My Hero Academia Chapter 319 Friend

My Hero Academia Chapter 319 Review

My Hero Academia Chapter 319 Friend

Izuku Midoriya breaking out on his own as a vigilante hero is not how anyone pictured his journey as Deku would go. He has gone from the smiling hero-in-training that makes friends with everyone to someone who is completely shrouded in darkness that the people he saves run away scared of. While he was able to defeat the first few villains he went up against as Deku the latest villain who was able to mind control people proved to be overwhelming to the exhausted Izuku Midoriya. Luckily for him Bakugo as the Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight showed up in the last second to save Deku. Now with Bakugo finding Izuku how will this reunion between rivals go? Let’s find out with My Hero Academia Chapter 319.

Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: A few days after Izuku Midoriya left U.A. High School, at Class 1-A’s dorm, Katsuki Bakugo rips up the letter Izuku left him (the same one everyone in Class 1-A got where Izuku admits to his Quirk being One For All). Bakugo knows that Izuku is likely with Endeavor and other Pro Heroes. Tenya Iida asks Bakugo, Shoto Todoroki, and Fumikage Tokoyami if they can contact their mentors to question them on where Izuku is. Bakugo, Todoroki, and Tokoyami reveal that they haven’t been able to get a hold of Best Jeanist, Endeavor, or Hawks.

Kyoka Jiro and Mashirao Ojiro bring up how All Might has been MIA since Izuku left and their classes have been suspended (which means they have yet to officially reach their next school year or become Class 2-A) so they’ve only been handling security for the school when not locked in their dorms.

Bakugo guesses that All Might was the one who left Izuku’s letter for them because Izuku would be to scared to get caught sneaking into the dorm.

Yuga Aoyama and Denki Kaminari say that if Izuku is with the Pro Heroes they shouldn’t worry then. Bakugo says unlike Endeavor and the others he knows Izuku and All Might the best and this is the worst case scenario for how things could’ve gone.

Ochaco Uraraka stands up and says since Endeavor is a U.A. High School alum they can bring him to the school and force him to address their questions.

A few days later when Endeavor enters Principle Nezu’s office he is cornered by the entirety of Class 1-A.  Shoto immediately calls out his dad for ignoring all his calls even after promising to stop Toya Todoroki together. Endeavor said that his son’s willingness to help was enough. Shoto calls out that not being allowed to help but then turning around to let Izuku act on his own. Shoto then asks if Endeavor is letting Deku and All Might operate together.

Seeing that Endeavor is staying silent Bakugo calls out how Deku never takes his own self interest into account as he always just says “I’m fine.” Bakugo goes on to say All Might has the same mindset so he would never stop Deku from going down that path so Deku and All Might are the worst pairing.

My Hero Academia Chapter 319 Friend
Class 1-A tell Principle Nezu and Endeavor their intentions to bring Izuku Midoriya back to U.A. High School in My Hero Academia Chapter 319. Click for full page view.

Endeavor then remembers recently hearing that Izuku cut contact with All Might. When he takes out the cell phone he was using to communicate with Izuku and All Might secretly Hanta Sero, Minoru Mineta, Koji Koda, and Toru Hagakure steal the phone.

Shoto brings up how Izuku thought that his letter admitting the truth about One For All would ease their minds. Tenya says that all of Class 1-A intends to find Izuku and help him because he is their friend so they can’t be expected to smile when Izuku is walking down such a thorny path alone.

Endeavor brings up how dangerous things are at the moment for everyone. Principle Nezu says he authorizes Class 1-A’s request for team-up since Izuku is still a student of U.A. High School and would be welcomed back as he is under their protection. Endeavor is still against it since they also have to think of the safety of the evacuees now at U.A. High School. Principle Nezu isn’t concerned since they’ve made sure to fortify their security system since the school festival and tells Class 1-A to bring Izuku back if they want.

In the present, Shoto secures Dictator in an ice wall after Dynamight knocked him out. All the people Dictator was controlling are free and immediately run away.

Izuku asks Class 1-A why they are there. Uraraka says they were worried about him. Izuku says he is fine and that they should get away from him.

Bakugo starts clapping and mockingly says that Deku sounds inspiring as the inheritor of One For All. Bakugo then asks Deku if he is smiling now.

Izuku puts on his Deku mask back on. He then says peoples smiles and everyone’s peace of mind is the only reasons he needs to keep going. Deku then powers up his One For All Quirk and tells Class 1-A to get out of his way. Bakugo, Uraraka, and Tenya refuse and tell the rest of Class 1-A to fight Deku. End of chapter.

The Good: With how much has happened since Izuku Midoriya has broken out on his own as Deku it does not feel like were only 13 chapters into this new direction for My Hero Academia. It speaks to Kohei Horikoshi talent as a storyteller that in the 13 chapters since Izuku left U.A. High School that it has felt like we have been on an entire journey with My Hero Academia’s lead character. That journey we’ve seen Izuku as Deku on is what made the focus on Class 1-A so meaningful.

Opening up not long after Izuku left U.A. High School and the letter to his classmates admitting the truth about One For All was a strong way to make a statement right away. We only got initial reactions to the shock of Izuku leaving U.A. High School and the contents of his letter. Spending an extended period of time actually showing how everyone in Class 1-A not only reacted to Izuku’s actions but also the status quo of their world is what was needed. Because while we have been following Izuku’s hero journey we have also witnessed the growth of everyone in Class 1-A throughout My Hero Academia’s history. It is only right that they play a part in what is going on with their friend.

Having Katsuki Bakugo be the one to lead the charge on Class 1-A being proactive about helping Izuku as their friend was the right choice by Horikoshi. Even as his abrasive attitude still exists we see growth of his characters throughout this chapter. Specifically, not only stating that he knows All Might and Deku best but also outlining why is how you show character growth through dialogue.

Bakugo gets not only those he is speaking to but also the reader to better understand the situation that Deku is in. This makes his point on why All Might and Deku working together without others as back-up even stronger. Which in turn makes the reading experience of the previous 13 chapters be something that now when you read back you’ll have Bakugo’s words in your mind when seeing how All Might and Deku interact with each other.

It also speaks to how much Bakugo has grown into a leader in his own way that he was able to motivate the rest of Class 1-A so they don’t just sit around thinking of what to do. Bakugo’s words have an impact on them so they know they must be proactive rather than reactive as they have been up to this point. This made Uraraka being the one to step up and create the plan to corner Endeavor even stronger. She is as close to Izuku as Bakugo so adding Uraraka to the mix of having Class 1-A was a great step forward.

Endeavor being cornered by Class 1-A was also a good way to further progress his character arc as the #1 Pro Hero who is trying to redeem himself without making him the focus. Endeavor’s path of redemption is a long one and it wouldn’t be right if the attention was completely on him. Endeavor has done to much damage for a quick fix. Horikoshi is making the right decision to have Endeavor play a role in the story without making him the story of the current story arc. This gives a natural feel to everything the character does, like we see here with how he gets called out by Shoto and leaves himself open to let the students steal his cell phone.

My Hero Academia Chapter 319 Friend
Bakugo, Uraraka, and Tenya lead Class 1-A in not backing down to Deku’s request to get out of his way in My Hero Academia Chapter 319. Click for full page view.

Speaking of Shoto, it was great that Horikoshi is making a point of emphasis to show Shoto’s current motivation to stop his big brother, Toya aka Dabi. While the hunt for Dabi is a story arc on itself it is good to keep that as something Shoto and Endeavor still have in mind. Dabi has positioned himself as to big a threat, similar to Shigaraki and All For One, that can’t be left alone. Shoto showing his father he won’t be left behind or allow their promise to just be words a strong character moment.

The scene also strongly emphasized how it really has been a full year since Class 1-A has started. Even though they haven’t been officially allowed to become Class 2-A yet it does not take away their experiences together. That shows with how everyone in the class specially calls Izuku Midoriya their friend. They aren’t simply classmates. The bonds they have formed through all their experiences, especially after the events of the Paranormal Liberation War story arc, they are all friends. Having this strongly said before we get back to the present day scene was a good hook to end the flashbacks on.

This all made the current rough state that Izuku Midoriya is in when he was found by Class 1-A stand out even more. Seeing him struggle to stand up while telling everyone that what he is doing is so that his friends can continue to smile and have peace of mind an impactful statement. Izuku has fully given into the belief he has to place the weight of the world on his shoulders alone that he can no longer see how he needs help. That is hit home by him telling everyone in Class 1-A to get out of his way. A Deku vs everyone in Class 1-A is not something I ever though we see in My Hero Academia. It’ll be very interesting to see how this entire fight goes down and what it’ll mean for the series moving forward.

The Bad: Though it did not hurt the excitement around reading this chapter it was a bit disappointing to learn only a few days have passed between when Izuku left the hospital and we found him in his new Deku form. It would’ve been better for how we did see growth in how Izuku was using One For All and the other Quirks much better if at least a month or two passed. It is in no way something that impacts the story in this chapter but would’ve made the timeskip better.

Overall: Class 1-A was brought back into the fold in spectacular fashion with My Hero Academia Chapter 319. Kohei Horikoshi packed a ton of character work that got you fully behind why everyone in Class 1-A would confront Izuku Midoriya. The stage is now set for what is one of the biggest fights in My Hero Academia’s history with Deku vs Class 1-A.

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