My Hero Academia Chapter 329 Review

While our lead hero Izuku Midoriya has finally been able to catch his breathe thanks to his friends help that does not mean the world is back to normal. Things have been escalating as villains continue to run rampant throughout the world. With how bad things have become in Japan in particular the world heroes are going to be now assembling to better protect the world. The first act in this is for the #1 Pro Hero in the United States of America named Star and Stripe is making her way to Japan. How will Star and Stripe, the person who is also said to be most powerful hero in the world, arrival in Japan shake things up? Let’s find out with My Hero Academia Chapter 329.

Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 7.5 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: In the League of Villains secret hideout inside a cave, All For One, with several Nomu standing behind him, talks with Spinner about how the plan to have the escaped convicts take up all of the heroes and police forces focus has allowed them to progress his plan to the next stage.

Spinner places some doubt in what they’ve done with this opportunity. All For One reveals that his plans are to use his connections around the world since unlike Japan where organized crime was suppressed by All Might over the years things are different in other nations. All For One goes on to say that he and his connections will use the fact that without All Might that the nations around the world are prioritizing their safety to their advantage. To this end All For One plans make a major gamble by going after and stealing the Quirk of United States #1 Pro Hero in Star and Stripe to secure their victory.

All For One then tells Spinner he is key to this plan because with Spinner being a heteromorph he is the perfect person to help support Tomura Shigaraki to build sympathy within villain society.

Throughout different cities Spinner is made into an idol for heteromorphs with posters placed on buildings by those in Spinner’s squad. Skeptic sends out messages to eliminate all remaining resistance to the Paranormal Liberation Front.

My Hero Academia Chapter 329
Spinner, Himiko Toga, and Dabi are key to All For One’s endgame in My Hero Academia Chapter 329. Click for full page view.

Skeptic continues his message by speaking of key figures such as Himiko Toga, Dabi, and Spinner will provide the influence needed to help Shigaraki destroy everything and sow the seeds to their new future.

Elsewhere, while driving to meet up with Star and Stripe at the airport, Hawks is worried that they had Star and Stripe leave America for Japan so quickly. Best Jeanist reassures him that Star and Stripe can help them turn things around.

Naomasa Tsukauchi suddenly messages Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist that something else has appeared where Star and Stripe’s plane is supposed to land.

In the sky Tomura Shigaraki, while riding a Nomu and other Nomus flying behind him, meet Star and Stripe. Star and Stripe stands on top of her plane and asks Shigaraki if he is the villain they call All For One. Shigaraki responds by saying “Good question. What exactly am I?” End of chapter.

The Good: With so much time spent on the heroes side of the conflict in My Hero Academia the last two dozen chapters it is refreshing that Kohei Horikoshi is still keeping the villains at the forefront. Both sides of the conflict need to be equally interesting to make sure to maximize how epic the ending of The Final Act Saga will be. And My Hero Academia chapter 329 accomplish that development for the villains side of things.

Placing a focus on All For One in My Hero Academia chapter 329 was a brilliant move by Horikoshi. Through All For One we get an even better idea of the state of the world as we learn that between All Might not being around and the League of Villains creating chaos in Japan that other nations are being even more protective of their borders. This allowed Horikoshi to dig in deeper into the mythology of the world as we learn how truly impactful All Might was as Japan was the safest country in the world during his time as the #1 Pro Hero.

Learning that other countries are possibly more similar to Japan’s current state adds to how All For One’s plan do not simply end with taking over Japan. All For One has a global scope to his plans as he reveals he has major connections to all villain networks in the world. This builds some great continuity into how Horikoshi has been expanding the scope of My Hero Academia beyond Japan, as seen with the recent movie World Heroes Mission. It creates an even more terrifying scenario for what happens if our heroes are successful in stopping All For One, Tomura Shigaraki, and the League of Villains.

Adding in how All For One is making a big gamble in order to secure his ultimate victory by taking down and stealing Star and Stripe’s Quirk an even bigger deal. This drives home the fact that without All Might around that the only one that All For One views as being in the way of his plans is not Izuku Midoriya but Star and Stripe. Adding in this to how he is planning to use Spinner as an idol to inspire more villains and outsiders to his side shows how All For One is maximizing the current status quo of the world.

My Hero Academia Chapter 329
All For One has big plans for Star and Stripe as shown My Hero Academia Chapter 329. Click for full page view.

All For One’s plans including having Spinner, Himiko Toga, and Dabi all serve key roles in his plan was something important for Horikoshi to establish. Because we all know how important Shigaraki is to what All For One’s endgame is. For the rest of the League of Villains they have mostly been pawns just to annoy the heroes. But now we see that Spinner, Himiko Toga, and Dabi will all serve major roles in the plans beyond what they have already done.

With all of this build up on the villain side of the story Horikoshi was able to make Star and Stripe’s introduction be as impactful as possible. This entire chapter was built to get over how Star and Stripe is someone that currently carries the title of “Strongest Hero In The World” now that All Might is gone. Horikoshi does a fantastic job mixing in elements from Captain America, Superman, and Wonder Woman into the design of Star and Stripe so she visually looks the part.

The presentation of Star and Stripe creates even more excitement for the state of unknown My Hero Academy Chapter 329 leaves us with Shigaraki confronting the hero. This is a massive development as All For One is not wasting time in making his big gamble move. The entire presentation of this ending with an army of Nomu flying behind Shigaraki and Star and Stripe standing confidently in facing Shigaraki was fantastic. It makes me want to read the next chapter immediately.

The Bad: Nothing.

Overall: Kohei Horikoshi really nailed the world building that was done with chapter 329 of My Hero Academia. The elevation of All For One’s endgame is executed in the best way possible to create even greater concern and excitement for what comes next in the series. It also makes the arrival of Star and Stripe, the #1 Pro Hero of the United States of America, in Japan and appearance of Tomura Shigaraki be a home run ending for this chapter.

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