DC Comics Batman-Catwoman 10-1

Best And Worst Comic Book Covers of the Month For February 2022

Welcome to the Best and Worst Comic Book Covers of the Month for February 2022! We take a look at the best and worst comic book covers from DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, and other indie publications. We then crown the best overall cover of the month from all of the publishers combined.

A comic book cover is vitally important and often overlooked in a title’s success. An effective comic book cover can lead to new readers giving a title a try and boosting sales numbers. There are two main ways a comic book cover can generate interest in the title among new readers. The first is for the comic book cover to deliver poster-quality artwork. These are covers that may not really have anything at all to do with the story inside the issue. However, the cover’s art is so phenomenal that it is worthy of being made into a poster and hung on a wall as art. The second approach is for the cover to effectively convey to the reader what type of story they can expect to get inside of the issue.

No matter which approach is taken, the primary objective of a good comic book cover is to grab the consumer’s attention. The comic book cover should dominate the shelf space and help the issue stand out among all of the other comic books lining the shelf space at a local comic book shop. That cover should be able to drown out all of the competition on the shelf and command the reader to purchase the issue.

Let’s check out the nominees for Best and Worst comic book covers for February 2022!

DC Comics


DC Comics Justice League - 2021 Annual 1-1

What in the holy hell happened to Wonder Woman’s face? It looks like poor Wondy went 12 rounds with Muhammad Ali and he used her face as a speed bag. Wonder Woman is definitely going to need nose surgery to fix that busted nose. Also, how in the world does a no-name character like Naomi earn a more upfront and centered position on a Justice League group shot over original core characters like Black Canary, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Green Arrow. That is just wrong. All in all, static group shots with no background are among the most uncreative and boring decisions for a cover. 


Now, the runner-ups for the Best DC Comics cover for February 2022.

DC Comics Arkham City - The Order of the World 5-1

Arkham City The Order of the World #5 delivers a cover that is both creepy and eye-catching. This is a cover that let’s the reader know that if they are looking for a chilling read then this issue is for them!

DC Comics Strange Love Adventures 1-1

Humor is an underrated quality in American superhero comic books. Well, Strange Love Adventures #1 brings a cover that is equal parts cute and funny. I love the pink background and all of the hearts which is a great juxtaposition with the scary and deadly T-Rex. Also, bonus points for dialogue on the cover. I am a sucker for the old-school approach of putting dialogue bubbles on a cover.


DC Comics Task Force Z 5-1

I love the use of symbols to convey the message of the story. Few items are more iconic than Two-Face’s coin. This cover has a high cool factor that piques your interest. 


DC Comics Titans United 6-1

Teen Titans #6 delivers an absolutely gorgeous cover. I love the beautiful painted artwork. This is a cover that is poster-worthy. No doubt about it. Plus, who can resist a battle between sisters in Starfire versus Blackfire? Not me!


DC Comics Detective Comics 1052-1

Detective Comics #1052 is proof that I do not have to like the character on the cover in order to appreciate the cover art. Batwoman has always been a swing and a miss with me. But, this cover is simply beautiful. This is a cover that is extremely eye-catching with its rich and lush artwork. I love the reflection of Batwoman on the batarang. It reinforces the mysterious and noir vibe of this cover. 


DC Comics Deathstroke Inc. 6-1

Some covers are simply badass. Deathstroke Inc. #6 is one of those covers. I love the swords and sandals vibe of this cover. We get a cool shot of Deathstroke doing his best King Conan impersonation. And a throne of skulls atop a mountain of skulls? Yeah, that befits a badass like Deathstroke. 


DC Comics The Human Target 5-1

I am not a fan of Tom King at all. But, damn, The Human Target Book Five is a phenomenal cover! I completely adore this mid-century modern vibe of this cover. This is full-on 1950s pulp glory. The woman smoking a cigarette in a fashionable manner is the cherry on top. It is a nice contrast with the man bleeding out in the arms of another character. Martina Manhunter’s face in the background gives this 1950s pulp cover a cool Sci-Fi twist. 


DC Comics Pennyworth 7-1

Pennyworth #7 is a cover that employs negative space in a powerful manner. Alfred knuckled up in a bloody and defiant pose is a powerful and heroic image. This cover effectively conveys the hero with a heart of a lion refusing to lay down against an impossible opponent. 



DC Comics Batman-Catwoman 10-1

Batman Catwoman #10 takes the crown as the Best DC Comics Cover of February 2022! Longtime followers of the Revolution may remember my old Cheesecake and Beefcake of the Week column that I used to do. I absolutely cannot resist a cheeky cover. And Batman Catwoman #10 is about as cheeky of a cover as you will see from DC Comics. First, you get some excellent cleavage with Catwoman. But, the real magic of this cover is that the artist drew the two characters as if Batman was having sex with Catwoman doggie style. C’mon look at the cover again. Yeah, you can see it now. Bravo. 


Marvel Comics


Here is the Worst Marvel Comics cover for February 2022.

Marvel Comics Star Wars - The High Republic - Trail of Shadows 5-1

There is so much that I do not like about the cover for Star Wars High Republic Trail of Shadows #5. I rarely enjoy art that looks like it was done with colored pencils. On top of that, the color palette is dull and boring. It is weird that the female has her mouth open in a scream as she rushes away from an explosion, but the guy is as chill as if he was perusing the frozen food section at Whole Foods. Lastly, these two characters holding hands as they rush from an explosion is so stupid. Do you know how hard it is to run at top speed while holding the hand of another person? There is no way that these two characters would do this while trying to run from a deadly explosion. Both of them should be pumping their arms like they were doing their best Usain Bolt impersonation.  


Here are the runner-ups for the Best Marvel Comics cover for February 2022.

Marvel Comics X Lives Of Wolverine 03-1

X-Lives of Wolverine #3 delivers a cover worthy of Clint Eastwood’s Man With No Name movies. The bleak desert background. The classic Man With No Name half cape. This cover lets you know that Wolverine is meaner than a rattlesnake and as dangerous as a scorpion. 


Marvel Comics Hawkeye - Kate Bishop 4-1

Like I said earlier, I love humor in a cover. I also love fun in a cover. Hawkeye Kate Bishop #4 is a cover that gets you to smile when you look at it. I mean, c’mon! It has a dog who is literally smiling! Who in the world does not love that? I also love that the dog’s happy face is well contrasted with Kate’s “Oh, shit!” look on her face. This is a cover that lets the reader know they are in store for some real shenanigans with this issue.


Marvel Comics Moon Knight 8-1

Deathstroke brought the badass for DC this month. Well, Moon Knight brought the badass for Marvel in February. The cover for Moon Knight #8 effectively conveys the brutal nature of Moon Knight’s character. The dark and stormy weather is a nod to Moon Knight’s dark and stormy persona. This is just a cool poster-worthy cover. 


Marvel Comics Ghost Rider 1-1

Speaking of badass, get a load of the cover for Ghost Rider #1. This cover is flat-out amazing. I love the gorgeous artwork with all of its incredible detail. This cover is also a testament to how much cooler the Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider looks compared to the dorky Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider #1 is another cover that is definitely poster-worthy. 


Marvel Comics New Mutants 24-1

New Mutants may be an unreadable comic book, but the cover to New Mutants #24 is fantastic. Is this cover poster-worthy? No. Does this cover tell the reader anything about the story inside the issue? No. But, I adore the playful homage to the iconic Milton Bradley board game Chutes and Ladders. Who didn’t play Chutes and Ladders when they were a kid? Kudos to the cover artist for this brilliant idea for New Mutants #24. 


Marvel Comics Black Widow 14-1

Black Widow #14 delivers a wonderful cover. The artwork is beautiful. I love the red floral print background. It is cool that you only see the outstretched arms of the villains. Lastly, I love that Natasha is shown gracefully swinging from a chandelier. This plays into the deadly ballerina vibe of Natasha’s character. 



Marvel Comics Elektra - Black, White & Blood 2-1

The cover to Electra #2 is stunning. This is gorgeous poster-worthy artwork. I love the use of the red negative space. The blood splatters convey Electra’s violent nature. It is well contrasted with the relatively calm expression on Electra’s face. You can tell that she has barely worked up a sweat in dealing all of this damage. This cover just reminds me how special Electra’s character is when treated as her own unique character and not a derivative character wearing someone else’s mantle. 


Image Comics


Here is the Worst Image Comics cover for February 2022.

Image Comics A Thing Called Truth 4-1

A Thing Called Truth #4 presents us with a boring cover with average art. This cover does nothing to help it stand out on a crowded shelf full of comic books. Nor does this cover provide the reader with any reason to pick up this comic and purchase it.



Here are the runner-ups for the Best Image Comics cover for February 2022.

Image Comics Deadly Class 51-1

The cover for Deadly Class #51 is so cool. The stark solid yellow background really makes the woman pop out of the cover. I love the woman’s striking design. The touch of her standing with her hand on the desk and the other hand on the cigar gives her a powerful look. I dig the little details like the cigar smoke being white negative space on the yellow background. I also like that one eye is visible and the other eye is shrouded in a shadow. This is a cover that definitely stands out on a crowded shelf.


Image Comics Home Sick Pilots 012-1

Home Sick Pilots #12 delivers a funky and psychedelic cover that leaps out at the reader. I like the vibrant colors set on a black background. This cover looks like a black light poster from the 1970s. It is absolutely fantastic. There is no way you would ever miss this comic on a crowded shelf of comic books!


Image Comics Nita Hawes' Nightmare Blog 4-1

Nita Hawes’ Nightmare Blog #4 delivers a chilling cover that immediately grabs the reader’s attention. This is a creepy and intense cover. I love the close-up on the woman’s eyes and the running mascara. This is an excellent contrast to the rest of the face that is composed of a red-horned demon. This cover definitely lets the reader know what they can expect with this issue.


Image Comics Primordial 6-1

I love everything about the cover for Primordial #6. I am a sucker for all things Soviet. I like Soviet propaganda art. I like Soviet architecture. I just dig the overall Soviet design esthetic. So, obviously, this cover is tailor-made for me.


Image Comics King Spawn 7-1

King Spawn #7 delivers a poster-worthy cover. This artwork is so beautiful and incredibly rich with detail. It is easy to stare at this cover and get totally lost in the art. 


Image Comics The Scorched 2-1

Yeah, you are going to notice a trend here. It is tough for any Image comic to compete with the Spawn franchise when it comes to cover art. The Scorched #2 delivers another poster-worthy cover. This art is gloriously detailed and majestic. This cover is going to grab a reader’s attention and get them excited to read this issue.



Image Comics Spawn 326-1

Badass red-haired chick wielding a magical double-barreled sawed-off shotgun while riding a wicked motorcycle off a cliff as she kills a monster? Check, check, and check! C’mon. I do not know what else you want from a comic book cover! The artwork is incredibly detailed and dramatic. The cover conveys coolness and action. There is no way a reader is passing up this issue on a shelf!


Indie Comics


Here are the runner-ups for the Worst Indie Comics cover for February 2022.

Land of the Living Gods 1-1

Land of the Living Gods #1 delivers a boring cover. This is a debut issue of a brand new title and what do we get? A dull cover in a drab color palette that blends into the crowded shelf in a local comic book shop. There is nothing about this cover that either grabs your attention and conveys to you why you should buy this title or what it is about. 


James Bond - Himeros 5-1

The cover for James Bond Himeros #5 is awful. The woman’s face looks like a mannequan’s face. It is dead and creepy. The entire cover is dull and in such a boring color palette. 



Red Sonja 6-1

Red Sonja #6 takes the crown as the Worst Indie Comics Cover of February 2022. Who would have ever imagined that a Red Sonja comic would be saddled with such a crap cover? Set aside the fact that this is a Red Sonja title. This cover is still as boring as it comes. The colors are dull. The cover design is generic. The characters look uninteresting. I am not sure if the character in the middle is supposed to be Red Sonja’s son or something. There is nothing about this cover that catches the reader’s eye. There is nothing about this cover that tells the reader about the issue and why they should buy it. 



Here are the nominees for the Best Indie Comics cover for February 2022.


BRZRKR #7 reminds me of the Electra #2 cover. This cover employs excellent use of the black negative space with blood splatters to convey action. Keanu Reeves looks like a ghost of vengeance as he emerges from the black with deadly intent. 


Bylines in Blood 2-1

Bylines in Blood #2 offers a striking cover. I like the white negative space that comprises the knife-wielding villain. The artist is able to pack plenty of emotion into the face of the crying woman. The white negative space transforms into rain as the cover descends into more of a black background. This is such an interesting and creative cover. 


Children of the Woods-1

Children of the Woods offers a delightfully eerie cover. This is a cover that effectively conveys the title of the comic book. This cover looks like the title of this comic! I love the glowing yellow-green in the center of the comic that creates the black silhouette of a character. The only other source of light in this dark cover is the glowing yellow-green eyes above the woods. This is such a well-done cover. 


The Fourth Man 2-1

The Fourth Man #2 offers up such a creative cover. This cover is actually a movie poster and not a comic book cover. What an effective and creative approach to a comic book cover! This title has wonderful art that also effectively sells what this title is all about with the teaser text underneath the comic book title. 


Barbarella 7-1

Barbarella #7 delivers a beautiful cover. The art gives us that trademark cheeky Barbarella vibe along with a monstrous alien and explosion to signal to the reader that there is going to be plenty of action in this issue. 


Red Sonja - Black, White, Red 7-1

Now, this is the kind of cover that you expect from a Red Sonja title! The red background contrasts well with the solid black demons. Red Sonja is set off strikingly from the background since hse is delivered in a bold black and white design. This cover also possesses tons of kinetic energy. This is a cover that leaps out at the reader. 


Hell Sonja 2-1

Hell Sonja #2 delivers a richly detailed cover. This is a poster-worthy cover. I love that the artist picked neutral colors for then contrasted that with vibrant red coloring for Hell Sonja’s hair. This makes the long flowing hair look like it is made of fire. It is quite striking. 


Red Sonja Valentines Special 1

I mean, c’mon. If you do not get why the cover for the Red Sonja Valentine’s Day Special made this list then I can’t help you. This cover has absolutely beautiful artwork. I dig the 1940s style pin-up girl look of Red Sonja on this cover. 


Draculina 1-1`

The Vampirella Franchise is not slowing down as we get another version of our beloved space vampire. Draculina #1 has an excellent cover that will definitely get your attention. I dig that Draculina’s hair is swirling about and forming the background for the majority of this cover. The blood is an obvious necessary touch. 


Vampiverse 6-1a


Vampiverse #6 has a fantastic cover. We get a wonderful pirate version of Vampirella. Her facial expression is fantastic and captures Vampirella’s sultry and confident personality. The tattoo is an excellent detail. I also like that Pirate Vampirella looks like the type of pin-up girl you would see on the side of a World War II bomber. 


Vampirella Valentines Special 1

If you don’t get why the Vampirella Valentine’s Day Special is such a fantastic cover then you better check your pulse because you are probably dead. The art is drop-dead beautiful. This drawing of Vampirella also reminds me of the classic 1970s José González Vampirella. This is definitely poster-worthy.


Vampiverse 6-1

Vampiverse #6 had some cool variant covers. This is one of them. Dynamite saw DC Comics’ Dick Grayson workout cover and said, “We can match that!” Indeed they can. Boxer Vampirella is absolutely fantastic looking. I love everything about her design down to her high heel boxing boots. Boxer Vampirella exudes confidence as the boxing gloves dangle from fingers. There is no doubt that nobody is beating her in the ring!



Vampirella-Dracula - Unholy 3-1

The cover for Vampirella Dracula Unholy #3 is absolutely brilliant! As I have said, I love when humor is employed in a comic cover. I also love when you get dialogue balloons on a comic cover. And we all know I love cheesecake. Well, this cover gives you all three elements! And these three elements come together perfectly and deliver a cover that is both eye-catching and humorous. The reader is drawn to this cover and then immediately gets a smile on their face as they chuckle. 


Overall Best Comic Book Cover for February 2022

Vampirella-Dracula - Unholy 3-1

Vampirella Dracula Unholy #3 takes the crown for the Best Comic Book Cover of February 2022! A small comic publisher in Dynamite Comics draws first blood against the big boys in Marvel Comics and DC Comics!

Will one of the big Two be able to take the crown for Best Comic Book Cover of March 2022? We will find out!