My Hero Academia Chapter 321 Review

My Hero Academia Chapter 321

Izuku Midoriya’s path to be a superhero as Deku has taken unexpected turns. The most unexpected of these turns is that Izuku’s decisions to find and face-off against All For One alone has led him to fight everyone in Class 1-A. This is not a situation that I ever pictured we would get in My Hero Academia. But after 320 chapters that is exactly where we are as Class 1-A is doing their best to convince Izuku to let them help him. With Izuku taking everything on his shoulders can Class 1-A get through to Deku together? Let’s find out with My Hero Academia Chapter 321.

Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: Red Riot (Eijiro Kirishima), Invisible Girl (Toru Hagakure), and Can’t Stop Twinkling (Yuga Aoyama) hand Dictator over to Endeavor. Endeavor at first plans to have Red Riot, Invisible Girl, and Can’t Stop Twinkling help citizens get to safety but lets them rejoin the rest of Class 1-A.

Hawks calls Endeavor to ask if he and Best Jeanist join Class 1-A to help them. Endeavor tells Hawks not to interfere.

Back in the middle of the city Shoto Todoroki calls out Deku (Izuku Midoriya) for not thinking that All For One may have wanted them all in their current situation to possibly attack U.A. High School. Shoto goes on to tell Deku to let them join his fight. Deku powers out of the Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall while yelling out that no one in Class 1-A can keep up with him or All For One.

Froopy (Tsuyu Asui) swings her extended tongue at Deku. Deku uses his Float Quirk (Nana Shimura’s original Quirk). This turns out to a feint as Froppy’s tongue attack was to give Grape Juice (Minoru Mineta) momentum to get close enough to hit Deku with his Mineta Beads: Ten-Fold Super Move. Now attached to Deku, Grape Juice says that the reason he saw Deku as cool was not because of his powers but because even when Izuku was scared he would push forward and lead them all to victory.

Deku apologizes to Mineta and sends Grape Juice flying onto a rooftop using his Blackwhip Quirk.

Deku then begins to combine Blackwhip, One For All at 45%, and Fa Jin to use his Faux 100 Percent move in order to escape. Before he can fully activate Faux 100 Percent Uravity (Ochaco Uraraka) and yells out that Deku’s current situation is different from the one Bakugo was in for all of them. Deku ignores what Uravity says and uses Faux 100 Percent to get far away from everyone.

Uravity calls out to the rest of Class 1-A to launch their next move. Pinky (Mina Ashido) covers Dynamight (Katsuki Bakugo) in Acidman while Shoto creates a ramp (similar to the one used to save Bakugo from the villains during the Hideout Raid Arc) with his Flash-Freeze Heat-Wave move. Tsukuyomi (Fumikage Tokoyami), Tentacole (Mezo Shoji), Anima (Koji Koda), and Sugar Man (Rikido Sato) combine their powers to launch Dynamight at high speed while Shoto continues to create a bigger ramp.

My Hero Academia Chapter 321
Class 1-A uses the Flash-Freeze Heat-Wave ice ramp to reach Deku in My Hero Academia Chapter 321. Click for full page view.

As Dynamight launches off the ramp Uravity tags Dynamight so she can use her power to help him reach great heights. As she does this Uraraka thinks of how they don’t want to be protected by Deku but fight side by side with him.

Dynamight uses Blasting Speed Turbo Cluster move to increase his speed in the air. While Bakugo wants to say something to Deku he knows he can’t withstand the speed needed to catch Deku.

It is then shown that Ingenium (Tenya Iida) is with Dynamight. Dynamight uses his powers to further launch Ingenium higher at the same time as Ingenium activates his power. With all of this force Ingenium is able to reach Deku and grab his hand.

As this happens, inside the Vestige World, the second user of One For All thinks how if there is anything that can bolster Izuku Midoriya it is being with those who share his resolve and run alongside him.

Back in the regular world, with tears in his eyes, Ingenium says Deku has always outpaced him it is because of that he is always ready to challenge Izuku.

Deku still says that Ingenium can’t and asks to be let go. Ingenium says he will not. He goes on to say that Ingenium the hero will always run to take a lost child by the hand. Ingenium says this is “Because giving help that’s not asked for is what makes a true hero.” Hearing this Deku starts crying as he shows uncertainty in what to do next. End of chapter.

The Good: The sense of escalation that Kohei Horikoshi is bringing to the story of Izuku Midoriya vs Class 1-A in My Hero Academia is simply impressive. My Hero Academia Chapter 321 takes what the previous chapter did and carries that momentum even higher.

The big thing that impressed me was how with each page we get to a higher point in the emotion behind all the action we are seeing from this Deku vs Class 1-A battle. Each character that speaks with Izuku Midoriya in an attempt to get through to him built on what was said in the previous page. And it all goes to the opening pages where we have Red Riot, Invisible Girl, and Can’t Stop Twinkling hand over Dictator to Endeavor. Eijiro Kirishima mentioning how even though his close range abilities aren’t suited to stopping Izuku but that he still had something to say to him was a strong character moment. It shows that everyone in Class 1-A is trying to help Izuku with fighting All For One.

This worked well to set-up Shoto Todoroki’s own speech about how Izuku is possibly doing exactly what All For One wants by taking on the weight of being the wielder of One For All alone. This is something that has been implied in every action that All For One has taken up to this point. With his actions towards his younger brother, Tomura Shigaraki and Izuku Midoriya, we ‘ve seen that All For One likes making people feel alone. Shoto’s speech further emphasizes this, which made how Izuku breaks out and tries to once again push Class 1-A aside stand out even more.

Adding in Minoru Mineta to all the emotional storytelling was an unexpected but welcome surprise because of what the character said. Horikoshi reminds the reader that one of the first people to follow Izuku as a leader was Mineta during the whole U.S.J story arc. Mineta trying to remind Izuku of this made you remember how far gone Izuku is at the moment.

All of this made the second half of My Hero Academia Chapter 321 be something that you as the reader were as hyped to see play out as possible. Calling back to how Izuku lead Iida, Shoto, Kirishima and Momo to save Bakugo with the giant ice ramp maneuver was excellent. This call back works well with how this entire story of Deku vs Class 1-A has shown us how far Class 1-A has come in working together along with their current individual power levels. Having such a team combo attack also helped emphasize that Izuku is far to powerful with his current level of One For All for one individual in Class 1-A to stop him without intent to harm him.

My Hero Academia Chapter 321
Tenya Iida reaches out to Izuku Midoriya to remind him that all of Class 1-A is there for him in My Hero Academia Chapter 321. Click for full page view.

Bakugo and Uraraka each admitting that they want to help Izuku realize that he should walk side-by-side made the fact it is ultimately Iida who has to reach out to Izuku an even better moment. Iida has lived in a similar darkness that Izuku is living inside his mind after his brother was taken out by Stain. And it was Izuku who helped Iida break free of the dark mentality of living with an obsession to stop Stain at all cost. Iida’s dialogue worked perfectly to make how he is trying to save Izuku by reaching out to him and grabbing his hand a strong way to end this.

Adding in the second One For All user to this scene further emphasized a major theme of My Hero Academia. Throughout this series Horikoshi has shown us examples of characters who are molded by who or who doesn’t reach out to them. We’ve seen that with Shoto, Bakugo, Eri, Shigaraki, Dabi, Iida, and countless others, that having people who in a person’s life is important. With Izuku walking down such a lonely path it is important that Iida and the rest of Class 1-A remind Deku he has people who are not only his equal but want to walk side-by-side with him.

The Bad: Nothing.

Overall: Kohei Horikoshi has knocked it out of the park with his work on this story involving Izuku Midoriya vs Class 1-A. It is a story I never expected we see but is completely delivering on everything that Horikoshi has built up to this point. The character work for everyone in Class 1-A is extremely satisfying throughout My Hero Academia Chapter 321. With how this chapter concludes I am very excited to see what the outcome of this story will be and how it will shape the series moving forward.

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  1. The latest arc just keeps on delivering!! I actually appreciated the spotlight given to Mineta (as more than just comedic filler) and putting it back on Iida (he seemed to take a back seat to a lot of characters after Stain got captured). Can’t wait to see Deju regain his smile and the (final?) showdown with the LoV.

    1. Agreed. This Deku vs Class 1-A arc has done a great job giving the spotlight to the entire Class 1-A to show how far they’ve come as friends.

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