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Top 5 Comic Book Moments In February 2022

Top Comic Book Moments February 2022 Banner

With February coming to a close its time to look back at what were some of the best moments of the comic books released this month. These moments are all from comic books on my pull list that were my favorites that were in February 2022 releases. This was another packed week with a ton of great comic books having been released. Picking just ten moments that were my favorite was tough but I did it. What made my Top 5 Comic Book Moments For February 2022? Find out below.


Black Widow #14 Best Moment

Every month that Black Widow comes out Elena Casagrande continues to knock it out of the park with the artwork she does for the series. This double page spread is yet another example of Casagrande’s excellence. Positioning the Living Blade at the front instantly puts over how he is a human wall that Black Widow must overcome. That story of how dangerous of a fighter the Living Blade is showcased with how he appears to have complete command of the fight that we see play out in the five long panels in this double page spread. It is all a great example of how you can a well-choreographed fight in two pages that make every blow count.

Credit Jordie Bellaire’s coloring of Casagrande’s artwork in this series as well. The use of the red and black color palette for this entire action sequence elevated the tension that was on display throughout. If you aren’t reading the current Black Widow series you really are missing out on some of he best writing and artwork in superhero comics right now.


Nightwing #89 Best Moment

When it comes to my favorite interpretations of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent it is them as fathers. There is only so many stories we can get them as solo characters that are just Batman and Superman all the time. Building out their respective family gives so much room for growth in characters. That’s what makes this scene stand out so much. It is not another talk between Batman and Superman, this is both Bruce and Clark opening up to each other as best friends and fellow fathers about their family experience. Having Bruce not have his cowl on further emphasizes this.

It’s also great to see that while Batman and Superman are individual heroes their kids in some way were raised together. You see that here with how Dick Grayson instantly goes into big brother mode with cheering up the young Jon Kent after he had a terrifying experience. The Batman Family and Superman Family having this familial bond will always be something I love seeing in comics.


Robin #11 Best Moment

Damian Wayne getting his first girlfriend in the main DC Universe is already a big story on itself. Flatline’s development was great as she established her own distinct character and we saw over the course of the Lazarus Tournament how she and Damian compliment each other. Flatline brings out a different side to Damian that allows him to just be in the moment, including opening up as a kid his own age.

But what really makes this moment so great is Talia Al Ghul and Ra’s Al Ghul’s respective reactions. Talia’s shock was turned into anger with how Ra’s just buried the knife by bringing up Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle without mentioning them by name. It was all really well done and it left me hoping that we eventually get an issue of Robin where Damian brings Flatline to dinner with Bruce, Selina, and Talia. The awkwardness is filled with unlimited potential.

THOR #22

Thor #22 Best Moment

What does going beyond the God of Thunder look like? Well now we know as Thor has officially become the Marvel Universe’s first Super All-Father Thunder God Gold to ever exist. I can continue making Dragon Ball Super Saiyan jokes with Thor’s new form all day. So jokes aside I will admit that the full power of the Odin-Force and Thor’s God of Thunder powers is impressive to just see. This is something that feels like we only got in fanart before. But now we got this new form for Thor that looks badass. It’ll be interesting to see if this is a form that Thor can’t just remain in 100%. Because like the Super Saiyan form in Dragon Ball, It looks like it generates a lot of power that could easily overtax Thor if used to often. We’ll see how this new form is used in the future.

X-MEN #8

X-Men #8 Best Moment

One of the more interesting sub-plots in the current X-Men series is Everett Thomas’ growth. Everett self-admittance that the Laura Kinney that he fell in love with during their time in the Vault, where they both died, is gone is handled very well. Coming to terms with that is important as seeing Everett and Laura together right now wouldn’t work out. They are different people from the ones that fell in love in the Vault and it would come across as too artificial if they did get together right now. Recognizing that is an even bigger growth moment for Everett’s character.

We’ve also seen how Scott Summers and Jean Grey have taken Everett under their wing. This latest conversation with Scott without hesitation denying Everett request to leave the team shows that Scott sees something special in Synch. It wouldn’t be surprising if it is revealed that Scott and Jean are training Synch to become leader of the X-Men, especially as they get involved in bigger things going on in Krakoa and with the Quiet Council.