My Hero Academia Chapter 345 Division

My Hero Academia Chapter 345 Review – Heroes vs Villains War Begins!

Kohei Horikoshi has escalated things to a full-on war between the heroes and villains of the My Hero Academia Universe. There is no longer holding back from either side as they are both looking to put an end to things. And for the first time in this building war it looks like the heroes were able to get one over on All For One as they trapped the villains in special containers in order to split them up by transporting them to different battle zones. Will this plan by the heroes work out? Let’s find out with My Hero Academia Chapter 345: Division!

Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: All of the villains break out of the cages that they were trapped in. But this turns out to be a trick as the heroes only needed to buy time to split up All For One, Dabi, Tomura Shigaraki, Himiko Toga, and the other villains in the way they wanted to take them through the Warp Gates that Phantom Thief (Neito Monoma) created.

As all the villains are driven into the Warp Gates one of the villains unexpectedly takes Deku through one of the portals he was not supposed to go through. Toshinori Yagi then orders Fat Gum to stay behind on in order to protect Yuga Aoyama and lead the capture of any villains that didn’t go through the Warp Gate.

My Hero Academia Chapter 345 Division
Endeavor and Hawks lead the heroes against All For One in My Hero Academia Chapter 345.

In a Gunga Mountain Villa Endeavor and Hawks lead a group of heroes to take on All For One. Hawks tries to get a headshot in but is unable to pierce All For One’s helmet. Endeavor then reveals that the heroes know that All For One’s Warping power has a short range. All For One mocks Endeavor for continuing to show his cruelty as a man by sending his youngest son to take on his eldest son.

Over in Kamino, near the defaced All Might statue, the Todoroki brothers, Shoto and Dabi, get ready to fight.

Somewhere in the sky UA High School is has been turned floating land that has been enclosed by an energy shield. This is where Tomura Shigaraki has been transported to.

Dynamight (Katsuki Bakugo) quickly finds where Best Jeanist is at to inform him that Deku is not there with them.

In an beach area Froppy and Uravity are surprised to see that Deku is with them. It is shown that Himiko used her wires to bring Deku to this battle sight. End of chapter.

The Good: Kohei Horikoshi is not letting up whatsoever as he is making sure you as the reader feel how grand of a scale this war between heroes and villiains is in My Hero Academia. Even if My Hero Academia Chapter 345 is more set up for the battles to expect in this story arc it was all meaningful developments.

This whole chapter is about preparing you for the battles that we are going to get. And we now know we have at least four main battle stages with All For One vs Endeavor and Hawks team, the Todoroki Brothers battle of Dabi vs Shoto, Tomuro Shigaraki vs Best Jeanist and Bakugo team, and Himiko Toga vs Deku, Uravity, and Froppy’s team. And those are just the big battles as we know there are other heroes and villains also involved that could either have their own fights or be part of these big four battles.

It is truly impressive to see how Horikoshi quickly establish this large scale for what feels like one of the final story arcs of the series. Each fight that was set up in My Hero Academia Chapter 345 has such great importance that the results of the first of these battles that ends will have a domino effect on the rest. That makes how Horikoshi plans on choreographing these fights in future chapters even more fascinating. We know Horikoshi isn’t afraid to play with timelines based on past My Hero Academia story arc. What chapters each fight is focused on will certainly be something to keep an eye out for moving forward.

Through all of this Horikoshi is able to position both sides strongley. With the heroes, we see that Toshinori Yagi plan wasn’t to trap the villains in cages, rather to use this trap to buy time to properly split up the villains in the way they want. It all created battle stages that our heroes can now take advantage of as they were able to think up of who to send after specific villains. For the first time in My Hero Academia it does seem like the heroes will be able to work with some advantage as they are going in prepared for what they must do.

This led for the unexpected development of Izuku Midoriya ending up in the unintended battle field where Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui are taking on Himiko Toga a wild card development. This completely changes things as it is clear that Izuku was a key part of the plan to take on Tomura Shigaraki. Now that he is not there Best Jeanist, Bakugo, and the other heroes at the UA High School battle zone must quickly adjust if they are to survive against the evolved Shigaraki after his fight with Star and Stripe.

My Hero Academia Chapter 345 Division
Deku surprisingly joins Uravity and Froppy in the fight against Himiko Toga in My Hero Academia Chapter 345.

This development also makes Himiko’s character arc in this planned story even more interesting. We’ve seen that Himiko has an obsession with Izuku and Ochaco. And the last time Himiko and Ochaco squared off their rivalry just intensified. Now that Himiko herself has gone through a big change after Twice’s death there is no telling what she has planned for Izuku and Ochaco.

As interesting as these storylines are the biggest, possibly deciding battle, is that of All For One vs Endeavor. It appears as though all the heaviest hitters have been assigned alongside Endeavor and Hawks to take on All For One. This didn’t go well the last time in Kamino as it too the last of All Might’s powers to defeat All For One. What plans Endeavor and company have in store for All For One will be very interesting to see because its obvious All For One can’t be taken down through power.

This scene also worked to further push how devilish of a villain All For One is. Even if things aren’t turning out as planned All For One never lost his cool. Instead he immediately found a way to strike a strong emotional blow on Endeavor by calling the Todoroki Family patriarch on continue to mistreat his children. Even if that is not what Endeavor is doing by letting Shoto take on Dabi you know that was a heavy strike that was landed given how things have developed thus far.

The Bad: Nothing.

Overall: Kohei Horikoshi does a fantastic job setting the stage for all the major battles fans should be prepared to witness with the developments in My Hero Academia Chapter 345. Every single battle that our heroes are involved in has a great sense of importance. Hitting that mark with all this set-up creates a high-level of hype for all future My Hero Academia chapters. And that is really all you can ask for as a fan.