My Hero Academia Chapter 333

My Hero Academia Chapter 333 Review

My Hero Academia Chapter 333

My Hero Academia has hit another high note as Tomura Shigaraki vs Star And Stripe has escalated to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, one-on-one fights in the history of this series. The fight between these two titans has led to some unexpected developments as Kohei Horikoshi has established this to be an event that will turn the tide of the current status quo. Based on the way the previous chapter ended it looks like the tide will be turning to the side of Tomura Shigaraki and All For One as they may be successful in stealing Star And Stripe’s New Order Quirk. What will this success for the villains lead to? Let’s find out with My Hero Academia Chapter 333

Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: Tomura Shigaraki (with All For One’s mind speaking through him as well) thinks of how much he could not let New Order and One For All to work together. Even though it was a gamble it all paid off as he successfully steals Star And Stripe’s New Order Quirk.

With her Quirk stolen Star And Stripe (who Shigaraki and All For One address by her real name of Cathleen Bate) New Order command that she will not fall victim to Shigaraki’s Decay Quirk is no longer in effect.

As Shigaraki starts celebrating by activating the New Order Quirk his body suddenly explodes from the inside out.

Star And Stripe suddenly appears within Tomura Shigaraki’s vestige world. The spirit of Star And Stripe reveals that she did not protect her Quirk from being stolen so she could create a command that if New Order was stolen it would immediately revolt against all the other Quirks that Shigaraki has.

My Hero Academia Chapter 333

Shigaraki freaks out and starts trying to release the New Order Quirk.

As this internal battle is going on Star And Stripe thinks how this was all a small price to pay to stop the global menace. She then thanks all her friends in the USA military for having her back.

The US pilots then start blasting Shigaraki’s body as it floats in the air constantly exploding as they will not let Star And Stripe’s sacrifice go to waste.

Within All For One’s vestige world the rampaging New Order Quirk destroys Shigaraki’s Reflect Quirk. This forces the merged spirit of All For One to unmerge with Shigaraki to attempt and fight back against Star And Stripe’s New Order Quirk.

Back in the regular world Star And Stripe thanks All Might for saving her during her childhood and giving her the opportunity to live her dream. As her body completely disappears due to the effects of the Decay Quirk, Star And Stripe says this is her returning the favor to All Might.

Back in the vestige world All For One curses the spirit of Star And Stripe as he attempts to fight back against New Order. End of chapter.

The Good: For anyone that doubted that Kohei Horikoshi didn’t have a big plan for Star And Stripe My Hero Academia Chapter 333 should completely wipe away all concerns. This entire chapter showed how Horikoshi has a long-term plan for how he wants to set the stage for whatever ending he has planned for My Hero Academia.

From the moment she appeared Star And Stripe had a special presence that few characters have had. This character was going to do something that will have a big impact on My Hero Academia when all was said and done. And that is what Horikoshi proved to be true with how Star And Stripe turned the tide of the fight against the villains in My Hero Academia like no other character before her. Seeing how she actually had a plan against getting her New Order stolen was fantastic.

What made this reveal even better was how the first few pages built up the hubris of Tomura Shigaraki and All For One. Even though fighting Star And Stripe before Shigaraki had complete control of All For One was a big gamble it was a risk they felt worth taking. And as Shigaraki survived everything that Star And Stripe threw at him both he and All For One were completely confident that there was no one that stood in their way as they stole the New Order Quirk.

This overconfidence made Star And Stripe revealing that she decided against protecting herself from getting her Quirk stolen in order to have a command in place for if this happened. It showed great maturity from Star And Stripe that you would expect from the #1 Pro Hero in the world. This also worked to put over how Star And Stripe wasn’t just a reckless hero who accepts all challenges from villains. She clearly was heading to Japan with a full understanding of All For One and what she was getting herself into by helping Japan’s Pro Heroes.

My Hero Academia Chapter 333

The fact that the command Star And Stripe had in place was for New Order to turn on All For One as soon as Shigaraki tried to activate it was brilliant. This allowed Horikoshi to develop the vestige world that we have seen from All For One and One For All in a unique, new way. Specifically for the vestige world of All For One this command allowed her spirit through New Order to not be consumed by All For One. Instead the spirit of Star And Stripe was able to take on a personality of its own, similar to the spirits of the previous One For All exist within Deku’s vestige world, showed the strength of her character.

Making it all better was that Horikoshi was able to find a logical way to weaken Shigaraki after he and All For One reached a level of invincibility that they appeared unstoppable. There needed to be something to help level the playing field for the heroes side. In the process Horikoshi is able to make Star And Stripe one of the most important characters in My Hero Academia’s history even though we only got to spend a short time getting to know her.

The Bad: Nothing.

Overall: Chapter 333 of My Hero Academia will go down as one of the most memorable chapters in the history of this series. Kohei Horikoshi did a phenomenal job quickly developing Star And Stripe to have a massive impact on the story that is being developed in the ongoing conflict between the heroes and All For One. By the end of this chapter you can’t helped but be even more hyped to find out what will happen next in My Hero Academia.

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