady Nagant’s shots while also closing the gap between them. Deku’s Danger Sense Quirk suddenly alerts him of an attack from behind. Deku dodges the bullet but as he does he is struck on the side of his stomach by another gun shot by Lady Nagant. Deku realizes that All For One likely gave Lady Nagant a secondary Quirk to use against him.

We then see Lady Nagant calmly using the Air Walk Quirk while firing even more bullets at Deku with her Rifle Quirk.

Realizing that Lady Nagant has closed the gap on him instead, giving him less time to use the Danger Sense Quirk to react in time to the gunshots, Deku lands on the ground. As soon as he does he uses the Smokescreen Quirk at full blast to give himself cover against Lady Nagant.

My Hero Academia Chapter 313
The third One For All user warns Deku against using his Fa Jin Quirk before properly training in how to use it in My Hero Academia Chapter 313. Click for full page view.

En (the sixth One For All user who had the Smokescreen Quirk) manifests in Deku’s mind to remind him that he is a sitting duck by using to much of the Smokescreen Quirk to limit his own escape route. Deku says he did it just to buy himself time. En realizes what Deku is trying to do and tells him that it is too dangerous.

The third One For All user suddenly manifests as well and tells Deku he hasn’t properly trained in his Quirk to become proficient in it. Remembering the lessons Endeavor taught him the previous year Deku tells En and the third One For All user it is too late to wait to train in the third’s Quirk. Deku goes on to say that he needs to get Lady Nagant to tell him about what All For One and Tomura Shigaraki are planning next.

Deku then starts powering up as energy starts to flow out of his body when he activates the third One For All user’s Quirk that is known as Fa Jin (which is also the name of a Chinese martial arts that focuses on generating as much force/energy by using a person’s entire body movement to be used in striking).

In the sky Lady Nagant alters her Rifle Quirk so it becomes a sniper in order to zero in on Deku when ever he appears out of the smokescreen. Lady Nagant notices something coming out of the smoke and shoots it. The shot hits but it turns out to be an energy-based decoy using the Fa Jin on Gran Torino’s cape. Lady Nagant notices another thing coming out of the smoke but it turns out to just be another Fa Jin decoy using Deku’s mask and backpack

This gives Deku the opening he needs to quickly grab Lady Nagant from behind, revealing he wasn’t in the smoke. End of chapter.

The Good: Taking everything that took place in the previous chapter My Hero Academia Chapter 313 ratches up the desperation felt by our heroes. You get it from both Deku and All Might how we are in a place were there is no time to waste. The time for training is no longer available as action needs to be taken.

Lady Nagant is the perfect villain character to push this narrative forward. In just three chapters Kohei Horikoshi has presented Lady Nagant as one of the most dangerous villains in My Hero Academia. Seeing her use the Air Walk Quirk along with her Rifle Quirk in such a calm manner while shooting at Izuku Midoriya was incredible. Everything about the characters makes you believe that she is an unstoppable force. You fully believe that Izuku cannot escape and needs to tap into even more of his powers that he hasn’t used before.

Which works well to further showcase how far Izuku has come in the timeskip. We see that he is maximizing his current One For All in ways that make him even faster than before. It’s visuals like Deku zigzagging between buildings that put over how far he has come without having it be said by any characters. This places trust on the reader to see this from the artwork.

Seeing how far Deku has come made the fact that it is not enough to use all of the One For All users Quirks to enhance his primary One For All Quirk to take on Lady Nagant even more impressive. Lady Nagant is a villain that Deku needs to be able to use the full capabilities of each One For All users Quirks. We see that with how he uses En’s Smokescreen Quirk at full power to buy himself time to recover from his injuries and then use the third users Fa Jin Quirk without training. These actions speak to how tough an opponent Lady Nagant is.

My Hero Academia Chapter 313
All Might makes it clear his motivation to protect Izuku Midoriya in My Hero Academia Chapter 313. Click for full page view.

Working in the other One For All users into the story continues the narrative of how Izuku does have all of them acting as his mentor now. We get more of the third users personality based on how he speaks to Izuku. You get the idea he has a very direct way of talking to Deku when warning against using his Fa Jin Quirk without training. This creates a greater dramatic effect to when Deku does not hesitate to use Fa Jin Quirk and is able to do so successfully. Seeing how Deku used Fa Jin in action certainly shows that he is gaining the versatility he will need when going against All For One and Tomura Shigarki in the future.

The opening with All Might showing that he survived the explosives thrown at his car was well done. Finding out that All Might’s Hercules car is extremely sturdy looks to be how Horikoshi is slowly working in the fact that All Might has some form of wealth thanks to his hero career. And based on how All Might purposely takes a briefcase with him when jumping out of the car we may see him use other gear. It wouldn’t be surprising if we possibly see All Might become My Hero Academia’s version of Iron Man since he once again states how he will die before letting anything happen to Izuku. The intimidating aura that All Might lets out does not appear to be for show and will be exciting to see what the payoff is.

The Bad: Nothing.

Overall: My Hero Academia Chapter 313 delivers on the action as the battle between Deku and Lady Nagant escalates. Lady Nagant continues to be a total badass villain as she forces Izuku Midoriya to go all out using not only One For All but Quirks from previous One For All users to just stand a chance. This made the payoff we get in how this chapter concludes build even greater hype for what comes next in My Hero Academia’s story.

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